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Live on Earth...For a Limited Time Only

Live on Earth...For a Limited Time Only

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by Krishna Das

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Who could have predicted that Indian devotional chanting would move beyond the stereotypical image of yellow-clad Hari Krishnas raising a ruckus in the airport? The American-born Krishna Das studied with Ram Dass, and later learned Bhakti Yoga devotional chanting at Maharaji-ji's ashram in the foothills of


Who could have predicted that Indian devotional chanting would move beyond the stereotypical image of yellow-clad Hari Krishnas raising a ruckus in the airport? The American-born Krishna Das studied with Ram Dass, and later learned Bhakti Yoga devotional chanting at Maharaji-ji's ashram in the foothills of the Himalayas. Shortly before this famed guru's death, Krishna Das returned to the states to continue his mission of songful devotion to the divine. On the two-CD Live on Earth, Krishna Das leads the Ever Changing Kosmic Kirtan Posse choir in call and response. His voice, a strong and pleasant baritone, is emotionally expressive yet easy to understand. These tracks are traditional Indian chants and mantras with a refreshing detour as "Amazing Grace" is heard in English on "Mountain Hare Krishna." Most chants are based on a few simple lines -- such as "Radhe Shyam" and "Namah Shivaya" -- but others, including "Hanuman Puja" and "Shri Haunman Chaleesa," are long narrative songs. Krishna Das accompanies himself on the harmonium organ, and as each track progresses, chorus, tabla, cymbals, clapping, and other instruments build up warm textures. Featured soloists include Steve Gorn on flute and Hans Christian on cello. The album's "driver beware" sticker is appropriate, for you could easily be lulled into ecstasy or, when the music accelerates, into a joyous, foot-to-the-floor frenzy. Krishna Das's liner notes offer a unique and personal perspective on the chants and their symbolic meaning. Sing along or immerse yourself in the nectar of sound. Hopefully it's not sacrilegious to say this album's a lot of fun!

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All Music Guide - Kelly McCartney
Considered the leading Western proponent of kirtan chanting, Krishna Das shows his stuff on the double-disc Live on Earth. The live setting is where Das really shines, with posse in tow generally singing in the traditional call-and-response fashion. Devotion flows through his husky baritone voice and enthusiasm abounds in the claps of the group. This is how these mantras are meant to be sung, their blessings showering down on every chanter. The explosive "Radhe Shyam" and "Samadhi Sita Ram" open the session with a bang while praising the glory of Govinda and Ram along with their consorts, Radha and Sita. Then, a hush falls and stillness overwhelms when Das and bansuri flutist Steve Gorn offer themselves at the feet of the guru with "Shri Guru Charanam." Going on like this, balancing the ecstatic and the solemn while holding the sacred, Das makes his offerings to all of the major Hindu deities -- Krishna, Hanuman, Kali, Lakshmi, Rama, and Shiva. Particularly enchanting is the ancient hymn "Hanuman Chaleesa." Das sings it to please his own guru, though it was composed in honor of the monkey god Hanuman, noble hero of the great Indian epic Ramayana. One of the most well-known nama sankirtanas in the West repeats the names of Hare Rama Hare Krishna. Das includes two different renditions, "Three Rivers Hare Krishna" and "Mountain Hare Krishna," perhaps signifying his own fondness for the simple beauty of this chant. For the most part, Das sticks with the tried and true Indian instrumentation of harmonium and percussion to create his sound, though he does add a bit of keyboard, cello, and bass to smooth out the edges and truly make it his own. That's fair, and the result is splendid.

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Triloka Records

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Krishna Das   Primary Artist,Harmonica,Harmonium,Vocals,Ektara
Kim Waters   Choir, Chorus,Track Performer
Steve Gorn   Flute,Bansuri
Hans Christian   Bass,Cello
John Cooper   Choir, Chorus
Jim Donovan   Bass Drums,Shaker,Frame Drum
John McDowell   Percussion,Keyboards,Djembe,Shaker,Gorong
Nicky Bernstein   Choir, Chorus,Track Performer
Sita Jamieson Caddle   Choir, Chorus,Track Performer
Dagger-Ji   Shaker
Brendan Davison   Choir, Chorus,Track Performer
Marsha Dietlein   Choir, Chorus,Track Performer
Faith Fennesy   Choir, Chorus,Track Performer
Girish Gambhira   Tabla
Swami Bubbananda Giri   Choir, Chorus
Keshav Hunter   Choir, Chorus,Track Performer
Uma Lane   Choir, Chorus,Track Performer
Dagger Langur   Choir, Chorus,Track Performer
Lakshmi Ma   Choir, Chorus,Track Performer
Ivy Mayer   Choir, Chorus,Track Performer
Prema Michau   Choir, Chorus,Track Performer
Bhima Karma Olrech   Cymbals,Khol
Kamala Pati   Choir, Chorus,Track Performer
Raven Pelan   Choir, Chorus,Track Performer
Ambika Pressman   Choir, Chorus,Track Performer
Nina Rao   Cymbals,Choir, Chorus
Janaki Rathode   Choir, Chorus,Track Performer
Resa Smith   Choir, Chorus,Track Performer
Max Vazquez   Choir, Chorus,Track Performer
Jim Donovan   Bass Drums,Shaker,Frame Drum
John Cooper   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Hans Christian   Engineer
Jeffrey Lesser   Engineer
Mitchell Markus   Executive Producer
Krist Novoselic   Engineer
John McDowell   Composer
Krishna Das   Producer,Executive Producer
Parvati Markus   Cover Photo
Lisa King   Art Direction
Jane Allyson   Engineer
Meena Devi Markus   Back Cover
John Friend   Executive Producer
J.A. Klein   Engineer
Kevin Kobasic   Artwork,Paintings
Nina Rao   Contributor
John Cooper   Contributor
John Cooper   Paintings

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Live on Earth...For a Limited Time Only 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a beautiful and spirited album. It is loaded with beloved tones that warmly kiss your soul! Three Rivers Hare Krishna takes you to a humble place of grattitude, while Sita Ram carries you to a place of joy. I find this album entrancing, captivating, and magnificent!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This CD is all about what music is supposed to do for human beings. It lets the listener feel involved, alive and aware.
Guest More than 1 year ago
My first experience with KD was a kirtan he sang to us after a couple of hours of back bends. It was so beautiful and heartful that the whole room was sobbing. A friend brought a preview tape of
Anonymous More than 1 year ago