Lolita Nation [Deluxe Edition]

Lolita Nation [Deluxe Edition]

by Game Theory

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Release Date:
Omnivore Recordings


Disc 1

  1. Kenneth, What’s the Frequency?
  2. Not Because You Can
  3. Shard
  4. Go Ahead, You’re Dying To
  5. Dripping With Looks
  6. Exactly What We Don’t Want to Hear
  7. We Love You Carol and Alison
  8. The Waist And The Knees
  9. Nothing New
  10. The World's Easiest Job
  11. Look Away
  12. Slip
  13. The Real Shelia
  14. Andy in Ten Years
  15. Watch Who You’re Calling Space Garbage Meteor Mouth/Pretty Green Card S
  16. Where They Have to Let You In
  17. Turn Me on Dead Man
  18. Mammoth Gardens
  19. Little Ivory
  20. Museum of Hopelessness
  21. Toby Ornette
  22. All Clockwork and No Bodily Fluids Makes Hal a Dull Humbert/In Heaven E
  23. One More for Saint Michael
  24. Choose Between Two Sons
  25. Chardonnay
  26. Last Day That We’re Young
  27. Together Now, Very Minor

Disc 2

  1. Chardonnay
  2. Dripping With Looks
  3. One More For Saint Michael
  4. Carrie Anne
  5. The Waist and the Knees
  6. Tiny Steps
  7. We Love You Carol and Alison
  8. Gimme Danger
  9. Love Will Tear Us Apart
  10. Andy In Ten Years
  11. Candidate
  12. Little Ivory
  13. These Things Take Time
  14. Roadrunner
  15. One More for Saint Michael [Alternate Tak
  16. God Save The Queen
  17. Drive-In Saturday
  18. Public Image
  19. The Waist and the Knees
  20. Together Now, Very Minor
  21. Choose Between Two Sons

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Game Theory   Primary Artist
Jozef Becker   Voices
Angie Carlson   Piano,Background Vocals
Mitch Easter   Guitar,Piano
Eric Marshall   Bass Drums
Scott Miller   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Michael Quercio   Synthesizer,Background Vocals
Gil Ray   Guitar,Drums,Vocals,Background Vocals,Group Member
Donnette Thayer   Bass,Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Lori Bauer   Background Vocals
Guillaume Gassuan   Bass,Vocals,Background Vocals,Group Member
Shelley LaFreniere   Synthesizer,Keyboards,Vocals,Background Vocals,Group Member
Robert Toren   Bass Guitar
Dan Vallor   Background Vocals
Lindsay Watson   Voices
Zach Smith   Guitar
Jefferey Layton   Background Vocals

Technical Credits

David Bowie   Composer
Elvis Costello   Composer
Steve Jones   Composer
Graham Nash   Composer
Iggy Pop   Composer
Jonathan Richman   Composer
Allan Clarke   Composer
Paul Cook   Composer
Joy Division   Composer
Mitch Easter   Producer,Engineer
Tony Hicks   Composer
Glen Matlock   Composer
Scott Miller   Composer
Morrissey   Composer
Cheryl Pawelski   Reissue Producer
Gil Ray   Composer
Donnette Thayer   Composer
James Williamson   Composer
Shelley LaFreniere   Composer
Johnny Rotten   Composer
Dan Vallor   Producer,Liner Notes,Reissue Producer
Lynda Burdick   Inside Photo
Will Sheff   Liner Notes
Pat Thomas   Reissue Producer
John Marr   Composer
Kristine Chambers Miller   Executive Producer

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