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Lone Sentinel

Lone Sentinel

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by Tucker Carwile

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Poetry and verse drawn from everyday life experiences coupled with both lofty and pedestrian observations.
The readings comprise arrow-straight dynamics infused with bending-the-rules applications.
Passages that just may herald insight into the reader's own sphere.
From the sandy beaches to the downtown city lights.
Your eyes, my eyes-seeing almost


Poetry and verse drawn from everyday life experiences coupled with both lofty and pedestrian observations.
The readings comprise arrow-straight dynamics infused with bending-the-rules applications.
Passages that just may herald insight into the reader's own sphere.
From the sandy beaches to the downtown city lights.
Your eyes, my eyes-seeing almost everything.
Poetry for everyone.

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Lone Sentinel

By Tucker Carwile


Copyright © 2013Tucker Carwile
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4817-1709-0



Only Now

There are many things,
that brought us together.
Many good times,
but also sad times.

I have learned from you,
over all these years,
someone with a heart
as big as the sun,
stopping traffic,
helping a turtle to the
other side of the road.
Taking a wounded
nursing her till she could
face her life again.
Giving to those around,
by doing without.
These things you thought unnoticed
but were not.

It is now time to rest,
leaving those behind
to cherish your life, as a wife,
and a friend
never to forget.

Although your song is ended
Your melody
will always linger on.


Somehow living
must be done,
a little at a time,
feeling those things
that others have a lifetime
to enjoy.

Giving what I need to give,
caring for those who
cared for me.

If I falter,
forgive me
for time is short,
and my mistakes are many.


As I gaze into my mirror
I see two faces.
One belonging to the person
I want to be,
the other,
the man I have become.

How hard it is to defeat my Hyde,
when my Jekyll can be
swayed so easily.

When I'm with you,
I am who I am,


Dreams are but
extensions of ourselves,
keeping alive,
the hopes
that tomorrow will bring
more than today.


Of all the scientific equations,
formulas, and theories.
The final solution is always

For those who have found this
I salute you.
And those who have entered
and returned,
I admire you.

Remembering, once you have passed
that final door,
there is no return.
Those who loved you will
have lost
their stronghold on life.

Be strong,
for the future with all its
has a light.


Walk the beach with me today
and hold my hand,
for I am lonely.

Smiles are expensive,
and I haven't enough money
for the down payment.

Deep Within

Watching the sand being blown
by the wind,
making dunes with each gust,
and then destroying them.
Sculpturing art and changing it,
as an artist unhappy with his work.

The wonder of nature can
be seen around,
if you take the time to look.

Seek with your mind,
not so much with your eyes.
You can miss what's important,
only looking with your eyes.

See the sand
that once was a mountain
The sea shell,
not for its beauty,
only its reason for being.


Before me,
were there others
that you knew?
And after,
will I be a name
for your list.

Do you number us
one to ten,
or do the best
get remembered
and the rest forgotten.


Tonight, like a child,
caring, not the time
or place,
studying, as only an
artist could know
The lines and features
of your face.

I've painted this picture
a thousand times,
remembering you,
when we are apart.


Now as I can see,
more than just
a brother or sister.

Seeing now as
our family pictures,
we now replace their faces
with ours.
As our mother and father,
we are now,
becoming them.

Is this the
natural progression?
Picture settings the same
but the faces
have changed.

And will our children
one day,
see their faces in those


I hardly know you,
your favorite color,
or what makes you smile or cry.
What is your favorite movie?
Or does that really matter?

Tomorrow when I roll over,
you will be gone.

And if by chance we meet on a street
will you remember my face.


You bring to me
a freshness,
that's been hidden
for such a long time.

Revealing a child
that wants nothing
but happiness,
peace and joy.

You with your laughter,
or sullen smile
Give me strength,
when all else fails.

What If

Did you ever wonder,
what if,
you had taken
that other road?
The choices you made
so very long ago.
Would it have been different,
or would that road have come
back around.

I sometimes wonder
had you taken that road,
would we have ever
been friends?


Why wish you Happy Birthday,
for just one day,
when you bring me happiness
for every minute.
Let's celebrate it everyday.
Not judging your
age on just
one day.

For everyday brings new and different
horizons to conquer.
But if you are one that still
celebrates on certain days.
I wish you the best
and many more.
Remember though,
not to grab
at things because you fear
of growing old.

For even though it may seem the best
right now.
There is always something better.
For you
on this special day.

Living Today
If my time would end today
I feel my life to be complete.
Becoming parts of those people
who I have met,
taking from them
A little of themselves
And giving to them

Understanding the whys,
and sharing the because.
There is still more to learn
and the future is so far away.

Store Bought Words

Words that can be bought for $2.50,
in any bookstore
they can be used for less---

It's not what you say,
but how you say it.

Need you speak,
when you show me
well enough.

Wasted Time

Afraid of making
that first move,
quietly making small talk,
without a sentence,
ever being spoken.

Bumping legs
beneath the table
rubbing shoulders,
with only sideway looks.

How awkward these times
can be.
If only we had spoken
of things we wanted,
without fear of
embarrassment or
How much wasted time
could we have saved.

On a crowded beach,
you and I alone,
our touch emptying the beaches.

When night comes
our glances will be the only
Our bodies merged as one.

In the morning you will be gone,
but my thoughts will linger forever
of our time together.
Whenever I'm tired and confused,
I'll recall that
quiet night of love.

Being Me

Something missed,
in my younger days.
Kissing in the front seat,
at the drive-in movies.

Holding hands while
watching the sea awash
the shore.
Feeling the warmth
of your body
beneath the stars.

You have taken my life
bringing it meaning,
filling in gaps,
taken from books
and movies,
that have longed to be filled.

Thank you for being
my teacher,
For you have taught me
the beauty
of being myself.

Picture Moments

Pictures are moments
captured for just one second
of our past,
To be brought out
at weddings and funerals.

Remembering the youth
that has long since
passed us by.
Pasted away in that great
"Picture Album"
Only to be reviewed,
on those special occasions


Sitting on the dune,
spying the waves rolling
onto the battered shore.
Moving closer, ever closer
and then stopping.

As it

Excerpted from Lone Sentinel by Tucker Carwile. Copyright © 2013 by Tucker Carwile. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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