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Little Pink Pig

Little Pink Pig

by Pat Hutchins

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The lost little pig isn't lost at all - he's right behind his mother, chasing after a butterfly. But if Mother Pig and the other animals don't find him soon, Little Pink Pig just might turn the whole farm upside down!


The lost little pig isn't lost at all - he's right behind his mother, chasing after a butterfly. But if Mother Pig and the other animals don't find him soon, Little Pink Pig just might turn the whole farm upside down!

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Bright, engaging illustrations and a simple, repetitive text are once again combined in Hutchins's ( Which Witch Is Which? ; The Doorbell Rang ) latest offering, a barnyard comedy of errors. Its hero, a little pink pig, has a snout for trouble. As his mother calls him to bed, the piglet tips over a large apple barrel, making it impossible for sow and son to see or hear each other. Little Pink Pig's mishap sets off a chain of bungles, and as his mother solicits help from the horse, cow, sheep and roosters, the poky piglet can be seen on the facing page, falling into haystacks or tipping over milk barrels, turnip carts and chicken feed. ``Wait for me!'' he squeals, but to no avail. A final collective braying and calling from all of the animals manages to turn up Little Pig, but not for long--as he makes a comical exit, young listeners will smile in anticipation of the whole silly cycle beginning anew. Hutchins knows how to tickle little funny bones; the target audience will easily follow and roundly enjoy the Chaplinesque plot. Ages 3-up. (Apr.)
Children's Literature - Children's Literature
It's bedtime and Mother Pig is looking for little pink pig. She calls him, but he doesn't hear her since he is busy chasing a butterfly. So Mother Pig seeks help from all the barnyard animals. Little Pink Pig doesn't hear any of them calling him, but sees them walking away and tries to catch up. When all of the animals call together, they make enough noise for Little Pink Pig to come running, happy to go home to bed. The illustrations are bright and bold, but remain static. Not up to Pat Hutchins' other books, which are excellent. The story is told warmly, with each animal introduced by its food, or product. The animals' calls are all printed in colors, giving some liveliness to the text. A enjoyable lap book, and one that would work well in storytime. 2000 (orig. 1994), HarperCollins, Ages 3 to 5, $5.95. Reviewer: Kit Bloom
School Library Journal
PreS-K-When a piglet and his mother are separated in the barnyard, she involves all of her animal friends in the search for him. Little do they know that Little Pink Pig is following behind them and getting waylaid by various obstacles, such as a barrel of apples, a milk can, and a pile of hay. A predictable and satisfying story-hour read-aloud, written in Hutchins's trademark style and illustrated with double-page gouache paintings, but not terribly inventive or original.-Elizabeth Hanson, Chicago Public Library
Mary Harris Veeder
When Little Pink Pig's mother calls, "It's time you were in bed," Little Pink Pig, tipping an apple barrel for a view of a blue butterfly, squeals, "Wait for me." When she asks, "Where are you?" Little Pink Pig, who's covered by apples, can't hear her. And so it goes, with mother pig asking other barnyard animals to help her find her child, and Little Pink Pig, still pursuing the butterfly, making his own sound barriers by tumbling in milk, straw, and eggs. The little pig's adventures are pictured on the right-hand side of each double-page spread; the activities of his mother and friends fill the other side. Little Pink Pig's pinkness and his curiosity help him stand out nicely, and young children will easily see the fun the grown-up animals are missing. They may also want to shout out the animals' responses--oink, neigh, and so on--which have been set in enlarged, colorful type. After all, bedtime should be fun.

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HarperCollins Publishers
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Product dimensions:
10.24(w) x 8.33(h) x 0.40(d)
Age Range:
4 - 8 Years

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