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Log Cabin Classics

Log Cabin Classics

by Robbin Obomsawin

LOG CABIN CLASSICS Log cabin living is dreamed by the romantic sole. Were life is never ordinary- a home that is far from average and the imagination is the best tool for building a house with tree house charm. There are 20 log cabin classics thoughtfully planed with soulful designs, an earthy blend and a hearty mix of styles. Log Cabin Classics is not just a


LOG CABIN CLASSICS Log cabin living is dreamed by the romantic sole. Were life is never ordinary- a home that is far from average and the imagination is the best tool for building a house with tree house charm. There are 20 log cabin classics thoughtfully planed with soulful designs, an earthy blend and a hearty mix of styles. Log Cabin Classics is not just a décor but a way of life were all is considered as simplicity in it self can be spectacular! This more simple form of cabin architecture gives us the added time to dream bigger dreams!

Other books by author, Robbin Obomsawin, that help take the dream of building a log home to reality.

The Not So Log Cabin. Log element construction is a new highbred of log building that takes a standard stick-frame home and carefully places handcrafted log elements into its design, creating a home with warmth, beauty, and architectural interest. Log element structures may incorporate such details as; log stairs, log trusses, log floor joists, twig art, and log railing. The Not So Log Cabin features 22 (?)classic floor plans that are meticulously detailed with character and whimsy.

Small Log Homes, Storybook Plans & Advice. Sage advice on building and constructing a handcrafted log home, full of information on economy and space management in a small log home without the feeling of being cramped or hamstrung. The book beautifully illustrated storybook log homes with 15 classic floor plans and a touch of whimsy. Small Log Homes is packed full of useful information that helps sort through your wishes and dreams to build the perfect log home.

Best Log Home Plans. Thirty of the most popular floor plans from top handcrafted design professionals, each thoughtfully planned incorporate distinctive quality and timeless design. They take the dreamer beyond the standard construction drawings and average floor plans to a place of builder/owner. The most asked questions in the industry are addressed with some of the special consideration of constructing a log home. Best Log Home Plans also takes you though what you must now about working with the contractor and design professional to keep your home building process efficient, with a clear and cost-effective form of communication with the trades.

Editorial Reviews

Log Homes Illustrated
..a useful guidebook for building homes in which simplicity is revered over opulence. The author combines traditional handcrafted artistry and natural inspiration with modern, space-saving designs for traditional-style cabins that are updated with a touch of whimsy for today's lifestyle.

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The Getaway
The whole concept of a second home is a wonderful idea for those who wish for a carefree lifestyle. Small log cabins have created many great family memories in a charming and romantic getaway from the complexities of everyday life. It may be the stuff that dreams are made of, but only when all the facts and options are considered.

With mortgage rates so low, homeowner interest in a second home has become very high. Although building a second home may not make you rich, it can be your own personal resort you and your family dreamed of for holiday fun and weekend escapes. It makes sense to build in an area that you frequent, so you are able to invest in your own property instead of someone else's. Just one-month's mortgage payment can often equal a one-week rental fee.

The far away, secluded cabin in the woods is an advantage for those who have flex time or who are free to take their work with them. This allows one to extend a vacation or a weekend or to take large blocks of time away from their mainstay. Your frequented second home will likely be closer to home than your typical long distance vacation destination. However, when one considers the time and effort that long distance travel usually requires, the nearby log cabin appears even more desirable. A typical vacation trip may require a long drive to the airport, then two airline flights that is followed by still another 80 mile ride in a rented car with the kids asking over a hundred times "Are we there yet?" These long distances can easily consume a very long day or more, assuming the weather is good and/or flights are not delayed. This could only add to the stress and burden that already consumes our modern lifestyles.

You may be looking for something that is far from the crowds and soaring costs of some of the more traditional vacation spots. Secluded properties may be inexpensive to purchase. However, there may be added or hidden costs, such as additional utilities, special engineered septic, long roadways, steep slopes, sand, clay or rocky soils that require additional engineering. These added factors may make your dream property cost-prohibitive. What the property may lack in accessibility could more than makes up for it in price. Although if the total costs are considered the argument could likely loose merit.

There are many things to consider when deciding if you should invest in a log cabin, such as: What are your general interests? Are your vacations alone or with family and friends? Do you prefer to live your vacation like a hermit where you can get away from everyone and everything? Do you want to someday retire at your cabin or continue to just periodically visit? Do you want plenty of guest rooms or avoid altogether the added entertaining at your expense? Real friends don't mind "roughing it."

If a second home becomes so large that you spend your whole vacation fixing the drains, replacing the hot water heater, repairing the broken screens, and maintaining the structure and property, lawn and gardens, your plan to have a second home for sheer enjoyment and relaxation has been in vain, as we become slaved to our homes.

These tough and complex issues are all enough to give the second homeowner second thoughts!!! This is exactly what I want you to do since most people jump head first into construction without putting enough thought or planning into their dream that could easily become a nightmare. It is easy and fun to dream, but at some point the dream must convert into reality with careful planning and compromise.

Vacation Home Tips
· Consider hiring a team of building professionals. Simple small cabins are not so simple to build.
· Cheap land is not always a bargain. Consult with a contractor about general development fees before buying an untamed property.
· Buy and build because you truly want to enjoy the area and property, not solely as an investment.
· Make an informed and intelligent buying decision and do not rely on whims and emotion.
· Talk to friends or family that have a vacation home to ask their experiences and advice. Don't disregard their negative comments. Consider these comments with an open mind.

Meet the Author

Robbin Obomsawin is the construction manager and general contractor for Beaver Creek Log Homes. She combines over twenty years of log-joinery experience with her knowledge of conventional construction methods, and has served as vice president of the International Log Builder's Association for Handcrafters. She is the author of Small Log Homes, Log Cabin Classics, and The Arts & Crafts Cabin. She resides in upstate New York

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