A Little Book of Alliterations

A Little Book of Alliterations

by Felix Arthur

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Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
In this greeting card�size book, a cast of expressive animals and humans act out silly alliterative phrases from A to Z, including a few digraphs like “ch” and “sh.” Two meerkats prepare a third for a proper fitting (“Morris made Meryl measure Malcolm’s massive midriff”), while elsewhere a curvaceous hairdresser attends to a woolly customer (“Shapely Sheila shaved Shaun’s shaggy sheep”), and a girl’s pet wildebeest dons leg warmers, yellow high heels, and a floral top during dress-up time: “Weird Willie would willingly wear whatever Wilma wished.” Capon’s illustrations are charmingly off-kilter, and while there are a few minor cheats (lots of “c” words in the “k” scene) it’s an amusing collection of tongue-twisters. Ages 5�up. (Nov.)
Kirkus Reviews
An alphabet of alliterative sentences, each illustrated with fey drawings. The beginning alliteration is: "Awful Auntie Agatha ate all of Arthur's available apples." Most are even more quirky and informed by more adult-oriented sense of whimsy. For example, the letter I sentence reads, "Ivan is irate over Ivor's increasingly idiotic ideas." The illustration depicts an iguana with feather wings flying too close to the sun (inventively evoking Icarus), while a smaller iguana watches from below. The letter K uses "k" sounds with "c" words: "Karen crept carefully past Kevin's creepy crypt." The challenging letter X is: "Xeno expertly examined Xenon's xylophone." The book could be used for an entertaining word project with middle schoolers on up. Its small size and offbeat wordplay make it the kind of catchy display item at the bookstore checkout that catches the eye for a gift. Readers are invited to submit their own alliterations at the book's website, given at the end. Silly sentences spotlight surprising scenes for sophisticated senses with swagger. (Picture book. 8 & up)

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5.10(w) x 6.30(h) x 0.40(d)
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5 - 8 Years

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