Lives of the Twins

Lives of the Twins

by Rosamond Smith, Joyce Carol Oates

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When sophisticated gadabout Molly Marks discovers that her near-perfect lover and former psychiatrist, Jonathan, has an identical twin, she feels compelled to seek out that brotheralso a psychiatrist. James turns out to be frighteningand altogether more excitingand Molly begins to wonder if a twin is only one half of a whole. She becomes entangled in lies, erotic tensions, and mystery, and her own glib, girlish persona begins to fade, showing the outline of another woman behind it. ``Rosamond Smith'' is a nom de plume for Joyce Carol Oates, who writes this as deftly and disturbingly as any of her novels, but with perhaps a lighter, more whimsical touch. Provocative entertainment about personality, duality, duplicity. Literary Guild and Doubleday Book Club alternates, Mystery Guild main selection.Laurie Spector Sullivan, Transit Authority Archives, Boston

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