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Live Aus Berlin

Live Aus Berlin

4.9 14
by Rammstein

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Of all the evildoers in the Family Values scene, German goth-grinders Rammstein are the most menacing and, in a way, the most likable. They may lack Korn's hip-hop influence, Limp Bizkit's shout-along appeal, and the radio-ready accessibility of Orgy's "Blue Monday" cover, but that's what makes


Of all the evildoers in the Family Values scene, German goth-grinders Rammstein are the most menacing and, in a way, the most likable. They may lack Korn's hip-hop influence, Limp Bizkit's shout-along appeal, and the radio-ready accessibility of Orgy's "Blue Monday" cover, but that's what makes their amped-up angst so gosh darn special. Rammstein just wanna take their big, black, goth-rockin' 18-wheeler out on the Kraut-metal Autobahn and burn enough rubber to stink up the whole doomed planet. LIVE AUS BERLIN, featuring songs culled from the band's two previous albums, SEHNSUCHT and HERZELEID, accompanies the release of a theatrically over-the-top video of the same name. And while visuals would certainly heighten the experience, the CD does have its moments. Frontman Till Lindemann rails and rants in fiendishly bombastic German as his band shifts from melodramatic post-Reznor pummel to restrained, brooding techno (the wistful "Engel"). The crowd-rousing sing-along "Bestrafe Mich" sounds like it was recorded at a beer hall in Hell, the huge anthem "Du Hast" is steroid-fueled classic metal at its boomin'est, and the spacious gloom and acoustic (!) guitars on "Wilder Wein" suggest Metallica reborn as a folk-rock act. Mostly though, Rammstein succeeds in the extremity of their vision: At their best they deliver groundbreaking mainstream metal, despite being, at their worst, little more than an absurd musical novelty.

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All Music Guide - Steve Huey
Recorded over two nights at the Wuhleide Venue, LIVE AUS BERLIN demonstrates that Rammstein actually benefits from being heard in a live setting -- it recovers the immediacy and raw metallic bite that were somewhat toned down in the studio. Thus, the group sounds even more vicious, and the guttural German chanting that's one of the cornerstones of their sound takes on a more threatening aura. Even if fans are already familiar with this material, LIVE AUS BERLIN might still prove a necessary purchase.

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Slash / Umgd


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Live Aus Berlin 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I can't believe how good these people are!!! Du Hast is DA COOLEST SONG!!!!!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I'm not a huge fan of the metal/hard scene, but I think that artists like Rammstein have a style of their own, and they forge ahead, creating a unique sound that is best described as a dischordant symphony of pain and bliss. There is the beauty of soft sounds, as well as the beauty of hard rock's adrenaline. Definately a must-hear.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Rammstein is one of the coolest bands out there. They have "out of the ordinary" lyrics, pounding music, and the most interesting-sounding vocalist ever - he can growl in a deep, gurtal voice, then sing so powerfully! So having a CD where you can listen to this German band live is even better! If you are a major Rammstein fan, then you must have this CD! You can't miss out listening to them live! Headbanging and powerful!!! If you enjoy Rammstein's music already, or enjoy German music, or heavy metal music, or have an open-mind to music in general, then you should listen to the samples. If you like what you hear, then buy the CD. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPOINTED!!!! (I sure wasn't.) Kauf es, weil die CD sehr toll ist!!! (Buy it, because the CD is very great)
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am a fan of hardcore rock and rammstein is great!i am a big fan i love it!!!
Heavy_Metal_Sushi More than 1 year ago
I hesitated for a long time before finally getting this live installment of Rammstein's, simply because I am usually not a very big fan of live albums, mainly because a lot of times, I enjoy the regularly recorded songs for what they are, and they usually sound a bit different or not as good when they're on a live album, (though I of course love seeing bands live of course). There have only ever been so many albums that I have ever bothered with getting that were live, but that was only because I had heard them previously and decided that it didn't sound all too bad, but a lot I have not really cared for. I finally decided to go ahead and buy this one, because I found it in a pawn shop for only 99 cents. Heck, I really should have just bought this CD a long time ago, because it's now officially one of my absolute favorite live albums! There are some minor differences between the actual album songs and on here, but cool differences, and the songs for the most part maintain the intensity of their awesome sound, and it's just absolutely amazing to me! Rammstein has never really let me down that much before, though Rosenrott left a slight bit to be desired, but that wasn't anything too awful bad, and now I can say that they have impressed me in live manner too. This is slightly older, and only covers songs from Sehnsucht and Hezerald, but it's still a great live album, and I don't say that about a lot of live stuff. If you're a fan of Rammstein or even just industrial music, this album is definitely worth checking out.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Rammstien is the best rock band on the face of the planet. Comparing it to Limp Bizkit, Korn, etc.. Is shaming it. Rammstien's the child of techno and metal combined and cannot be stopped.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is an awesome album! It is the first live cd I've ever bought and it was definitly worth every penny. It has songs from their first two albums, plus a few ones that are new to me. The sound of the performance is mind blowing and the sheer power of the music is just incredible. I don't know why critics make such a big deal of their lyrics being in German. I don't think the music would have the same power if it was in English. (Plus, it IS possible to enjoy music in another language that isn't English!) The interesting thing is, I'm not even a fan of this type of music, and Rammstein won me over! So if you want to enjoy a new kind of live album, buy this one. Love them or hate them, you'll never forget Rammstein!
Guest More than 1 year ago
a must have for ANY true Rammstein fan. better then Sehnsucht AND herzeleid (but just by a little :]). if you love Rammstein, then get this CD!!! Rammstein cannot be beaten by ANY OTHER BAND!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Rammstein is awsome, they're stage show is excellent, with fire , and lights and it's just to amazing for words. There music is extravagant with its German industrial/metal to slow rythmic tunes...Members: Ricahrd Kruspe-guitar ( the best), Till Lindemann-vocals, Paul Landers-guitar, Oliver Riedel-bass, Chirstoph Schneider-drums, Flocka Lorenz-keyboard. Rammstein is my #1 Band
Guest More than 1 year ago
Rammstein cannot truly be labeled "goth." Rammstein is Rammstein. Rammstein is a totally different animal in comparison to other bands. If you like metal, then take a listen to some samples. Most of their music is very heavy, such as Buck Dich, Asche zu Asche, and Laichzeit, but then they emotional and powerful songs like Seamann and Wilder Wein. Their live music is quite special in comparison to live shows of some other bands like AC/DC or Metallica. No matter how you are listening to Rammstein, you will a energy like no other.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I like the hard metal, and they're really different, i like the way that they play
Guest More than 1 year ago
This album is very good. It has all the best Rammstein songs, like Herzeleid, Seemann, Klavier, Spiel mit mir, Du hast, Asche zu asche, Rammstein and Sehnsucht.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago