Little Mouse and the Big Red Apple

Little Mouse and the Big Red Apple

by A.H. H. Benjamin, Gwyneth Williamson, Gwyneth Williamson

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Children's Literature
As Little Mouse is sitting under a tree, an apple as big as he is falls next to him. Delighted with the prospect of a private feast, he begins pushing it toward his home. Unluckily, the apple is constantly impeded on the way. It falls into a pond, rolls under a thorn bush and collides with a log. Little Mouse's loyal friends, a frog, a tortoise and a mole, help him extricate the apple, but he never offers to share it with them. After he shoves it at last up the hill to his house, it careens down the hill's other side right where Little Mouse's friends are gathered, and they all begin eating it appreciatively. The message about selfishness versus sharing would be stronger if Little Mouse had voluntarily rather than accidentally rewarded his helpers, although he accepts the outcome pleasantly enough. Clever cartoon-style, ink and watercolor illustrations enhance the lively text. 2000, Tiger Tales, $5.95. Ages 3 to 6. Reviewer: Patricia Dole

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3 - 7 Years

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