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The Literature Review: Six Steps to Success / Edition 2

The Literature Review: Six Steps to Success / Edition 2

4.5 2
by Lawrence A. Machi, Brenda T. (Tyler) McEvoy

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ISBN-10: 1452240884

ISBN-13: 9781452240886

Pub. Date: 07/10/2012

Publisher: SAGE Publications

Updated with technology tips and new graphics, this bestseller takes readers through the entire literature review process in six steps, from selecting a topic to writing the review.


Updated with technology tips and new graphics, this bestseller takes readers through the entire literature review process in six steps, from selecting a topic to writing the review.

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SAGE Publications
Publication date:
Edition description:
Second Edition
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6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Preface New to This Edition Audience Special Features and Text Organization About the Authors Acknowledgments Introduction Key Vocabulary The Purpose of a Literature Review The Literature Review Defined The Literature Review Process Step 1. Select a Topic Step 2. Search the Literature Step 3. Develop the Argument Step 4. Survey the Literature Step 5. Critique the Literature Step 6. Write the Review Inquiry: The Necessary Precondition Ethics Pack Wisely Before You Begin Tips Summary Checklist Chapter 1
Key Vocabulary Task 1. Choose a Research Interest Exercises Researcher Bias Task 2. Refining a Research Interest from a Personal Interest Activity 1 Specifying a Research Interest Activity 2 Focusing the Interest Activity 3 Selecting a Perspective Activity 4 Reflection: The Key to Interest Selection Task 3. Using the Research Interest to Identify a Preliminary Research Topic Rules for Library Use Rule 1. Know Your Librarian Rule 2. Be Purposeful Rule 3. Preparation Equals Efficiency Task 4. Writing the Preliminary Research Topic Statement Tips Summary Checklist Chapter 2
Key Vocabulary Task 1. Selecting the Literature to Review Task 2. Conducting a Literature Search- Overview Activity 1 Manage Your Data Bibliographic Documentation Activity 2 Scan the Literature Use the Internet and Your University’s Virtual Library Scan Progress Activity 3 Skim the Literature Activity 4 Mapping Your Materials Mapping by Core Idea Mapping by Author Contribution Activity 5 Creating Subject Memoranda Task 3. Refining Your Topic Tips Summary Checklist Chapter 3
Key Vocabulary Concept 1. Building the Case for a Literature Review Concept 2. Arguments – the Basics Concept 3. Evaluating the Basic Parts of an Argument Concept 4. Understanding Claims Claims Claims of Fact Claims of Worth Claims of Policy Claims of Concept Claims of Interpretation Concept 5. Building Evidence Data vs. Evidence Data Quality Data Relevance Qualifying the Claim Concept 6. Warrant – Logically Connecting the Evidence to the Claim Concept 7 Multiple Claims Arguments Tips Summary Checklist Chapter 4
Key Vocabulary Task 1. Assemble the Collected Data Activity – Cataloguing the Data Task 2. Organize the Information Activity 1 Arranging Information to Build Evidence Reasoning Patterns Activity 2 Organizing the Information and Building Claims Task 3. Analyze the Patterns of the Data Complex Reasoning Comparative Reasoning Building the Discovery Argument: An Example Activity 1 Mapping the Argument of Discovery Activity 2 Analyzing the Argument Tips Summary Checklist Chapter 5
Key Vocabulary Concept 1. Implicative Reasoning Concept 2. The Two Arguments Concept 3. Argument Patterns Concept 4. Backing Concept 5. Fallacies Concept 6. The Case Is Everything Tips Summary Checklist Chapter 6
Key Vocabulary The Writing Process: Overview Task 1. Writing to Understand Activity 1 Notes and Memoranda Review Activity 2 Exploratory Writing Creating Writing Readiness The Literature Review Activity 3 Outline Some Common Outlining Mistakes The Literature Review Format The Introduction The Body The Summation Composing Drafts Activity 4 The Preliminary Draft Preliminary Draft: The Audit Preliminary Draft: The Edit Task 2. Writing to Be Understood Activity 1 Analysis Activity 2 Evaluation Activity 3 Outside Review Activity 4 The Second and Third Drafts Activity 5 The Final Draft Writing the Final Draft Auditing the Final Draft Style Manuals Tips on Writing Last Words Glossary Index

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The Literature Review: Six Steps to Success 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I suport this book