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Little Quack's Hide and Seek

Little Quack's Hide and Seek

3.6 6
by Lauren Thompson

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New York Times best-selling author Lauren Thompson and celebrated illustrator Derek Anderson have crafted a timeless tale full of courage and fun. When Little Quack and the duck siblings play hide-and-seek with Mama, they need to disappear by the count of ten. All the ducks find places to hide except Little Quack, who can't find anywhere secret enough to go.


New York Times best-selling author Lauren Thompson and celebrated illustrator Derek Anderson have crafted a timeless tale full of courage and fun. When Little Quack and the duck siblings play hide-and-seek with Mama, they need to disappear by the count of ten. All the ducks find places to hide except Little Quack, who can't find anywhere secret enough to go. Can he duck out of Mama's sight long enough to win the game?

Find out! And don't forget to count along with the Quack-u-lator, which pops up every time a duck disappears!

Editorial Reviews

The Barnes & Noble Review
The web-footed star of author Lauren Thompson and artist Derek Anderson's Little Quack makes another adorable splash in this winsome follow-up.

In the same format as her first book -- with illustrations at the top and a "Quack-U-Lator" at the bottom -- Thompson now puts the hero into a fun-loving game of hide-and-seek. When Mama suggests that the family play the game, the ducklings scatter to their hiding places, with Widdle hiding in a log, Waddle scampering under a lily pad, and the others staking claim to other locales. But Little Quack can't think of a spot fast enough, and he quickly decides the best hiding place is behind Mama. Of course, the mother has no trouble finding her other children -- but where is Little Quack? With a smiley-faced splash, her littlest jumps out and gets the whole family laughing.

Along with Anderson's warm artwork of cute-as-a-button ducklings, Thompson again combines a superbly silly story with easy math. The tale is suited perfectly for bubbly storytimes, and readers won't be able to get enough of the peppy Little Quack. A "quacky" tale that's sure to please. Shana Taylor

Publishers Weekly
ALL ABOARD! Sturdy board book editions are just right for budding book lovers. In the board book edition of Little Quack's Hide and Seek by Lauren Thompson, illus. by Derek Anderson, youngest book lovers can follow the feathered hero with Mama Duck and his four siblings as they all scramble to find the best hiding place and, along the way, convey the concept of subtraction. (Little Simon, $7.99 32p ages 2-5 ISBN 978-1-4169-0325-3; Jan.) Copyright 2007 Reed Business Information.
Children's Literature - Marilyn Courtot
What could be more fun than playing a game of hide and seek, especially if it is with your mother and siblings? Little Quack has four brothers and sisters—Widdle, Waddle, Piddle, and Puddle. When Mama announces that they are going to play a game they all rush off to find the perfect hiding place. As she counts, two things are happening in the book: the ducks are finding places to hide so their numbers are reduced one by one, and along the bottom of the page the Quackulator is showing the math. The subtraction concept may be a bit much for the average board book readers, but the ducks can also be used to count forward and backward. Mama finds her little ones pretty quickly except for Little Quack. The end is amusing to all and I won't spoil it by telling about Little Quack's clever hiding place. This is another picture book that works well as a board book.
Children's Literature - Cathi I. White
Little Quack and his brothers and sisters are playing hide and seek with their mama. As Mama counts, the five little ducklings find places to hide. Each one thinks that their place is going to be the best one and that Mama will not find them. One hides in a log, one under a lily pad, one in a branch, and one in the leaves; however, Little Quack cannot find a place to hide. One by one, Mama finds each duck. While Mama is finding the others, Little Quack finds the perfect place to hide from Mama. He is hiding right behind her! He follows her wherever she goes. She finds all the other ducklings but has a hard time finding Little Quack. Finally she turns around and sees him. She tells him he had the best hiding place of all the ducklings. This enjoyable book is beautifully illustrated and will keep the readers' attention as they wait to see if Mama will find Little Duck. The readers are asked to interact with the book by counting the ducks as they hide one by one. This book is part of the "Little Quack" series. Reviewer: Cathi I. White
Kirkus Reviews
A mother duck and her quintet of ducklings play a rousing game of hide-and-seek in this playful counting tale. As Mama counts from one to ten, her fluffy offspring scatter to their secret spots. Little Duck panics when Mama's count-off approaches "ten" and he bolts for the handiest spot-choosing to hide in plain sight-just behind her. An ingenuous "Quack-u-Lator" provides readers with a visual reinforcement of Mama's duckling countdown. Occupying a wide band on the bottom of several pages, a combination of duckling icons and a minus sign offers a numerical answer-the written word is on the facing page. While Mama paddles around in search of her offspring, she keeps a verbal tally of the number of ducklings discovered, but here there is no accompanying "Quack-u-Lator," unfortunately. But this is a sprightly tale to share even with or without the attendant math overtures since Anderson supplies acrylic paintings rendered in deep jewel tones, with full-bleed pages resplendent in rich sapphire blues and verdant greens. Cuddlesome ducklings add instant eye-appeal while the predictable rhythms of the tale are satisfying for small fry. (Picture book. 2-6)

Product Details

Spotlight (MN)
Publication date:
Little Quack Series
Product dimensions:
10.20(w) x 10.10(h) x 0.40(d)
Age Range:
2 - 4 Years

Meet the Author

Lauren Thompson is the author of several picture books, including the popular Mouse’s First series, Little Quack series, and the Wee Little series. She is also the author of the critically acclaimed The Apple Pie That Papa Baked as well as Leap Back Home to Me; Chew, Chew, Gulp!; and Hop, Hop, Jump! She lives with her husband and son in Brooklyn, New York.

Derek Anderson is the bestselling artist and cocreator of the Little Quack series. He is also the talent behind Gladys Goes Out to Lunch and Over the River: A Turkey’s Tale. He and his wife Cheryl reside in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Visit him at DerekAnderson.net.

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Little Quack's Hide and Seek 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My 3 year old niece loves Little Quack. Stories are fun and the pictures are bright and colorful. We read these over and over.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
MMsMom More than 1 year ago
My little girl, who's 18 months, enjoys reading this book. The rhyming duck names and sweet little story are adorable. The illustrations are very colorful and it's nice that there's a small counting exercise in the book. Definitely a great book for boy and girl toddlers!
Meowiemomma More than 1 year ago
We Love Little Quack and his family in our house!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago