Live and Remastered: 20th Anniversary Box Set

Live and Remastered: 20th Anniversary Box Set


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Ministry Of Sound Uk

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Disc 1

  1. Fantasize Me
  2. As One
  3. Love So Special
  4. Love Me Forever Or Love Me Not
  5. What U Need
  6. A Little Piano
  7. I'll Be Your Friend
  8. The Pressure
  9. Slam Me Baby
  10. Slam Me Baby
  11. Makin' Happy
  12. Makin' Happy

Disc 2

  1. Once Upon A Dancefloor
  2. Strobelite Honey
  3. All I Want
  4. Deep Inside (Of You)
  5. Club Lonely
  6. Deep Beats Vol 1
  7. Hear The Music
  8. 4 You
  9. Rise From Your Grave
  10. Pennies From Heaven
  11. Goodbye
  12. Surrender Yourself
  13. Do You Want It Right Now
  14. Can You Feel It
  15. Outta Limits

Disc 3

  1. Hear The Music
  2. When You Hold Me
  3. Dream It
  4. That Special Melody
  5. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
  6. Nu Nu
  7. U Used To Hold Me
  8. Slam Jam (Slam Beats)
  9. Holdin' On
  10. Take A Chance
  11. Yeah C'mon
  12. Antares
  13. Don't Lose The Magic
  14. Special Groove
  15. I Like You

Disc 4

  1. Spread Love
  2. You Brought Me Love
  3. Livin' The Nitelife
  4. Comin On Strong
  5. I'm Attracted To You
  6. Let’s Start The Dance
  7. Now That We’ve Found Love
  8. Ride On The Rhythm
  9. Luv Dancin'
  10. The Pressure Part 1
  11. I Know You, I Live You
  12. This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)

Disc 5

  1. Brighter Days
  2. Wine
  3. Reach For Me
  4. Dance
  5. I Get Lifted
  6. Version
  7. Pussycat Meow
  8. Express Yourself
  9. Critical (If You Only Knew)
  10. Y?
  11. Feel It
  12. Dance Dance
  13. House For All
  14. N-My Soul
  15. [Untitled]

Album Credits

Performance Credits

David Morales   Percussion,Drums
Barbara Tucker   Background Vocals
Karen Bernard   Background Vocals
Eric Kupper   Keyboards
Eddie Stockley   Background Vocals
Satoshi Tomiie   Keyboards
Joi Cardwell   Background Vocals
Early Robinson   Background Vocals
Kenny Bobien   Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Deee-Lite   Composer
Neil Young   Composer
Frankie Knuckles   Producer
Robert Owens   Composer
Charles Jackson   Composer
Gavin Christopher   Composer
Hamilton Bohannon   Producer
Bobby Konders   Composer,Producer
Todd Terry   Composer,Producer,Executive Producer,Remixing,Instrumentation,Additional Production
Lidell Townsell   Composer,Producer
David Morales   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Engineer
Rosario   Composer
Basement Boys   Producer
Cajmere   Composer
Bruce Carbone   Producer
Chaka Khan   Composer
Neal Conway   Composer
Crystal Waters   Composer
Dave Darlington   Engineer
Bill Dickens   Composer
Simon Duffy   Additional Production
K. Fingers   Composer,Producer
Jimmy Jam   Producer
Pal Joey   Composer,Producer
Marc Kinchen   Composer,Producer
Arif Mardin   Composer
John Poppo   Engineer
Roger Sanchez   Producer,Composer
Larry Rosen   Instrumentation
Kevin Saunderson   Producer
Satoshi Tomiie   Composer
"Little" Louie Vega   Producer,Instrumentation,Additional Production
Mike "Hitman" Wilson   Composer
Marvin Yancy   Composer
Roy Davis   Producer
Gary Hines   Producer
Spanky   Producer
Georgie Porgie   Producer
James Harris   Composer
George Morel   Executive Producer
Jimi Polo   Composer,Producer
Chez Damier   Composer,Producer
Linden C.   Composer
DJ Pierre   Remixing,Additional Production
Kenny Dope   Producer,Additional Production
William McLean   Composer,Producer
Lem Springsteen   Composer,Producer
Benji Candelario   Producer
Richard Rogers   Composer
Umbi Damiani   Producer
Tom Delgrosso   Producer
A. Gemolotto   Composer
Claudio Moz-Art Rispoli   Producer
Dana Stovall   Composer
Judith Weinstein   Executive Producer
Darrell Martin   Producer
Alexis P. Suter   Composer
Richie Jones   Producer
Justin Berkmann   Additional Production
Alex Kaplan   Executive Producer
Wayne Rollins   Producer
Shawn Caesar   Composer,Producer
John Clafone   Producer
Bill Brewster   Liner Notes
Steve Cole   Remixing,Additional Production
Danell Dixon   Composer,Producer
Mental Instrum   Producer
George H. Hess   Executive Producer
Francis Robinson   Composer
Marlène Thomas   Composer
Billy Russell   Composer
Cole   Composer
Montefiori   Composer
Kirby   Composer
Brill   Composer
R. Ter Horst   Producer
B. Tucker   Composer
Will Rollins   Composer
Tolbert   Composer
G. Pizarro   Executive Producer
Ron James   Composer,Producer
Tei   Composer
John C. Moore   Composer
M. Burns   Composer
G. Andros   Composer
D. Whitaker   Composer
Clivilles   Composer
T. Terry   Composer
Andy Pegler   Package Concept
Gavin Morrison   Engineer
Chris Mellor   Composer,Producer
Andres Titus   Composer,Producer
Kekko Montefiori   Producer
Terry Lewis   Composer,Producer
Chris Cooke   Executive Producer
Pearson   Composer
P. Little   Composer
Kenny "Dope" Gonzales   Instrumentation
Sam Jacobs   Producer
G. Pizzaro   Executive Producer
Felix Ortiz   Executive Producer
R. Straker   Composer
Rispoli   Composer
C.K. Gonzalez   Composer
Mathew Parkhouse   Composer,Producer
Darell Martin   Composer

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