Live: From Chaos to Eternity

Live: From Chaos to Eternity

by Rhapsody of Fire

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Disc 1

  1. Dark Mystic Vision  -  Rhapsody of Fire
  2. Ad Infinitum  -  Rhapsody of Fire
  3. From Chaos to Eternity  -  Rhapsody of Fire
  4. Triumph or Agony  -  Rhapsody of Fire
  5. I Belong to the Stars  -  Rhapsody of Fire
  6. The Dark Secret  -  Rhapsody of Fire
  7. Unholy Warcry  -  Rhapsody of Fire
  8. Lost in Cold Dreams  -  Rhapsody of Fire
  9. Land of Immortals  -  Rhapsody of Fire
  10. Aeons of Raging Darkness  -  Rhapsody of Fire
  11. Dark Reign of Fire  -  Rhapsody of Fire
  12. Drum Solo  -  Rhapsody of Fire

Disc 2

  1. The March of the Swordmaster  -  Rhapsody of Fire
  2. Dawn of Victory  -  Rhapsody of Fire
  3. Toccata on Bass  -  Rhapsody of Fire
  4. The Village of Dwarves  -  Rhapsody of Fire
  5. The Magic of the Wizard's Dream  -  Rhapsody of Fire
  6. Holy Thunderforce  -  Rhapsody of Fire
  7. Reign of Terror  -  Rhapsody of Fire
  8. Knightrider of Doom  -  Rhapsody of Fire
  9. Epicus Furor  -  Rhapsody of Fire
  10. Emerald Sword  -  Rhapsody of Fire
  11. Erian's Lost Secrets  -  Rhapsody of Fire
  12. The Splendour of Angels' Glory (A Final Revelation)  -  Rhapsody of Fire

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Rhapsody of Fire   Primary Artist
Fabio Lione   Vocals,Group Member
Alex Staropoli   Keyboards,Group Member
Oliver Holzwarth   Bass,Group Member
Alex Holzwarth   Drums,Group Member
Tom Hess   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Group Member

Technical Credits

Alex Staropoli   Executive Producer,Orchestral Arrangements,Sound Design
Christoph Stickel   Mastering
Rhapsody of Fire   Producer,Live Production
Felipe Machado Franco   Cover Art,Layout
Sebastian "Basi" Roeder   Engineer,Live Production

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