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Live Box

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by Björk

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These chronologically arranged live CD's testify to her songwriting, performing and arranging brilliance.  See more details below


These chronologically arranged live CD's testify to her songwriting, performing and arranging brilliance.

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Entertainment Weekly - Marc Weingarten
What's remarkable about this stunning [live] package... is how much Björk's dusky interior universe remains intact. (A-)

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One Little Indian Im

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Disc 1

  1. Human Behaviour
  2. One Day
  3. Venus as a Boy
  4. Come to Me
  5. Big Time Sensuality
  6. Aeroplane
  7. Like Someone in Love
  8. Crying
  9. Anchor Song
  10. Violently Happy

Disc 2

  1. Headphones
  2. Army of Me
  3. One Day
  4. The Modern Things
  5. Isobel
  6. Possibly Maybe
  7. Hyper-Ballad
  8. I Go Humble
  9. Big Time Sensuality
  10. Enjoy
  11. I Miss You
  12. It's Oh So Quiet
  13. Anchor Song

Disc 3

  1. Visur Vantnsenda Rósu
  2. Hunter
  3. You've Been Flirting Again
  4. Isobel
  5. All Neon Like
  6. Possibly Maybe
  7. 5 Years
  8. Come to Me
  9. Immature
  10. I Go Humble
  11. Bachelorette
  12. Human Behaviour
  13. Pluto
  14. Jóga
  15. So Broken
  16. Anchor Song

Disc 4

  1. Frosti
  2. Overture
  3. All Is Full of Love
  4. Cocoon
  5. Aurora
  6. Undo
  7. Unravel
  8. I've Seen It All
  9. An Echo, A Stain
  10. Generous Palmstroke
  11. Hidden Place
  12. Pagan Poetry
  13. Harm of Will
  14. It's Not Up to You
  15. Unison
  16. It's in Our Hands

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Björk   Primary Artist,Vocals
Oliver Lake   Group Member
Corky Hale   Group Member
Evelyn Glennie   Group Member
Leyla Arab   Group Member
Mark Bell   electronics
B.J. Cole   Musician
Howie B   Musician
Trevor Morais   Musician
Zeena Parkins   Accordion,Celeste,Harp,Hand Clapping,Electric Harp
Guy Sigsworth   Group Member
Talvin Singh   Group Member
Brad Smith   Group Member
Alasdair Malloy   Group Member
Dan Lipman   Group Member
Andy Channing   Group Member
Simon Lee   Conductor
Anna Wolfe   Group Member
Martin C. Schmidt   Synthesizer,Acoustic Guitar,Cymbals,Hand Clapping,Various,Shaker
Drew Daniel   Hand Clapping,electronics
Kevin Pruce   Sounds
Regina Recht   Vocals
Tansay Omar   Group Member
Nuka Amossen   Vocals
Jake Boule   Group Member
Robert Welch   Group Member
Najaaraq Moller   Vocals
Maanguaq Dalager   Vocals
Sutiko   Group Member
Jonathan McDowell   Group Member
Arnanguak Eldevig   Vocals
Zerzes Mazda   Group Member
Joe Field   Group Member
Icelandic String Octet   Strings

Technical Credits

Björk   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Mark Bell   Composer
Johnny Burke   Composer
Marius de Vries   Composer
Nellee Hooper   Composer
Howie B   Composer
Zeena Parkins   Arranger,Composer
Guy Sigsworth   Composer
Tricky   Composer
James Van Heusen   Composer
Mark Cooper   Producer
Jim Abbiss   Engineer
Graham Massey   Composer
Björk Gudmundsdottir   Composer
Hans Lang   Composer
Sigurjon Sigurdsson   Composer
Thomas Knak   Composer
Bert Reisfeld   Composer
Martin C. Schmidt   Field Recording
Drew Daniel   Sound Effects
Bernard Scudder   translation
Harmony Korine   Composer
L. Sharpe   Composer

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Live Box 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Fair warning to all Björk-dorks: most of the content on these CDs is basically just a rehash of the live DVD series (specifically, MTV Unplugged, Live at Cambridge, Live a Shepard's Bush Empire, and LIve at the Royal Opera House). Of course, there are advantages to this; like being able to here the live tracks in Pro Logic 5.1, ripping and burning your own Live Björk albums, less compressed audio, and of course the convenience of not having to buy the DVDs if you don't have a player, can't afford them all or don't want them (although I'll tell you right now, Björk's pretty damn hot and leggy in the Unglugged DVD). I actually own all of the Live DVD series so far and knew the Box set was going to be the same, but I purchased it anyway for some of the conveniences listed above and for the extra tracks ("it's oh so quiet" live at last!). But if you don't want it don't feel obligated to buy it; even Björk herself has stated that it's only for people who want it.