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Living Up The Street

Living Up The Street

3.7 19
by Gary Soto

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In a prose that is so beautiful it is poetry, we  see the world of growing up and going somewhere  through the dust and heat of Fresno's industrial  side and beyond: It is a boy's coming of age in the  barrio, parochial school, attending church, public  summer school, and trying to fall out of love so he  can


In a prose that is so beautiful it is poetry, we  see the world of growing up and going somewhere  through the dust and heat of Fresno's industrial  side and beyond: It is a boy's coming of age in the  barrio, parochial school, attending church, public  summer school, and trying to fall out of love so he  can join in a Little League baseball team.

  His is a clarity that rings constantly through the  warmth and wry reality of these sometimes  humorous, sometimes tragic, always human remembrances.

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These 21 pungent narrative recollections explore the vicissitudes of growing up in the barrio. Ages 12-up. (Mar.)

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Meet the Author

Gary Soto has written six poetry collections, prose recollections, and several books of essays.  His first young adult short story collection, Baseball in April and Other Stories, has been one of the most widely discussed and reviewed books of 1990.  He is Associate Professor of Chicano Studies and English at the University of California, Berkeley.

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Living Up the Street 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In the book Living Up The Street there was a young boy who is growing up and is encountering all kinds of obstacles. He has to deal with not being picked for the baseball team, dealing with siblings, and facing bullies. This book shows that everyone goes through problems in their life and that no one is perfect. The author Gary Soto does not do a great job of engaging the reader. In this book you can easily predict what is going to happen next, so it is not very interesting or suspenseful. One thing I like about this book is that i can connect to some of the things the little boy has to go through. For example I know what it feels like to be treated unfairly either becasue you are a boy or a girl, or just not what someone is looking for. Also I know what it feels like trying to deal with siblings.I am not sure if this book takes place during the Civil Rights Movement, or if it is just a time when all races and ethnicities stayed seperate. I think that anyone that likes to read a book in one sitting may like this book, because to understand it clearly you have to read it all at one time.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am a kind of person who likes a lot of drama and I like to know about others interesting personal life. I like memoirs and autobiographies because I like to read how other people made it through life. Living Up The Street is a great example of a young kid that grows up until he becomes a young man. It is a beauty how this small child tries and tries and surpasses any obstacle that Gary confronts in his life, house, and, neighborhood. This book takes place in a neighborhood like our regular neighborhoods and it tells us how Gary makes friends or despises people at the same time. It allows us to recognize our regular surroundings like broken down homes and streets. While you are reading this book, you could connect your own personal experiences and compare it to Gary's unpredictable life. At first I thought that the main character was a girl because he had many creative ideas and he likes so many girly things, but then I discovered that he was a boy. For example, Gary entered the crafts contest and I think that many boys these days would never enter a so-called 'Girls contest¿. In addition, he tried to enter the beauty contest, but instead he put his brother in the contest and he decided to help him out. After his childhood was over, he started working as a real man in the hot sun like picking up grapes and cotton from plantations. Then I began to realize that Gary was a man. This is an excellent book and who ever wants to join me reading it again I will help them. Many people will find this book a great impact in your life or probably it will bring just memories about your childhood and how you were such a troublemaker in your neighborhood. This book will cause you laughter and it will because you to think because you need to think way back. It will get your fanciful mind working much more. This book will have so much comparison and interesting things about you that you will not want to stop reading this book and you will find it so engaging that you will read the entire book the same day you get Living Up The Street.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The book I read was Living up the Street by Gary Soto. The genre is non-fiction. The true reason that I selected this book was because it seemed shorter than the rest of the books. It turns out that I did like the book because it was interesting and funny. One of the funny parts I read was when a boy named Gary was trying to show his younger brother Jimmy how to walk for a talent show contest. This book is not long but is not short. I don¿t think I learned anything from this book. I am sure that this book was made just for people to enjoy. While I was reading this book, I felt that this book was funny, interesting, hurtful, and sad (like saying aww). There was this one time that I couldn¿t put the book down because of how interesting it was. This book is just about a family¿s life living in a California barrio. This book wasn¿t difficult for me. The vocabulary in this story is not hard like for a ninth grader not to understand. I would recommend this book because this book was interesting ant it will make you want to read more and more of the book!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Book Review Living Up the Street, by Gary Soto, is the greatest short novel. I fell in love with it since the beginning! It is very entertaining due to the events done by the characters. Even during the first chapters, he is showed as a kid, that in his limited position, for just a little of fun, he is willing to pay the cost. I was awed due to the way the author wrote the story. He captured in detail, the impassioned way the protagonist exceeds for a better future as he grows. While he had to live up dealing with his father¿s death, having to work at an early age, and in badly economical issues, he realizes he did not want this type of lifestyle forever. It is showed that he was born in an area of discrimination and in his own family before him, they never made anything out of themselves in life. The compassionate character learns how to grow up and becomes optimistic about having the desire for a good place in life. There are a variety of bumps he encounters with on the way, that make this story very unique indeed. For example, he is not given much support in following his dreams, and yet he is leaded into wrong roads along the story. He shows many characteristics that connect to the real life too. I recommend you read this book because no matter what type of reader you are, I assure you that with Living Up the Street, there are many things included in this literacy, you can connect with, get into the story, and love it to the end!
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you like baseball, adventure, and friendship then you will totally enjoy reading Living up the Street. You will totally enjoy reading this book that shows that a lot. You will enjoy reading about Blackie, his younger sister and older brother. It talks about Mexican kids that live in a poor neighborhood trying to make their dreams come true. Even though they lost their father and then later on they get a step-dad they never gave up. As they all went threw talent shows, art shows , beauty pageant shows and many more they still tried and didn¿t gave up. When it came to Blackie and his older brother to always try out for the baseball team and never made it they tried to make it true. When it came to having friendship with each other they pushed each other and never gave up. When one fell down, they were there to pick each other up. They pushed each other to work really hard to make each other realize that thy can do it. When it came to Blackie knowing that he had medical problems from almost going blind at a young age and knowing that you have to work really hard to make something come true. I recommend this book to anyone who thinks that they need a little kick in their life to be what they want to be or want something in their life. This book is really funny and inspirational. At a young age I never imagined that having friendship and inspiration from little kids when it can totally help you. Who ever imagined friendship, adventure and baseball could be a good combination in a small book. That¿s all and I hope that you enjoy reading this book and make a good choice in reading.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Living up the Street I am writing about the book called Living up the Street. The author¿s name is Gary Soto, and the genre of the book is autobiography. The length of Living up the Street is a hundred and sixty-seven pages long. However, if you read it you¿ll get into it, and it will go by quickly. This book is not hard to read because it doesn¿t have many fancy words. Living up the Street interested me because it reminded me about my family. Many things that happen to this family have happened to my family. When I was reading this book, I had many connections with the author and his family. This book is very funny and I highly recommend it to any body who wants to laugh or cry. I think this is a good book to read about a Mexican family.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Over the summer, I had to read three books for my summer reading project. My first choice was Living Up the Street by Gary Soto. Gary Soto has written another good book called Taking Sides. The main characters of this story are Gary, his mother, brother, sister. Gary grows up very poor he barely sees his mom. Almost all his family is Hispanic. During the whole story, Gary is very naïve. He did not really care how he looked. This book might be difficult if you do not understand Spanish. There are some parts where there are Spanish words involved, but other than that, I really recommend this book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'Living up the street' was my second book choice. This book was written by Gary Soto. I can relate to this book because like Gary Soto I am also a Mexican-American. Gary's way of living is more similar to most Mexican families because of our culture. That's how we eat, act, and dress. Most Mexican-Americans live growing up in the streets maybe because of economical issues. I enjoyed this book because it was very amusing how Gary Soto sometimes just acted overall sometimes without thinking about it. He acted like that when he wanted something desperately. Like when he wasn¿t living at his house anymore and started working at a tire factory. This book is great! Gary goes through many adventures. One time Gary and his friend fooled a drunk man into buying a beer bottle from the trash can filled with water from the garden hose. It wasn¿t difficult for me to understand this book because there was language that I did understand, I would say maybe that all of it. Lesson learned from this book is to live life, as it is, not doing any bad actions. My interest level was high because it was about Gary Soto¿s childhood full of adventures. I recommend this book to be read in class because it teaches life lessons and I recommend it to students that like to read about a Mexican-American living his life on the street.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Over the summer, I read the book Living up the Street. To five you a brief summary, it was about the struggles and stereotypes that an everyday Hispanic has to go through. This is why I liked the book. Even though I did not have personal connections with the context, I still had an understanding. This was a great book. I would mostly recommend this book to Hispanics or people that are going through a daily struggle that involves facing stereotypes. The author of this book is Gary Soto.
Guest More than 1 year ago
the book, Living Up The Street by Gary Soto, to me was a really good book. It was about a mexican kid growing up making bad decisions.Some of those are him dropping out of school and leaving his home, and for what all he got out of it was him sleeping in peoples cars or in abandoned home and him working in fields picking stuff for little pay.he just did stupid things that did not even make sense.I think you will enjoy this book if you like to read about people who make the wrong decisions because to them its right and they end up unhappy.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The book living up the street is about a Mexican American living in L.A. and growing up there. The struggles that a Mexcian had to face to get money and different things like that. I reccomend this book to Mexican Americans because I am personally Mexican so I identify myself with this book. If you are interested in learning something about how Mexican Americans were a couple of years back you should read it. If you are looking for a book to identify yourself with then this is a good book. I personally enjoyed this book because I know the struggles that mexicans go through every day. Not just Mexicans but in general people that are not from here. The book is not long and it's a type of memoir. It talks about the life of Gary Soto. I recommend the book to whoever wants to know a little about Mexican American culture and their way of thinking towards anything.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Living up the street. Just by reading title you wonder what this book is about. That's what's good about book's: they sometimes grab your attention with title. I like this book because it was an example of a little boys life as he was growing up. A boy named Gary Soto lived in one of the pororest parts of California. His mother and Father worked hard to give Gary a better future. His life was an inspiration to his work now. This book is good for people who want to learn about other peoples strugglesin culture, because most cultures might have gone through the same things as Gary's culture did.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Living up the street is about how a Mexican boy works and has his adventures. He works in many places as in fields to make his own money. His life style is different than most of the kids in real life since he depends on himself and nobody else. He had to work for many hours in fields since he does not have his parents anymore. I would recommend this book to other people who like to read about independent people who make their own choices. It is very interesting and does not get boring like other books, so in my opinion it was a good book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Living up the street has been a great book. It might be small and thin but that doesn't always mean that it's a short and easy book. The author of this book has written great books like 'Of a Summer Life'. Living up the street is a great biography book that might be a little hard but won't give you many problems. This is a very interesting book because it talks about how a boy lives around his neighborhood. My opinion of this book is that it's a great book and I recommend it because it has fun characters that will make you laugh and make you cry I really enjoyed this book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
the book is wonderful, I highly recoomend it
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It looks interesting i never read it before so i think i should read it sometime and see if i like it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
i think that living up the streets by gary soto was not a good book becasue i not the kind of person who likes reading about a kid who goes throught his life. i like books about aventure and trying to survive in like the wild or something like that. the book is about a kid who goes thought out his life. i would not recomnended this book to any of my friends because they hate reading.
Guest More than 1 year ago
i thought this book was going to fun and exciting but instead it was kind of boring. i really didn't like it even though it was about a boy growing up from the barrios and having to work to get what he wanted.the ending was kind of confusing and the part that did get my attention on the end was when some mother and her daughter was walking around in ragged clothes and how he explained how he felt about it and life. if you do like this kind of book read it but for me i was a little lost and thought it was a waste of my time...the only thing that i do like is that i could say that i have read it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago