Literature and the Young Adult Reader / Edition 1

Literature and the Young Adult Reader / Edition 1

by Ernest L. Bond

Written for pre-service teachers, in-service teachers, and media specialists; this Young Adult Literature text provides a fresh and exciting experience for readers as it leads them to the newest and best offerings of literature available for adolescents today. The author’s own wide reading and uncanny ability to recognize what middle school students

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Written for pre-service teachers, in-service teachers, and media specialists; this Young Adult Literature text provides a fresh and exciting experience for readers as it leads them to the newest and best offerings of literature available for adolescents today. The author’s own wide reading and uncanny ability to recognize what middle school students will and should read plays out in rich text sets and authentic classroom features designed to help teachers captivate both motivated and reluctant readers.

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Pearson Custom Education Series
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New Edition
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Meet the Author

Dr. Ernest Bond is the Co-Chair of the Department of Teacher Education and an Associate Professor at Salisbury University. Bond is the 2007 Maryland Professor of the Year (Carnegie Foundation and the Council for Advancement and Support of Education) and the recipient of the 2006- 2007 Maryland Regent’s Award for Teaching Excellence. Dr. Bond is the co-author of Interactive Assessment, has authored chapters (in Harry Potter’s World), articles (in Theory into Practice, Journal of Children’s Literature), and book reviews (Bookbird, School Library Journal). He was the 2010 US jurist for the Hans Christian Andersen Award and serves on the jury for the US Professors of the Year. Bond is also one of the founders of the Green Earth Book Awards, for books that inspire environmental stewardship in young readers. For his service on this award he was recognized with the President’s Gold Volunteer Service Award (2010). In the summers he teaches International Children’s Literature courses in various countries around the world including New Zealand and Australia.

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Table of Contents


1 Literature for Young Adults 1

Introductory Text Set 1

Diverse Voices Text Set 1

Defining Young Adult Literature 3

Technology Links: Young Adult Library services Association 8

Author Spotlight Walter Dean Myers Myers, Walter Dean 9

Young Adult Literature in Schools 12

In the Field: Joni Richards Bodart on Booktalks 15

Author Spotlight An Na An, Na 18

Audio Books: Diversity and Literature 21

In the Field: Pam Spencer Holly on Audio Books 22

Selecting and Evaluating Young Adult Literature 24

In the Field: Sheila Mikkelson on Serving Young Adults in the Library 26

Topic Focus: What Do Young Adults Choose to Read? 28

Author Spotlight Chris Crutcher Crutcher, Chris 29

Understanding Cultural Context and Authentic Narrative 32

Author Spotlight Judith O. Cofer Cofer, Judith O. 37

Literary Theory: Young Adult Literature 40

Reader Response Theory 41

For Further Reading 42

2 The History of Young Adult Literature and the Role of the Classics 43

History of Young Adult Literature Text Set 43

Classics Revisited Text Set 43

Investigating Historical Texts and Trends 44

A Brief History of Young Adult Literature 45

In the Field: Age-Appropriate Literture in the Classroom 50

Author Spotlight Arnold Adoff Adoff, Arnold 51

Historical Texts in the Classroom 55

Technology Links: Historical Works Online 57

Author Spotlight Lois Duncan Duncan, Lois 57

Topic Focus: Selection and Censorship 59

Young Adults and the Classics 61

Audio Books: Historical and Classic Connections 63

In the Field: Read-Alouds at the Gary Public Library 63

Author Spotlight Gary Blackwood Blackwood, Gary 64

Revisiting the Classics 67

Books to Film: Classics 70

Author Spotlight Julius Lester Lester, Julius 73

Topic Focus: Literatures Circles and Journaling 76

In the Field: Literature Circles with Janine King 77

Literary Theory: New Criticism 79

For Further Reading 80

3 Illustrated Literature for Young Adults 81

Picture Books Text Set 81

Illustrated Book Set 82

Graphic Novel Text Set 82

Using Picture Books with Young Adults 84

Narrative and the Picture Book 85

Author Spotlight Patricia Polacco Polacco, Patricia 86

In the Field: Ell Writing with Wordless Picture Books 91

Elements of Illustration and Graphic Design 92

Artistic Style 97

Artistic Media and Graphic Techniques 99

Technology Links: Virtual Insight into the Illustrator's Studio 103

Author Spotlight Bryan Collier Collier, Bryan 104

Guidelines for Selecting and Evaluating Illustrated Literature for Young Adults 106

Topic Focus: English Language Learners and Literature 106

Sequential Art: Graphic Novels and Comics for Young Adults 107

Author Spotlight Colleen Doran Doran, Colleen 111

In the Field: Graphic Novels and Manga in the Library 117

Author Spotlight Jeff Smith Smith, Jeff 118

A Survey of Graphic Novels for Young Adults 122

Technology Links: Online Comics 138

Literary Theory: Postmodernist Literary Criticism 139

For Further Reading 140

4 From the Campfire to the Stage: Traditional and Scripted Literature for Young Adults 141

Traditional Literature Text Set 141

Dramatic Script Text Set 141

From the Oral Tradition to the Written Word 143

Author Spotlight Joseph Bruchac Bruchac, Joseph 145

Traditional Narrative Forms and the Young Adult Reader 147

Author Spotlight Jane Yolen Yolen, Jane 156

Guidelines for Selecting and Evaluating Traditional Literature 163

Author Spotlight Donna Jo Napoli Napoli, Donna Jo 163

Audio Books: Traditional Literature 165

The Question of Culture and Fakelore 165

Power, Nationalism, and Folklore 167

Topic Focus: Examining Folktale Variants 168

Visual Interpretation 172

Novels in the Folk Tradition 173

Author Spotlight Jon Scieszka Scieszka, Jon 173

Technology Links: Digital Storytelling 175

Literary Theory: Myth and Archetypal Criticism 176

From Page to Stage to Imagination 176

Author Spotlight Max Bush Bush, Max 177

Technology Links: The Monologue Database 180

Author Spotlight Aidan Chambers Chambers, Aidan 182

In the Field: Marilee Miller from Anchorage Press Plays 187

In the Field: Workshopping a play 189

In the Field: Playwirting at the Key School 190

Survey of the Literature 191

Differences between Dramatic Narrative and Prose Narrative 194

In the Field: "Cappies" Teen Theatre Critics 195

Literary Theory: Critical Literacy 198

For Further Reading 199

5 Speculative Fiction: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror 201

Speculative Fiction Text Set 201

Understanding Speculative Worlds 203

Author Spotlight Tamora Pierce Pierce, Tamora 204

A Survey of Fantasy for Young Adults 207

Technology Links: Harry Potter Fan Fiction 212

In the Field: Online Student Recommendations 217

Audio Books: Speculative Fiction 219

Books to Film: Speculative Fiction from Books 220

Suspending Disbelief 220

Technology Links: Fanart, Trailers, and Wizard Rock 222

Author Spotlight Peter Dickinson Dickinson, Peter 224

Guidelines for Selecting and Evaluating Speculative Fiction 225

Science Fiction for Young Adults 225

Utopian/Dystopian Fiction 228

Time Travel 228

The Mind's Potential 229

The Future 229

Ethics, Humanity, and Science Fiction 233

A Survey of Horror for Young Adults 235

Author Spotlight Annette Curtis Klause Klause, Annette Curtis 236

Literary Theory: Psychoanalytic Criticism 239

For Further Reading 240

6 Contemporary Realistic Fiction 241

Contemporary Realistic Fiction Text Set 241

International Text Set 241

In the Field: Holding a Virtual Author Visit 242

Technology Links: Virtual Chat with Cynthia Leitich Smith 244

Overview of Contemporary Realistic Fiction 244

The Appeal of Contemporary Realistic Fiction 245

History of Contemporary Realistic Fiction 247

Author Spotlight Sharon Draper Draper, Sharon 248

Literary Elements of Contemporary Realistic Fiction 250

Technology Links: ReadWrite Think 254

Some Popular Themes in Contemporary Realistic Fiction 254

In the Field: The Power of The Misfits 258

Author Spotlight Mary Casanova Casanova, Mary 262

Topic Focus: Teen Romance Fiction 266

Controversy: Topics That Frequently Face Challenges 268

Technology Links: Censorship 270

Audio Books: Contemporary Realistic Fiction 271

Books to Film: Contemporary Realsitic Fiction 272

Author Spotlight Angela Johnson Johnson, Angela 273

In the Field: Patrick Jones on Creating a Core Collection 276

Author Spotlight Garret Freymann-Weyr Freymann-Weyr, Garret 277

Book Buddies: A Cross-Age Dialogue Journal 278

International Books 280

Author Spotlight Markus Zusak Zusak, Markus 282

Literary Theory: Polyphony in Feminist and Postcolonial Theory 284

For Further Reading 286

7 Literature across the Curriculum: Historical Fiction, Nonfiction, and life stories 287

Historical Fiction Text Set 287

Historical Fiction Text Set: World War II Era 287

Life Story Text Set 288

Nonfiction Text Set 288

Historical Fiction versus Fictional History History versus Historical Nonfiction 289

Author Spotlight Laurie Halse Anderson Anderson, Laurie Halse 290

Author Spotlight Linda Sue Park Park, Linda Sue 295

Evolution of Historical Fiction 297

History as a Reconstruction of the Past 298

Author Spotlight Will Hobbs Hobbs, Will 299

Educational Benefits of Historical Fiction 303

Guidelines for Selecting and Evaluating Historical Fiction 304

Audio Books: Historical Fiction 304

World War II in Context 305

Author Spotlight Eleanoria E. Tate Tate, Eleanoria E. 308

Literary and Social Issues 311

Author Spotlight Pam Murioz Ryan Ryan, Pam Murioz 312

Nonfiction Literature for the Young Adult 313

Criteria for Evaluating and Selecting Nonfiction Trade Books 315

Guidelines for Selecting and Evaluating Nonfiction 318

Technology Links: Digital Book Talk for We Beat the Street 318

Catering to Teen Interests 318

Literature across the Curriculum 320

Audio Books: Nonfiction and Life Stories 321

Formatting in Nonfiction 322

Historical Nonfiction 322

Life Stories: Biography, Autobiography, Memoirs, and Journals 326

Author Spotlight Sheldon Oberman Oberman, Sheldon 327

Author Spotlight Jack Gantos Gantos, Jack 334

Technology Links: "The Unwritten"---Saving Your Photo Story 337

In the Field : Erin Gruwell on the Freedom Writers 338

Literary Theory: From Literary History and Biographical Criticism to New Historicism 340

For Further Reading 342

8 Poetry 343

Poetry Anthology Text Set 343

Poetic Novel Text Set 343

Is There Such a Thing as Young Adult Poetry? 344

Author Spotlight Naomi Shihab Nye Nye, Naomi Shihab 345

Poetry and the Young Adult Reader 348

Elements of Poetry 349

Author Spotlight Arnold Adoff Adoff, Arnold 354

Poetic Forms 356

Guidelines for Selecting and Evaluating Poetry for Young Adults 363

Technology Links: Favorite Poem Project 364

Author Spotlight Janet Wong Wong, Janet 365

Poetry in the Classroom 366

Audio Books: Poetry Selections 368

Formats of Poetry 368

Author Spotlight Nikki Grimes Grimes, Nikki 377

Topic Focus: Writing Poetry 379

In the Field: Virtual Open Mic at Washington Hight School 380

Author Spotlight April Halprin Wayland Wayland, April Halprin 380

Technology links: The Orality of Poetry 385

Literary Theory: The Concept of Deconstruction in Literary Theory 385

Topic Focus: Dialogue Journals 387

For Further Reading 389

Appendix 390

Bibliography 400

Index 431

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