Literature and the Environment: A Reader on Nature and Culture / Edition 1

Literature and the Environment: A Reader on Nature and Culture / Edition 1

by Lorraine Anderson, Scott P Slovic, John P. O'Grady

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ISBN-10: 032101149X

ISBN-13: 9780321011497

Pub. Date: 08/11/1998

Publisher: Longman

Exploring our relationship to nature and the role literature can play in shaping a culture responsive to environmental realities, this thematic, multi-genre anthology


Exploring our relationship to nature and the role literature can play in shaping a culture responsive to environmental realities, this thematic, multi-genre anthology includes early writers such as John Muir, Henry David Thoreau, and Mary Austin, alongside contemporary voices such a Gary Snyder and Terry Tempest Williams.

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Longman Literature and Culture Series
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Older Edition
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Table of Contents


1. Our Animal Selves.

The Honey Tree, Mary Oliver.

Living Like Weasels, Annie Dillard.

Irregular Flight, Kent Nelson.

From The Etiquette of Freedom, Gary Snyder.

Song of the Taste,Gary Snyder.

La Mariposa, Butterfly Woman, Clarissa Pinkola Estés.

Collecting Myself, Lester Rowntree.

The Erotic Landscape, Terry Tempest Williams.

To Build A Fire, Jack London.

Of Hawks And Men: A Weekend In The Male Wilderness, Jack Tevlin.

Solitude, Henry David Thoreau.

O Rotten Gotham, Tom Wolfe.

Knot, Pattiann Rogers.

2. Close Encounters.

Come into Animal Presence, Denise Levertov.

A Blessing, James Wright.

I Think I Could Turn and Live with Animals, Walt Whitman.

The Crow in the Woods, John Updike.

A City Person Encountering Nature, Maxine Hong Kingston.

Crab-Boil, Rita Dove.

Apologia, Barry Lopez.

Traveling Through the Dark, William Stafford.

The Creatures on My Mind, Ursula K. Le Guin.

Just Like Us? Harper's Forum.

In the Abode of the Snows, Pat Murphy.

Story from Bear Country, Leslie Marmon Silko.

Muddy Prints on Mohair, Peter Coyote.

3. Hunting And Fishing.

A Dog Sleeping on My Feet, James Dickey.

The Willingness of a Deer to Die, Wintu Tribe.

The Gifts, Richard K. Nelson.

The Buck, Joyce Carol Oates.

From Fellow Creatures, Paul Shepard.

The Hunt, SusanGriffin.

Thinking Like a Mountain, Aldo Leopold.

A White Heron, Sarah Orne Jewett.

Fight with a 20-Pound Trout, Ernest Hemingway.

The Fish, Elizabeth Bishop.


4. Imprint of the Land.

Incarnation, Kenneth Rexroth.

The Negro Speaks of Rivers, Langston Hughes.

Touching the Earth, Bell Hooks.

What Holds the Water, What Holds the Light, Linda Hogan.

Sonora Desert Poem, Lucille Clifton.

A Wind-Storm in the Forests, John Muir.

A Blizzard Under Blue Sky, Pam Houston.

The Snow Man, Wallace Stevens.

Forever, Simon J. Ortiz.

Alone on a Mountaintop, Jack Kerouac.

The Memory Place, Barbara Kingsolver.

The Walling of Awareness, Jerry Mander.

The Secret Lion, Alberto Rios.

Haciendo Apenas La Recoleccio`n, Tino Villanueva.

5. Visions of Home.

Stay Home, Wendell Berry.

On a Scrap of Land in Henry County, Carol Polsgrove.

Living by Life: Some Bioregional Theory and Practice, Jim Dodge.

Jim Dodge, Where You At? Leonard Charles.

A Bioregional Quiz, Lynn Milliman and Victoria Stockley.

The Flora and Fauna of Las Vegas, Ellen Meloy.

On Willow Creek, Rick Bass.

A Word in Favor of Rootlessness, John Daniel.

What's in Alaska? Raymond Carver.

Nature, Luther Standing Bear.

Rock Garden, Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston.

Curandera, Pat Mora.

Second Chance at Paradise, William Kittredge.

Buckeye, Scott Russell Sanders.

The Gift Outright, Robert Frost.

6. Politics of Place.

Long Division: A Tribal History, Wendy Rose.

This Place, Beth Brant.

Exile. El Paso, Texas, Benjamin Alire Saenz.

Black Women and the Wilderness, Evelyn C. White.

Sorrow Home, Margaret Walker.

Building a More Inclusive Environmental Movement, Running- Grass.

Alien Soil, Jamaica Kincaid.

Eminent Domain: A Love Story, Dan O'Brien.

The World According to Cushman, Margaret L. Knox.

Eco-Defense, Edward Abbey.

The Clan of One-Breasted Women, Terry Tempest Williams.


7. Getting and Spending.

The World Is Too Much with Us, William Wordsworth.

Assembly Line, B. Traven.

Work We Hate and Dreams We Love, Jimmy Santiago Baca.

"Take This Job and Shove It," Theodore Roszak.

The Conundrum of Consumption, Alan Thein Durning.

We Alone, Alice Walker.

Living Lightly and Inconsistently on the Land, Donella Meadows.

A Supermarket in California, Allen Ginsberg.

Harvest, Meridel LeSueur.

A Good Scythe, Wendell Berry.

On Human Connectedness with Nature, Martin W. Lewis.

8. Land Use.

Sand Roads: The Development, Marge Piercy.

Line of Credit, Louise Erdrich.

Confessions of a Developer, Wallace Kaufman.

A Brook in the City, Robert Frost.

A Woman's Land, Sallie Bingham.

From An Island, John McPhee.

Rain at Night, W. S. Merwin.

The Physics of Beauty, Sharman Apt Russell.

The Environmental Mindset, Rush Limbaugh III.

Wilderness Letter, Wallace Stegner.

The American Indian Wilderness, Louis Owens.

9. Peril and Response.

Tar, C. K. Williams.

The Last Antelope, Mary Austin.

World Scientists' Warning to Humanity, Union of Concerned Scientists.

The End is Not at Hand, Robert J. Samuelson.

Not So Fast, Bill McKibben.

Are People an Environmental Pollution? Julian L. Simon.

Passenger Pigeons, Robinson Jeffers.

Of Man and the Stream of Time, Rachel Carson.

Baring the Atom's Mother Heart, Marilou Awiakta.

Devil Deer, Rudolfo Anaya.

The Circle Is the Way to See, Joseph Bruchac.

Renewing the Earth, U. S. Bishops.

Appendix: Writing About Literature and Culture.

Index of Authors and Titles.

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