by Daniel A. Greenberg

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Children's Literature
This is a beautifully illustrated, well-written book about the world of these wonderful reptiles, is a volume in the Animal Ways series. Told in a conversational but not condescending manner, it contrasts what makes a lizard different from other animals of today, and from dinosaurs, too. The animals' bodies are thoroughly described, including their senses and reproductive processes (both with and without sex). A number of lizards are thoroughly examined in both word and illustration, and contrasted with others of the specie. The final chapter deals with environmental and human threats to lizards. There are quite a few sophisticated charts detailing how lizards are categorized. Color photographs and drawings add to the appeal and ease of comprehension of this book for older children. Following the title page is a colorful chart showing "some of the main phyla, classes, and orders with photographs of a typical animal from each group." The useful information at the end includes a glossary, species checklist, evolutionary timetable, a bibliography and web sites, as well as a detailed index. 2003, Benchmark Books/Marshall Cavendish, Ages 10 to 18.
— Candace Deisley

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Cavendish, Marshall Corporation
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Animal Ways Series
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7.60(w) x 9.60(h) x 0.50(d)
1200L (what's this?)
Age Range:
10 - 14 Years

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