Living Sustainably

Living Sustainably

by Susan Watson

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Children's Literature
By the year 2050, experts estimate that the Earth's population will reach 9 billion. Many of these people will be living in mega-cities. If we continue to use our natural resources at the same rate, the Earth will not be able to support this many people. What can we do to protect ourselves? That is the question this book is trying to answer. It begins by discussing the ways that we use land and resources. The second half of the book is dedicated to ways that we as a country and as individual citizens can reduce our ecological footprint. The solutions offered range from better urban planning to organic gardens in the backyard. The author highlights useful vocabulary words and uses a wide variety of text to get the message across. The book also includes a complete glossary and index. Throughout the book, four teens give readers ideas on how to conserve resources. The ideas are easy to understand and easy to implement. The author succeeds in creating a text that educates readers while inspiring them to try to change the world. Part of the "Global Citizenship" series. 2004, Smart Apple Media, Ages 9 to 12.
— Heather Robertson

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Black Rabbit Books
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Global Citizenship Series
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9.04(w) x 11.08(h) x 0.32(d)
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9 - 12 Years

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