Little Bear's Grandad

Little Bear's Grandad

by Nigel Gray, Vanessa Cabban

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Children's Literature
Little Bear shares a special relationship with Grandpa. Every Friday they spend the day together, and every Friday they climb into Grandpa's Tree House to look out at the world and tell stories. Soft watercolor and pencil illustrations show the love shared by Little Bear and Grandpa and the happiness they feel in one another's presence¾Little Bear arrives at Grandpa's house with a daisy in his hand, and Grandpa has a protective paw around Little Bear as they look over the side of the Tree House. One Friday, Little Bear doesn't go to Grandpa's; he visits him in the hospital. Too tired to tell a story, Grandpa asks Little Bear to tell him a story instead. When he is finished, Little Bear asks if Grandpa liked the story, "But Grandpa didn't reply." Little Bear's mother tells him that Grandpa has "fallen into the very deepest of deep, deep sleeps" and that he won't wake up. And here is where readers must decide whether or not to present this book to young children. Most psychologists agree that using the euphemism of "sleep" rather than the term "death" is confusing to a young child. Those who decide to use this with the early childhood audience for whom it is intended must also determine what steps to take to prevent their listeners from becoming afraid to go to sleep at night. Still, this is a heartwarming look at why one little bear decides, "When I'm a grandpa, I want to be as nice a grandpa as my grandpa was to me." 2001, Tiger Tales/ME Media, $14.95. Ages 3 to 6. Reviewer: Cherri Jones

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4 - 8 Years

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