Little Monster

Little Monster

by Barrie Wade, Katinka Kew

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
To children who worry about whether or not their parents will always love them--even when they're naughty--this reassuring book delivers a resounding ``yes.'' Mandy creeps downstairs while her parents are entertaining, and hears her mother brag that Mandy is ``as good as gold.'' Although the guests are not terribly interested in this news , they laugh heartily when told that Mandy's brother Jimmy, on the other hand, is a ``little monster.'' As her mother runs upstairs to deal with Jimmy's latest shenanigans, Mandy quietly returns to bed. The next day, she indulges in a temporary role reversal by being as loud, rude and disobedient as she can be. Finally, Mandy, too, is called a ``little monster,'' which suits her just fine; particularly when her mother gives her the expected assurance that she is loved, no matter how she behaves. Wade's uncomplicated text and Kew's soft watercolors each do their part to convey this important message. Ages 4-7. (Apr.)
School Library Journal - School Library Journal
PreS-Gr 1 --Mandy is pleased when she overhears her mother telling friends that ``My Mandy is perfect.'' Her younger brother, Jimmy, however, appears to be quite the opposite--``a little monster''--thereby gaining a great deal of attention and laughter. Mandy decides that just maybe she doesn't want to be so perfect all the time, and begins wearing her parents' patience a bit thin with totally unexpected behavior. Mandy is reassured, however, that even while being naughty, she is still very much loved. The only hint that such behavior is unacceptable is through the looks of dismay shown in the illustrations--not in the text. One wonders at the story's concluding sentence (``Mandy was as good as gold'') just which path she will take the next time around--``good as gold'' or as a ``little monster.'' Flowing, softly hued watercolor illustrations of a loving black family are the attraction here, surrounding and emphasizing a well-placed, simple text on each page. The story may be beneficial as a lead-off for discussions when behavior is the topic. One hopes, however, that young readers will not assume that nastiness and attention-getting gimmicks will ensure familial love and reassurance. --Mary Lou Budd, Milford South Elementary School, OH

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4 - 7 Years

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