The Literary Werewolf: An Anthology

The Literary Werewolf: An Anthology

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by Charlotte F. Otten

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Publishers Weekly - Publishers Weekly
The Literary Werewolf, edited by scholar Charlotte F. Otten, collects 22 werewolf tales from Ovid to Stephen King, whose "February, Cycle of the Werewolf" leads off the opening section, "The Erotic Werewolf." Other categories include the "Diabolical," the "Victimized," the "Guilty" and the "Voluntary" werewolf.
Library Journal - Library Journal
Compiled by Otten, editor of A Lycanthropy Reader: Werewolves in Western Culture, the 22 tales in this engaging collection range from the ancient world (Ovid's "Lyacaon's Punishment") to the modern age (Stephen King's "February, Cycle of the Werewolf"). There is a tantalizing excerpt of Brian Stableford's novel, The Werewolves of London, in which fallen angels from biblical times roam the world as werewolves. Seabury Quinn's "The Thing in the Fog" is reminiscent of Bram Stoker's Dracula, except that here the evil one who attempts to seduce and transform a lovely young woman is a werewolf rather than a vampire. The main character in Bruce Elliott's amusing "Wolves Don't Cry" is a wolf in a zoo who wakes up one morning as a man. In Jane Yolen's "Green Messiah," a group of environmentalists finds a way to repopulate the wolf species-by turning humans into wolves. Other featured storytellers include Saki, Guy de Maupassant, and Rudyard Kipling. Readers of good fiction will find this volume worthwhile. For both literary and horror collections.-Patricia Altner, Information Seekers, Columbia, MD

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