Liver Cancer / Edition 1

Liver Cancer / Edition 1

by Joseph C. Bottino

ISBN-10: 0898387132

ISBN-13: 9780898387131

Pub. Date: 08/31/1985

Publisher: Springer US

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Springer US
Publication date:
Developments in Oncology Series, #30
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6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

I. Pathology and Natural History.- 1. Pathology of liver tumors.- 2. Natural history of liver cancer.- II. Diagnosis of Liver Cancer.- 3. Radiologic techniques for detection and evaluation of liver cancer.- 4. Nuclear medicine aspects of primary and secondary liver cancer.- III. Surgery in Liver Cancer.- 5. Surgical anatomy of the liver and biliary tree.- 6. Surgical therapy of liver cancer.- 7. Hepatic artery ligation for liver cancer.- 8. Hepatic artery embolization for liver cancer.- 9. Surgical aspects of intrahepatic artery therapy.- IV. Chemotherapy of Liver Cancer.- 10. Chemotherapy of liver cancer.- 11. New chemotherapeutic agents in liver cancer.- 12. Intraperitoneal chemotherapy: a possible role in the treatment of hepatic metastases.- 13. Pharmacologic studies of hepatic intra-arterial chemotherapy.- 14. Regional chemotherapy of liver cancer.- 15. Regional arterial therapy in the management of primary liver neoplasms.- 16. Pumps and catheters for intrahepatic artery therapy.- 17. Adjuvant therapy for prevention of liver metastases.- V. Radiation Therapy of Liver Cancer.- 18. Radiation therapy of hepatobiliary tumors.- VI. Combined Modality Therapy.- 19. Combination chemotherapy and whole liver irradiation for hepatic tumors.- 20. Therapy of metastatic carcinoid tumor and the carcinoid syndrome.- 21. Regional-arterial chemotherapy or arterial embolization in the management of various stages of colon cancer.- 22. Thermochemotherapy of liver metastases.- 23. Combined hepatic arterial occlusion and chemotherapy for primary or secondary tumors of the liver.

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