Living All Alone/Prime of My Life

Living All Alone/Prime of My Life

by Phyllis Hyman

The third and final phase of Phyllis Hyman's tragically short career kicked off in high gear. Her new label, the mighty Philadelphia International, gave her a new lease on her recording career and a fresh palette of sounds to help reinvent herself following her tenure under Clive Davis' Arista stewardship. The first half of thisSee more details below


The third and final phase of Phyllis Hyman's tragically short career kicked off in high gear. Her new label, the mighty Philadelphia International, gave her a new lease on her recording career and a fresh palette of sounds to help reinvent herself following her tenure under Clive Davis' Arista stewardship. The first half of this two-for-one compilation, Living All Alone, is a distinctly resonant archive piece featuring instantly identifiable mid-'80s R&B elements: crisp, polished production, overly chorused vocals, and heavy synth programming. But Hyman's delivery transcends many of these elements to create some timeless material, especially the poignant "Old Friend," which would later become a song many would instantly identify with Hyman. The second half, 1991's Prime of My Life, makes the dramatic shift and shows just how the R&B landscape changed in a few short years. Here, Hyman's vocal delivery is just as strong and the production is just as contemporary, but the material wanes at points. The whole affair seems a bit cryptic, though, as Hyman's personal life was just beginning its tumultuous descent that would ultimately claim her life.

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Edsel Records Uk

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Disc 1

  1. Living All Alone  - Phyllis Hyman
  2. First Time Together  - Phyllis Hyman
  3. If You Want Me  - Phyllis Hyman
  4. Slow Dancing  - Phyllis Hyman
  5. Old Friend  - Phyllis Hyman
  6. You Just Don't Know  - Phyllis Hyman
  7. Ain't You Had Enough Love  - Phyllis Hyman
  8. Screaming at the Moon  - Phyllis Hyman
  9. What You Won't Do for Love  - Phyllis Hyman
  10. Run Jesse Run  - Lou Rawls

Disc 2

  1. When You Get Right Down to It  - Phyllis Hyman
  2. I Found Love  - Phyllis Hyman
  3. Don't Wanna Change the World  - Phyllis Hyman
  4. Prime of My Life  - Phyllis Hyman
  5. When I Give My Love (This Time)  - Phyllis Hyman
  6. I Can't Take It Anymore  - Phyllis Hyman
  7. Walk Away  - Phyllis Hyman
  8. Living in Confusion  - Phyllis Hyman
  9. Meet Me on the Moon  - Phyllis Hyman
  10. Whatever Happened to Our Love  - Phyllis Hyman

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Phyllis Hyman   Primary Artist,Background Vocals,Human Whistle
Betty Wright   Background Vocals
Terry Burrus   Keyboards,Linn 9000
James King   Background Vocals
Dexter Wansel   Keyboards
Terri Wells   Background Vocals
Dee Dee Wilde   Background Vocals
Donna Allen   Background Vocals
Art Baron   Trombone
Leroy Bell   Guitar,Percussion,Drums
Thom Bell   Synthesizer,Piano
Carla Benson   Background Vocals
Evette Benton   Background Vocals
Cynthia Biggs   Background Vocals
Harry Bower   Trumpet
Randy Bowland   Guitar
Randy Cantor   Keyboards
Mayra Casales   Percussion
Roland Chambers   Guitar
Gerald Chavis   Trumpet
Dave Darlington   Bass,Keyboards
Lynn Davis   Background Vocals
Curtis Dowd   Keyboards
Charlie Ernst   Keyboards
Jack Faith   Saxophone
Joe Fusco   Guitar
John Gitlutin   Keyboards
Reggie Griffin   Synthesizer,Guitar,Bass Guitar,Tenor Saxophone
Doug Grigsby   Bass,Keyboards,Loops
Charlene Holloway   Background Vocals
Annette Hardeman   Background Vocals
Kent Hewitt   Piano,Soloist
Phillip Ingram   Background Vocals
Candi James   Background Vocals
Casey James   Synthesizer,Percussion
Josie James   Background Vocals
Ron Jennings   Guitar
Birch Johnson   Trombone,Soloist
Quinton Joseph   Percussion,Drums
Ron Kerber   Soprano Saxophone
Rhett Lawrence   Keyboards
James K. Lloyd   Keyboards
Manny López   Acoustic Guitar,Soloist
Nick Martinelli   Percussion
Lester Mendez   Keyboards
Alvin Moody   Bass Guitar
Sam Peake   Saxophone,Soloist
Kenny Pollack   Keyboards
Donald Robinson   Keyboards
Jim Salamone   Percussion,Drums
Herb Smith   Guitar
Joseph Smithers   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Bob Suttman   Trombone
T.J. Tindall   Guitar
John Valentino   Trumpet,Shaker
Kae Williams   Bass,Piano,Keyboards,Soloist
Earl Young   Drums
Jimmy Young   Bass
Doug Nally   Drums
Brian Castor   Trombone
Cuca Hyman   Background Vocals
Cindy Mizell   Background Vocals
Steven Bernstein   Trumpet
Freddy Washington   Bass
John "4 Daddman" Robinson   Drums
Steve Green   Bass
Mark Johnson   Trombone

Technical Credits

Phyllis Hyman   Composer,Producer,Vocal Arrangements
Terry Burrus   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Gene Page   Arranger,String Arrangements
Bunny Sigler   Composer,Producer
Dexter Wansel   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Gene McDaniels   Composer,Producer
Leroy Bell   Composer
Thom Bell   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Executive Producer
David Bianco   Engineer
Cynthia Biggs   Composer
Randy Cantor   Vocal Arrangements,rhythm arrangement
Jim Casey   Composer
Roland Chambers   Composer,Producer
Linda Creed   Composer
Dave Darlington   Arranger,Composer,Engineer
Charlie Ernst   drum programming,rhythm arrangement
Jane Eugene   Composer
Jim Gallagher   Engineer
Kenny Gamble   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Engineer,Executive Producer
Cary Gilbert   Composer
Junior Giscombe   Composer
John Gitlutin   Arranger
Preston Glass   Composer
Reggie Griffin   Arranger,Composer,Producer,drum programming
Doug Grigsby   drum programming,rhythm arrangement
Reginald Hines   Composer,rhythm arrangement
Leon Huff   Composer,Executive Producer
Pete Humphries   Engineer
Alfons Kettner   Composer
Michael Mancini   Engineer
Karen Manno   Arranger,Composer,Vocal Arrangements
Nick Martinelli   Composer,Producer,Vocal Arrangements,rhythm arrangement
Carl McIntosh   Composer
Eddie Montilla   drum programming
Steve Nichol   Composer
Kenny Pollack   drum programming,rhythm arrangement
Ed Rack   Engineer
Jonathan Rosen   Arranger,Composer
Jim Salamone   rhythm arrangement
Marti Sharron   Composer,Producer
Gary Skardina   Engineer
Arthur Stoppe   Engineer
Wayne Wallace   Composer
Bruce Weeden   Engineer
Mike Tarsia   Engineer
Tony Rounce   Liner Notes
Paula Scher   Cover Art Direction
Rick Gillette   Environmental Recording
Cassandra McShepard   Wardrobe Design
Carrie Thompson   Composer
Ronald Hollins   Composer
Larry "Top;Se" Davis   Horn Arrangements

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