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Living Stones

Living Stones

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by Lloyd Johnson

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She was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Nearly killed in Seattle during a jihadist bombing, Ashley recognizes the synagogue bomber and is later stalked by a hired Muslim hit man in Israel. There she visits the home of Najid, the Christian Palestinian scholar she had left behind at the University of Washington. She falls in love with him, putting her at


She was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Nearly killed in Seattle during a jihadist bombing, Ashley recognizes the synagogue bomber and is later stalked by a hired Muslim hit man in Israel. There she visits the home of Najid, the Christian Palestinian scholar she had left behind at the University of Washington. She falls in love with him, putting her at odds with her Zionist pro-Israeli convictions.

On the run, Ashley sees the beautiful rock churches and shrines. But the living stones, the people of the Holy Land, intrigue her. She meets Jews and Palestinians; rabbis for and against Israeli settlement expansion; gentle Palestinians like Najid’s family; those in the West Bank suffering under military occupation; and Muslims and Christians living peacefully together.

Najid and Ashley find the bomber in Seattle despite the FBI dragnet put out to arrest him. Living Stones is the story of an American woman coming to terms with the truth of the Middle East that has been hidden for so long. Will she survive the forces that threaten to tear her apart?

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From the Publisher
"Lloyd Johnson creates a new way of looking at the tumult in the Holy Land."

-Sami Awad, Executive Director, Holy Land Trust, Bethlehem

"Lloyd Johnson brings a worldview which is both entertaining, educational, and based on his own observation and personal experience. His book, LIVING STONES, is a must read and will open up a perspective that will be an eye opener for those fortunate enough to get their hands on it."
-Leonard Rodgers, Global Initiatives, Inc.

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Living Stones

By Lloyd Johnson

Koehler Books

Copyright © 2013 Lloyd Johnson
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9781938467578

Chapter 1
Robert Bentley, face flushed, stormed out of his father’s dark-paneled home office, with Conrad Bentley close behind.
“Your life has been pretty easy. We’ve given you everything you could want. Half a million dollars in trust funds.” The older man raised his hands palms up, shaking his head. “What more could you want?”
“I’m out of here, Dad. All you think about is money! You really could care less about me! Tell Mom good-bye when she comes home, if she still wants to live with you! Don’t come looking for me. I won’t be back!”
“If you have more noble ideas,” Conrad Bently shouted back, “why have you dabbled in drugs with Mark instead of studying at Cornell?!”
Robert raced across the mansion’s patio and vaulted over the door of his red Corvette, which glimmered with its top down. Gunning the engine, the twenty-one-year old jerked the car into gear. The tires screeched as he roared around the circular driveway slowing only enough for the automatic gate to open. Knuckles white on the steering wheel, he flew down the street, suddenly swerving to miss a child on a bicycle.
He slowed down, glancing in the rearview mirror for any police. The elegant Long Island community had proven generous with traffic tickets.
Robert seethed, gritted his teeth, and shook his head, fingers raking his dark hair. His Dad had no clue! Of medium-height and slender frame, shorter than his father, he scowled and hunched his over the steering wheel, which he gripped until his arms ached.
Robert heaved a deep breath and sighed. He’d have to calm down as he headed toward Mark’s modest house. Maybe he could talk to Mark without getting angry—and explain everything. That might make him feel better.
One hour later, with Mark in the passenger seat and two backpacks full, they sped south down Highway 87 to the Bronx, and then headed west first on 95 and then Interstate 80. Robert’s plan to flee his family’s gilded emptiness was coming together perfectly. Mark always said he loved an adventure. He seemed to enjoy racing down the highway, top down, open to the sky above. Robert gripped the wheel, jaw jutted outward, teeth clenched. “I just told my dad what I think of him. You know, it made me feel good to tell him off.”
“Cool, dude. Sometimes a guy’s got to do it. Okay, now tell me why you want me to go way out west with you.” Mark rolled up the window. It was a sunny day, still warm for October. “I don’t get you. Like…you kept leaving our hangout every afternoon to go to that mosque. A mosque? What’s up with that?”
“I’m not sure you’d understand. I’m sick of the way America works. It’s all about money and superficial stuff, like scrambling up the corporate ladder and stepping on everyone else in the fight to the top. New York is run by financial phonies, man, and controlled by the Jewish businesses and press. My family is into it big time, you know, but it’s not for me.”
Mark stretched with his hands behind his head and gazed at the world flying by. “They say Wall Street runs on fear and greed, and I believe them. Your family has done pretty well though.”
“I don’t care. My dad had me in business training at Cornell, and man, I hated it. I figured maybe we Westerners have it all wrong. Maybe I needed a whole different perspective on things. So I found a mosque and dropped in to hear what they had to say. It changed my life, and gave me some direction and a reason to live. It’s been awesome!”
“You mean, like you had no direction for your life?”
“Yeah,” Robert shook his head and shrugged. “None. But in the mosque they have a plan. They have five pillars in their belief system and they pray to Allah, five times a day.”
“Dude, no way! Five times every day?”
“Yeah, really. They face Mecca in Saudi Arabia and bow clear to the floor, touching their foreheads. Strange, man, at first. There are lots of rules, including stuff you can’t eat or drink. It’s like hard, but it’s challenging.”
“So what does that mean for you? Sounds difficult.”
“Well, for one thing, the word ‘Muslim’ means submission, to Allah. So I’m learning to submit.
“You’re crazy, dude!”
“Well, at first I attended a mosque once in awhile, but then I found the Salaheddin Islamic Center, and now I see the world as it really is. True believers see what is really happening.”
Mark turned toward Robert, grabbing the backrest behind him, frowning. “What do you mean, ‘true believers’ and ‘what’s really happening’”?
“Okay, it’s how the U.S. attacked the poor people in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the Jews cop the land in Palestine. The Zionists and the United States are conspiring to destroy Muslims, Arabs, and Palestinians. So, you know, we’ve gotta help them resist and fight back.”
“How do you do that?” Mark suddenly stiffened in his seat.
“Well, look what we are doing in lots of places in the world, with Taliban and other groups, and of course al-Qaeda. I don’t know much yet about the Salafi-jihadi ideas, but their goal is to establish ruling caliphates with Sharia law in a bunch of countries, not just Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan.”
“I don’t know much about that stuff, but it sounds bad. Like, what are you planning on doing?”
“So you’re learning about jihad?! Did you get all this in New York?”
“Oh no. Now I have a bunch of friends around the world on the Internet who are far ahead of me. Like I’ve found a ton of websites and chat rooms. That’s why I’m going to Seattle. A group there is interested in jihad, and they have invited me to join them.”
Mark frowned. “Hey look, I just came on this outing for a fun road trip. I had no idea that you are considering Islam and jihad. That’s serious, dude.”
“It’s, like, the only thing that makes sense to me now. It’s us or them in the world, and I want to be on the winning side.”
“Well, if you’re on the 9/11 side, I’m outta here.”
“That American conspiracy of our own government, you know, played nicely into the West’s anti-Islam prejudice. Man, don’t you see? It amounted to a clever ploy by the CIA to turn the nations of the West against us, against Muslims.”
“You gotta be kidding! Like you actually believe 9/11 was an American government conspiracy?”
“It’s clear that our government did it!”
“Robert, I don’t think I belong on this trip. Let me off at the next exit, dude. I’ll find a bus or train back to town.”
They coasted to a stop at a strip mall just outside the city. Robert clapped Mark on the back as he reached for his backpack to leave. “You’re going to miss a real adventure, you know.”
“I hope you survive!” Mark replied over his shoulder as he hurried out of the car.


Excerpted from Living Stones by Lloyd Johnson Copyright © 2013 by Lloyd Johnson. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Meet the Author

With special interest in the current Middle East, retired surgeon Dr. Lloyd Johnson turned to fiction writing. He is a member of a Seattle writing group and blogs regularly on Israeli/Palestinian subjects. Johnson is a clinical professor emeritus at the University of Washington in the Department of Surgery. He is fellow in the American College of Surgeons, and past president of the Seattle Surgical Society. He authored twenty-six scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals/texts. He has worked and traveled extensively overseas, including Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and served for six years as volunteer executive director and board member of a humanitarian non-governmental organization in Central Asia. The author lives in Edmonds, Washington.

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Living Stones 1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book looked promising to me at first because I thought great, a different take on the middle east by a Christian this will be interesting. Well it didn't take me more than a few chapters to figure out that the author was quite anti-Zionist in his thinking. As a follower of Jesus I have always believed strongly in the Covenant that God made with Abraham which was unconditional for God does not make conditional covenants. So let me outline the problems I see with this book so that you can make the best decision about whether or not you should read it. First one point the author makes is to use the mistreatment of the Palestinians as an argument against Zionism. Well the problem I have with that even if this is true is that Israel is certainly allowed to make mistakes, they are still a relatively new country when we here in the states were that age we still had slavery. That being said even if the discrimination is as bad as the author portrays it  Arabs in Israel still have more rights and freedom than most Arabs in the middle east. Secondly he over simplifies the issue making it seem like most Christians in the states do not know that Palestinian Christians exist and think that all Palestinians are terrorists. You would have to be extremely ignorant to think that way and at least for myself and my family we have never thought like that. That is the reason I picked because I wanted to see a story of a Palestinian Christian but instead it was a book that portrayed the Israelis in a rather negative light. And lastly there was the young American that becomes a terrorist. The author attempts to create a character that you pity in him but quite frankly I couldn't muster any. Here you have a young man who had an imperfect childhood (join the club) and so he becomes a murdering terrorist? It seemed to me that the author wants to state that the terrorists are people too and each them have their own stories. I can certainly acknowledge that the terrorists are people but, when you try to humanize them this can be a slippery slope. I am not implying that we must not show them love should the opportunity arise. But to be honest we must also acknowledge the presence of evil when we see it and terrorism is evil and not something to be humanized. I felt burdened to write this review because I fear what is in this book and what it has the potential to do to the Church in America. As followers of Christ we must love all people Jew and Arab alike. But we must also remember that the Jewish homeland was fought for with blood, sweat, and tears. The Jews are not perfect people who is? But they do the best they can under some very difficult circumstances. And they built their country into what it is today. We must all remember not to judge any group collectively whether it be Arabs or Jews and I fear that this author has a bent against the Jews of Israel. Finally I remember what God said to Abraham "Those who bless you I will bless, and those who curse you I will curse". If you choose to read this beware of what you are getting.