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Living Loaded: Tales of Sex, Salvation, and the Pursuit of the Never-Ending Happy Hour

Living Loaded: Tales of Sex, Salvation, and the Pursuit of the Never-Ending Happy Hour

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by Dan Dunn

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Read the book Sammy Hagar calls "kick-ass, balls to the wall rock n roll cranked to ear-bleed levels."

Many people drink, few do it professionally. My name is Dan Dunn and I consume alcohol for a living.
That’s right. I get paid to run around boozing, carousing, and getting into all manner of trouble, all in the name of covering the


Read the book Sammy Hagar calls "kick-ass, balls to the wall rock n roll cranked to ear-bleed levels."

Many people drink, few do it professionally. My name is Dan Dunn and I consume alcohol for a living.
That’s right. I get paid to run around boozing, carousing, and getting into all manner of trouble, all in the name of covering the “adult beverage beat” for one of the most iconic brands on the planet, Playboy.
I hereby invite you to join me, as I conduct “revealing” hotel room interviews with porn stars in LA; go Zip Cat racing in Scotland with Stifler from American Pie; turn the notoriously posh Pebble Peach Wine Tournament into the opportunity for a 3-day bender (thank God for my trusty voice recorder); enjoy whiskey-fueled romantic encounters in alleyways behind East Village watering holes; get forcibly removed from a boxing match at a Vegas casino (thanks to an unfortunate misunderstanding involving lots of liquor, and the flag of Cuba); get dumped by my stripper/med student girlfriend (mid-lap dance, no less) simply for not being "husband material;” wake up naked on a big-shot Hollywood producer’s living room floor; and learn, the hard way, why NEVER to order an Irish car bomb in a Dublin pub.
Along the way, I’ll share with you the hard-won wisdom from a life lived loaded, including how to amass a kick-ass collection of bar memorabilia, to how to be Yankee and survive bars in the sticks, to how to maintain the perfect buzz during air travel. And for those of you really serious about cocktails, I’ve even included 16 original recipes created just for this book by the world's best-known practitioners of the mixocological arts. You can thank me later.
A bawdy barroom confessional that leaves no shot glass un-shot, no beer un-chugged, no potential paramour un-hit-upon, this is the most entertaining and honest book about the Drinking Life ever written. At least, ever written by me.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Playboy columnist Dunn gives readers a double shot of his louche adventures, and mixes them with an extensive list of cocktail recipes. Dunn's drinking junkets take him everywhere there's booze, from Dublin pubs to New Orleans, Palm Springs to Pebble Beach. Along the way he blacks out, hooks up, and engages in a fair amount of offensive behavior. In chapters divided into brief, often numbered sections, Dunn offers advice on how to one-up wine snobs, hang out with rock stars, and impress pretty girls. He also tries to address the trauma of his difficult upbringing by troubled parents. Dunn describes a frat boy's dream life—what 20-year-old Phi Beta Kappa wouldn't love to play celebrity golf tournaments and get dating advice from Tommy Lee? Dunn is over 40, however, and the men's magazine bloviating—complete with endless name-dropping and perfunctory self-loathing—barely covers a brittle defensiveness. When Dunn turns toward more serious material—relationship problems, his father's alcoholism, his mother's mental illness—he unfortunately decides to take a false macho approach. Still, the cocktail recipes look pretty tasty. (Feb.)
From the Publisher
Dunn's style, like his subject matter, is prototypical Playboy; brash, funny, unapologetically masculine, sex-obsessed, packed with wordplay and self-referential asides…. It was written to be a little informative and a lot of fun, and it succeeds on both counts. In an age when exercise and a low-fat diet has been conflated with virtue, it's refreshing to read about some good, old-fashioned, unabashedly drunken high-jinks
-The Atlantic

"Break out the highballs– Playboy.com’s boozer columnist, Dan “the Imbiber” Dunn, has written a second book worth perusing over a couple rounds." - LA Magazine

"You’ll find Dan “The Imbiber” Dunn’s new book, Living Loaded, to be a profound meditation on the finer points of... drinking." — Thrillist

"Grab a drink, and make it a double.... Living Loaded takes up where his previosu book, Nobody Likes a Quitter (and other reasons to avoid rehab) left off - on a barstool in one of the planet's zillion drinking establishments. Dunn's mission is to experience the absolute hell out of them all, or get thrown out trying. He's even created a taxonomy of "barchetypes to help structure his often foul mouthed, always hilarious, and sometimes touching quest." - Tasting Panel Magazine.

"There was once a great tradition of smart, funny writers who told drinking stories: WC Fields, Kingsley Amis. They got replaced by self-pitying AA-memoirs. I'm so glad I got to read Dan Dunn's smart, funny, drinking stories book and not his next book, which will undoubtedly be a self-pitying AA memoir."
-Joel Stein, Time Magazine
"Living Loaded is a rip-roaring funny and sometimes sad bender of a book.  Living up to his reputation as his generation's best outlaw journalist, Dan Dunn flirts with doom and wins.  A flat-out carousing home-run."
 -Douglas Brinkley, NY Times Bestselling author of The Wilderness Warrior and The Reagan Diaries
"Dan Dunn is the only person I know whose life would fall apart if he
 stopped drinking. For the time being, he will remain a personal hero to most American men and the conductor of my vicarious life." 
- Rob McElhenney, creator and star, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"

“Dan Dunn's writing is like kick-ass, balls to the wall rock n roll cranked to ear-bleed levels — makes you feel great and really pisses off the neighbors.  I can drink to that!”
Sammy Hagar, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and Cabo Wabo Tequila Founder

"A cocktail of hilarious encounters and adventures. Dan should have &*#@ed me when he had the chance."
-- Savanna Samson, adult film superstar

"Dan Dunn’s time studying at the feet of the master and mentor Hunter S Thompson could best be described as 'one cheek on the bar stool and one foot on the floor.'  
His latest handbook 'Living Loaded,' celebrates his booze scribe lifestyle in liquorishous detail.  I love it !"  
- John Oates, of the rock and soul duo Hall & Oates

"This tome hits you like a shot of Jäger on an empty stomach. Here is a man living life the way it ought to be lived."
- Mark Steines, host, Entertainment Tonight

"Dan Dunn lives a life most people fantasize about. True degeneracy with panache. This book is an essential primer for the joys of the drinking life."
- Jonathan Goldsmith, actor, The Most Interesting Man in the World
"Profoundly profane, profanely profound, LIVING LOADED will win your heart, seize your liver and probably steal your wallet. But you’ll forgive it, because Dan Dunn is the best – and almost certainly the worst – drinking companion you’ll ever have: Charming, hilarious and always, it seems, on the brink of a barfight."
-Steve Rushin, author, the Pint Man

Kirkus Reviews

Fitfully amusing, ultimately annoying account of schmoozing and drinking on the liquor industry's dime.

As Dunn never tires of proclaiming, he has a job many men would envy: "I get paid to crisscross the globe covering the adult beverage beat" forPlayboy. His book blends memoir elements concerning his hardscrabble upbringing with magazine-style lists and primers (e.g. "Hangovers and How to Beat Them") and, cleverly, 16 original cocktail recipes provided by esteemed professionals like Dale DeGroff. Dunn is at his most engaging when he's humorously self-deprecating—readers may sense angst and self-doubt beneath his lucky-dog façade—or revealing cynical truths about the hedonism industry. "We booze journalists like to tell ourselves that we're arbiters of some kind of high-minded gourmet sensibility," he writes. "But the truth is the only reason we write about the good stuff is because rich people like to get fucked up on the good stuff, and they need someone to tell them about it." Unfortunately, Dunn is not the sharpest writer, and he seems too preoccupied with his Playboy lifestyle to care—why craft prose that's engaging or effective when you can brag about boorish behavior in Vegas and friendships with adult actresses and Tommy Lee? This results in a structurally incoherent, rambling narrative peppered with cardboard characters, constant asides that pierce the fourth wall and random repetition (an extended anecdote about having anal sex with an emotionally damaged woman by a Dumpster doesn't really improve via emphasis). The book is replete with the misogyny of baffled adolescents (the women here are either unattainable nostalgic dreams or pornographic tramps) and downright hypocrisy (he mocks live-music venues and serious cocktail bars as pretentious, which clearly doesn't apply to his industry pals who provided the drink recipes). By the time he gets around to bragging about his friendship with the late Hunter Thompson, readers will wonder why the author hasn't developed the slightest insight into what made Thompson's nonfiction special. Regardless, men who actually still read Playboy and Tucker Max fans may find this vicariously exciting.

Like a bender—starts out promisingly, becomes increasingly regrettable.

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Meet the Author

Dan Dunn is the incorrigible if slightly wobbly fellow who pens the enormously popular “Imbiber” column for Playboy Enterprises. A long-time journalist and raconteur, his work has appeared in GQ, USA Today, Maxim, and the LA Times.  Dan is a weekly guest on the Playboy Radio Morning Show on Sirius/XM satellite radio, and former staff writer for the Emmy-nominated Talk Soup. He lives in Marina Del Rey, CA, with his many demons, and is survived by countless ex-girlfriends, his mother, dad, three brothers and two sisters… which would be true if he were dead. Dan chronicles his adventures at www.theimbiber.net

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Living Loaded: Tales of Sex, Salvation, and the Pursuit of the Never-Ending Happy Hour 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
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