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Live in Boston

Live in Boston

4.6 3
by Fleetwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac have endured more than their share of bumps in the road over the past few decades, surviving imploding relationships and nasty musical splits, to name but a few. On this live collection -- which comprises two DVDs and a single CD culled from the same Boston gig -- the Mac exhibit some of that wear but manage to cut loose with an energy-filled,


Fleetwood Mac have endured more than their share of bumps in the road over the past few decades, surviving imploding relationships and nasty musical splits, to name but a few. On this live collection -- which comprises two DVDs and a single CD culled from the same Boston gig -- the Mac exhibit some of that wear but manage to cut loose with an energy-filled, surprisingly frill-free performance. As per most of the band's recent shows, Live in Boston doesn't skimp on the group's commercial heyday, kicking off with a powerful version of "The Chain" (one of several tunes to get a boost from Lindsey Buckingham's cutting guitar work) and hitting the right sentimental notes on "Say You Will" and "Dreams." A smattering of newer material, highlighted by "What's the World Coming To" and a poignant "Peacekeeper," lend credence to the notion that Mick Fleetwood and company aren't merely staging a nostalgia trip. Christine McVie, who chose to sit out the current reunion, is certainly missed, but Stevie Nicks, whose voice has taken on a wizened tone of late, steps up nicely on versions of "Rhiannon" and her solo hit "Stand Back." The visuals, while crisply captured, aren't particularly fancy -- the set was initially recorded for PBS, after all -- but the sound, augmented by an additional guitarist, keyboard player, and backing vocalists, says it all. The audio culls ten of the better performances from the DVD set.

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All Music Guide - Thom Jurek
Live in Boston, a deluxe three-hour, two-DVD/one-CD package, offers a video view of the entire concert culled from two nights in September 2003. In addition, there is a CD edited from its best audio moments. This is an energetic and ragged but right set from one of the most enduring acts in rock. The quartet version of Fleetwood Mac is stronger than any of its recent incarnations. The interplay and cooperation between Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham are wonderfully articulated in this show, and there are moments of complete magic. As for the duffers, John McVie and Mick Fleetwood, all that can be said is they are one of the great rock rhythm sections in history, and the symbiotic communication between them is evident on video. Musically, the rawer, more immediate sound breathes great life into this old material. Buckingham's guitar is in overdrive most of the evening, and Nicks' voice rises to the challenge of the Mac's louder and prouder arrangements. Highlights on the audio CD include the blowout performance of "Rhiannon," the burning "Big Love," with a great vocal by Buckingham, and of course the finale, "Go Your Own Way." The reliance on tracks like "Dreams," "Landslide," and "Silver Springs" suggests the softer side of the Mac, but on the CD that balance is nearly perfect. On the DVDs, the rockers outnumber the ballads, and that is as it should be. This packaging orgy is hardly new and different, and certainly not revolutionary, but then would fans want it to be? Thoroughly enjoyable.

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Warner Bros / Wea


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Fleetwood Mac   Primary Artist
Lindsey Buckingham   Group Member
Stevie Nicks   Group Member
Mick Fleetwood   Group Member
John McVie   Group Member
Sharon Celani   Musician
Neale Heywood   Musician
Steve Rinkoff   Drums,Musician
Carlos Rios   Musician
Brett Tuggle   Musician
Jana Anderson   Musician
Alberto Bermúdez   Organ
Takuya "Taku" Hirano   Musician
Jammie J.D. Dennis   Organ
Mike Dean   Keyboards
Cory Buckingham   Ambience
Jerry Zambardino   Organ

Technical Credits

Lindsey Buckingham   Composer
Fleetwood Mac   Contributor
Stevie Nicks   Composer
Mick Fleetwood   Composer
Brian Knight   Contributor
Christine McVie   Composer
John McVie   Composer
Neale Heywood   Composer
Julian Raymond   Composer
Robert E. Miller   Monitor Engineer
Tom Whalley   Label Consultant
David May   Label Consultant
Robert W. Richards   Management
Randy King   Executive Producer
Jeffrey Kent Ayeroff   Label Consultant
Howard Kaufman   Management
Dave Natale   Engineer
Liz Rosenberg   Label Consultant
Mark Scaggs   Bass Technician
Joe Thomas   Director,Producer
Steve Real   Vocal Coach
Carl Stubner   Management
Andrew Sharp   Tour Accountant
Tony Dimitriades   Management
Mike Butler   Pro-Tools
Paul Guthrie   Project Design
Peter Standish   Label Consultant
Dave Barrera   Guitar Techician
Ronald Beal   Lighting Supervisor
John Bunker   Tour Manager
Joe Dorosz   Percussion Technician
Ed Dracoules   Monitor Engineer
Ken Heague   Contributor
Bobby Herr   Stage Manager
Marty Hom   Tour Manager
Raul Ibanez   Contributor
Marcus Johnson   Contributor
Keith Lavoie   Video Director
Wally Lees   Lighting Director
Sheryl Louis   Management
Allan Tate   Road Manager
Ralph Viera   Tour Manager
Diarmuid Quinn   Label Consultant
Andy Olyphant   Label Consultant
Thom Lowry   Guitar Techician

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Live in Boston 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
At the end of this two disc concert,Mick Fleetwood Yells "The Mac Is Back!".Mick,Lindsay,Stevie,and John are back in concert,~but,yes,sans Christine Mcvie,who decided to sit out this set~in Boston,Mass. for their third live offering. Ilove Fleetwood Mac,I grew up with this line-up.Even got all the CD's Except For Say You Will.I was fired up for this album and was thrilled when i found out,finally,that Barnes and Noble carried it,Nobody else seemed to. Don't get me wrong,It was a wonderful concert,with some different songs than their other live albums.Plus,Stevie does some of her fine solo releases.I Was also thrilled to see Gypsy,Second Hand News And Never Going Back Again here.But I wasn't too thrilled with the second disc. The first disc come off at about an hour,but i put the second disc in and was wondering why an hour and a half for the same amount of songs?Than i find one of FM's shortest songs ever,World Turning,was turned into a 16 minute Mick show!Did Boston and the world really need to sit thru a quarter-hour of that?Other than that,i am glad to see "The Dance" was not a one time swan song for The Mac.I REALLY did miss them.And this concert has some fine moments.Just don't expect a Second Coming.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
After watching this concert several times, finally realized why it was even better than their past concerts -- no Christine McVie. Not that I don't love previous concerts/albums with Christine, but the energy & songs on this concert were much more vibrant & exciting. The new keyboard guy is awesome. Highly recommend this DVD if you like Fleetwood Mac.
Guest More than 1 year ago
These live versions sound even better. When I listen to them it tickles my mind and soul. Stevie and Lindsey have gotten extremely excellent on their songs of the past. I love them both so much and I'll keep on listening to them.