Living a Dog's Life: Jazzy, Juicy, and Me

Living a Dog's Life: Jazzy, Juicy, and Me

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by Cindy Adams

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The swell of dog love that met Cindy Adams everywhere she went after the publication of The Gift of Jazzy made it clear that Jazzy's fans were primed for the next installment. And since, in Cindy's own words, "Yorkies are like peanuts. You can't stop at just one," her decision to bring Juicy into the family gave her ample ammo to do just that. But it wasn't

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The swell of dog love that met Cindy Adams everywhere she went after the publication of The Gift of Jazzy made it clear that Jazzy's fans were primed for the next installment. And since, in Cindy's own words, "Yorkies are like peanuts. You can't stop at just one," her decision to bring Juicy into the family gave her ample ammo to do just that. But it wasn't long until her beloved Jazzy—who had become her closest family member and helped her cope with her husband's death—passed away unexpectedly. Cindy was devastated. Jazzy's paw prints had been indelibly imprinted on her heart and nothing and nobody would ever replace him. Cindy was certain she would never love again. But as her relationship with Juicy grew, and the loving, single-minded pooch claimed her rightful place in the center of Cindy's lap, she realized that yet again a wise four-legged companion had shown her that "Life is good. Life goes on." With her signature wit, smarts, and taste for celebrity dish, Cindy Adams shares the life lessons she learned from both her saviors—Juicy and Jazzy.

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From the Publisher
"Cindy Adams' love affair with her Jazzy and Juicy warms the heart and makes one smile. If I were a pup, I would wag my tail." -Barbara Walters

"For anyone who loves dogs, this book is a must read, an absolute joy." -Liza Minnelli

"Cindy made me laugh and yes, cry, as she chronicled the saga of Jazzy and Juicy, revealing the extraordinary love between humans and their four-legged children. A hilarious, heartbreaking read for those who know that these creatures are really little angels sent down to fill our lives with love and joy." -Catherine Crier, former judge, bestselling author, Court TV host, AND parent to six dogs and four horses

"Cindy's observations are hysterically funny with a lot of humanity and charm. She writes the way she speaks; a very rare gift. Her unique New York brand of humor comes through brilliantly and is a treat for every reader of this book." -Susan Lucci

"You might remember that Cindy Adams is a terrific writer, and in this book you feel the passion of someone pouring forth all the love in her heart for that amazing wonder of nature, the dog. Which is a good thing, because she sure doesn't waste it on humans!" -Dog Lover Bill Maher

Publishers Weekly
Adams, gossip columnist for the New York Post and author of The Gift of Jazzy, would like everyone to know that she doesn't need a man. After all, she has her Yorkshire terriers. They-Juicy and Jazzy Junior-dominate her life, and she loves them for it. Repeatedly, they teach Adams that "life is good," and she often relays this truism to the reader. Life indeed may be too good to fritter even a few hours on this throwaway read. As in her column, Adams writes in a fast, talkative style, dropping names, telling tales and returning again and again to the better companion dilemma: man vs. dog. The gist is this: the dogs are cute, they love her, she loves them, everyone loves them, she knows famous people, the dogs embarrass her in front of famous people, she loves them more, men approach, men retreat, she loves them even more. Repeat. Although Adams is genuinely heartfelt about her dogs-especially about the death of Jazzy, the star of her last book-240 pages is an awfully long love letter. Adams's fans, Yorkie-philes and celebrity gossip junkies may glean a bit of frivolous fun. Anyone else will likely feel they've been suckered into yet another empty sequel. (Mar.) Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
Single lady of a certain age who knows just about everyone celebrates her life with small dogs. Gossip columnist Adams follows up The Gift of Jazzy (2003), a bestselling memoir about her beloved, pint-sized canine companion, with this grief-laced sequel. Turns out the titular hero of Adams's first book expired, and much of the present text features her protracted keening about Jazzy's demise. Soon, however, he's replaced by Juicy, who is in due time joined by Jazzy Junior. These two dogs become Adams's babies; indeed, as is the wont of countless canine-obsessed humans, she frequently muddles the distinctions between them and human offspring. The dogs are, in her opinion, far superior to any other sort of companion, particularly the male sort. She takes them everywhere, from Gucci to church to a castle in France. They have play dates and parties with other four-legged objects of affection. They are free to pee on anything and anyone to whom they take a fancy, and they have quite a selection from which to choose: Adams's Yorkies have met countless notable New Yorkers: Barbara Walters, Shirley MacLaine, Susan Sarandon, Henry Kissinger. Friends of Adams, Joan Rivers and Judge Judy among them, think she needs a man, but what guy could ever hope to compete with these twin bundles of furry joy? In the pooches' thrall, our venerable author, a sort of distaff Joe Franklin, remains clever and witty. A sizeable audience of the like-minded will enjoy all the carrying on, though it may prove tediously excessive to those who don't know a Yorkshire terrier from a Yorkshire pudding. A treat for those who heart dogs, an allergy attack for those who don't.

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St. Martin's Press
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First Edition
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5.22(w) x 7.45(h) x 0.93(d)

Meet the Author

CINDY ADAMS has written a daily column for The New York Post for twenty years. She lives in New York City with her dogs, Jazzy and Juicy.

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New York, New York
Date of Birth:
April 24, 1930
Place of Birth:
New York, New York

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Living a Dog's Life, Jazzy, Juicy, and Me 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
realy read this honestly *****
Guest More than 1 year ago
A great read for anyone who loves yorkies!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love my dog(Chihuahua)and felt an instant connection to him after reading this book. I laughed I cried,And I just couldnt put it down! I didnt read cindy adams first book but I am going to read it now! I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am almost finished with the bk. Being a native New Yorker and having a little Maltese - I laughed and cried through this book. A quick and easy read that touches ones heart and really gets down to the love and caveats of having a best friend. Must read for dog lovers.
Guest More than 1 year ago
We can all relate to the feelings of Cindy in these colorful memoirs. We especially can relate to thinking in your mind at night different things.