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Long Time Gone

Long Time Gone

4.6 12
by SE Jakes

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From New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Tyler, writing as SE Jakes....

Soldier of fortune Prophet Drews always worked alone�until Tom Boudreaux became his partner. But when Tom walked away three months ago, ostensibly to keep Prophet safe, Prophet learned the true meaning of being alone. Everyone knows that Prophet, a Navy SEAL turned CIA spook


From New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Tyler, writing as SE Jakes....

Soldier of fortune Prophet Drews always worked alone�until Tom Boudreaux became his partner. But when Tom walked away three months ago, ostensibly to keep Prophet safe, Prophet learned the true meaning of being alone. Everyone knows that Prophet, a Navy SEAL turned CIA spook turned mercenary, can look after himself. Which means he must�ve driven his lover away.

Even with half a world between them, Prophet can�t get the man out of his head. Maybe that�s why he�s in New Orleans in the middle of a hurricane, protecting Tom�s aunt. But the only looter around is Tom, bursting back into Prophet�s life. It turns out that Prophet�s been stuck in Tom�s head�and heart�too.

Their explosive reunion gets even hotter when Tom is arrested for murder. As they fight to clear his name, they delve deep into his past, finding enemies among everyone they meet. Staying alive in such a dangerous world is hard enough, but they soon discover that fighting to stay together is the most difficult thing they�ve ever done.

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Riptide Publishing
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Hell or High Water , #2
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Long Time Gone 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous 5 months ago
I thought men were less dramatic than women? These two are so uncooperative with one another that quite frankly I'm even surprised they are a couple...or are they really? Just as the first book, this was filled with lots of action and plenty of mystery to keep the reader engaged. Plus we get to learn even more about Tom's past and all the fu*ked up things his home town did and thought about him and funny enough it really didn't have anything to do with his sexual preferences and more to do with Voodoo/bad karma crap. We do get to see more EE employees and find out just a smidgen more about Prophet and his ghost team. Time to see what else Prophet and Tom are going to engage in besides around the clock sex and trading barbs and insults at one another...again how the hell they function as a couple is beyond me!!! SR
toniFMAMTC 11 months ago
I love books like this, alpha males and all this excitement. I madly crazy over two cops or agents or military men getting hot and heavy. I don't know if that's an actual trope or genre or category, but it's my favorite whatever that is. The men are so intelligent, strong and capable, and there's so much sexual tension. Their bodies are government weapons, and it's a toss up as to who's the biggest badass. An average person like me could never handle it. They have to crash into someone as formidable as each other to make them consider love. Also I'm really into action books. This has murder, kidnapping, coverups and more.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really LOVE this series!
JacksonJG More than 1 year ago
The usual excellent read by Jakes
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The_Book_Queen More than 1 year ago
It's official; I'm addicted to Prophet and Tommy! I first found SE Jakes last month, when I stumbled upon Catch a Ghost. From page one, I was hooked, and I loved their story. I waited as long as I could to start Long Time Gone, as I knew that the remaining books in the series would not be out until late this year. But the other day, I gave in; I needed my Prophet and Tommy fix! How do I explain my love of this book? Where do I start?  Well, the reunion scene as the hurricane hit (literally and figuratively) gave this book a very hot start! And the laundry room scene has become permanently stamped into my mind. I can't go near my washer and dryer without blushing and perhaps even drooling while staring into space like an idiot . . . In fact, I should warn you that reading this series in public can be very dangerous, unless you are better able to hide your flushes and squirms and low moans . . . * ahem * Not that I would know anything about this, of course! I knew from CAG that these two men were explosive together. LTG only cemented that fact again, and I enjoyed every steamy scene! But there is more to their story than just (extremely hot) sex! The banter between these two is just as sizzling and exciting as their physical chemistry. I can't tell you how many times I laughed. Now, that's not to say this is a funny book. However, if you enjoy sarcasm and dry wit and all that, then Prophet, especially, is perfect for you! Much like book 1, Long Time Gone is a roller coaster ride from beginning to end, both in terms of emotions and mysteries. I loved getting to know Prophet and Tommy even more; Jakes doesn't lay out their characters and pasts in one big scene, but rather slowly unravels their secrets and depths as the books unfold. Which probably explains why I find these books so addicting! There's always something new, always a turn in the plot that I didn't see, or a secret that I never would have guessed. Jakes does a wonderful job at keeping me on my feet, keeping me fully submerged in the story until I have to blink a few times to pull myself out of the book and realize, hey, I'm still sitting in my house, and sadly these two sexy alpha males are not right in front of me. * sigh * My only regret in reading this book is knowing that I now have to wait a few months before I can get my hands on the next one! To tide me over I'll be rereading CAG and LTG, as well as reading the related novella, which covers Cill and Mal. I'm not sure that I'll love them as much as I do Prophet and Tommy, but who knows! If nothing else, I know I will still enjoy their books, as I love this author's writing! Extremely sexy (to the point that your e-reader will no doubt spontaneously explode) and thrilling, with a good dose of banter and sarcastic wit, not to mention two of the sexiest alpha males alive, Long Time Gone is sure to become a favorite for readers looking for an m/m series with not only heat and raw emotions, but action and complex plot lines, too. In other words, this series has it all! 4 1/2 STARS! ~ * ~ * ~ For my full review, including favorite quotes from LONG TIME GONE, please visit my blog, TBQ's Book Palace  I received this book from the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for my honest opinion. TheBookQueen 
WhatsOntheBookshelf More than 1 year ago
I received an e-galley of Long Time Gone from NetGalley for an honest review. Long Time Gone is the second book in the Hell or High Water series. You can read my fangirlish review of Catch A Ghost here. This book is a continuation from CaG, which as of late I don't normally read. I much prefer to have a HEA and resolution at the end of each book. However, with S.E. Jakes I'm willing to make an exception because well...her writing is too hard to resist. Even if I am left with a cliff hanger. From the instant I finished Catch A Ghost I knew I'd read Long Time Gone, and I am so so glad that I did. Because this book is another win! I know there is a lot going on with Prophet's past. Learning more about that past was something I'd hoped we'd get in this installment, and I wasn't disappointed. Prophet's life is complicated, and you won't find out everything, but you'll learn enough that you're going to want to read the next in the series. LOL Yeah, I know...it sucks. But I'm sure that will be worth it as well. In Long Time Gone we really learn about Tom. I would say this is more his book. He's back at home, where his life went to hell--or at least that's the way he sees it--and he's going to make things right. My heartstrings were tugged tight more than once for Tom. The interactions between him and Prophet were so intense at times I had to put the book down and step away. In fact, I'm pretty sure the only reason the hangover wasn't worse was because I took a break before reading the end. You'll get to see a softer side to Prophet this time around. A side that really endeared him to me. I loved him in the first book, but now...Prophet has got to find his happily ever after. He deserves it. Speaking of happily ever after, no I won't tell you if Prophet and Tom get theirs. You'll have to read to find out. But I will tell you that these two have some seriously SEXY moments throughout the book. There are a couple of adrenaline fueled moments that could very possibly leave you panting. :) If you haven't already figured it out, this is a must read. Then again, I think I say that about anything from S.E. Jakes!
shirley_frances More than 1 year ago
Fantastic!!! Hell yeah! This is what I'm talking about. Great story-telling, amazing, sexy and complex characters, mystery, intrigue and a whole LOT of man love. Two head-strong men, a hurricane, a murder and an abundance of sizzling chemistry and overwhelming emotions. This and so much more is what SE Jakes brings to the page in her second installment to the Hell or High Water series. After months apart each doing their thing, Prophet and Tom are reunited once more. Sparks fly. Tempers flare. Hearts surrender. And that's just in the beginning! SE Jakes did an amazing job in bringing to the page this continuation of Prophet and Tom's story. Of course, she brought Prophet and Tom's overwhelming passion and emotion to the page, but she also added so many other elements that had me at the edge on my seat tapping along on my tablet to get to the bottom of all that was happening. Ghosts. Voodoo. Alligators. Characters from Tom's past make an appearance giving us a chance to truly get to the bottom of who he is and what drives him. He struggles, he questions, he lets go. His journey was as interesting and it was enjoyable. Prophet continues with his hard-edged and no-nonsense attitude. His protective instincts shine through even as he's battling his own ghosts. He advances, he retreats, he hesitates and gives in. I loved it all! I'm not going to say anymore, you get the idea. I loved it and I hope you love it too! All in all, a fantastic addition to Prophet and Tom's journey with everything I was expecting and then some I didn't, but nevertheless loved. I received this title in exchange of my honest opinion.
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
Long Time Gone. SE Jakes Review from Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews. I love most books I’ve received from the Riptide publishing house, with them being a good mix of romance and story. I hate books that are all sex and no real plot, though I love some sensuality to add extra to the novel. Though this is my first S E Jakes novel it won't be the last. I hadn't read the first book in this series, and that made getting “into” this one difficult to begin as the characters are both complex and are all intertwined in their relationships. Working out who fitted where took some time. However I really like the premise of the E.E. Black Ops organisation – I'm sure there must be real life ones similar though I doubt they have quite as many gay staff...... :) Anyway, to begin I was floundering, but once I got to grips I loved this book. Prophet is Mr Mystery and I’d love to know more about his past. Tom, he's back where he began as a child, in the world of cruelty, nightmares and enigmas darkly hidden, and the secrets of his past have come forward to haunt him. They make a great pair in the hot and heavy dept, of which there are several erotic moments, but seem slowly becoming to know each other in a different way too. I'd have liked to know more about them as people, rather than just black ops staff. I understood they were coming closer personally, and not just sexually and beginning to accept their need for each other – I get the impression the last book was one where they fought it, but here they seem to be accepting, but there's not very much emotion seeming to come forward and I’d have liked more of that. The plot itself, well...it seemed a bit odd to me, a little difficult to follow at first but once I’d worked out who was whom, and what was going on I liked it. I get that its Tom's past and understood the final tie ins, but the way it was laid out seemed a bit disjointed somehow. The dialogue based text didn't help me much, I love books written mostly through dialogue but their speech is so choppy, often leaving things unsaid, that though they knew the unspoken implications I didn't always catch on.... I think had I read book one and understood the characters more I would have understood what they weren't saying. Nevertheless I really liked this book, and the mix of characters, and I’m looking forward to reading more of Prophet (and what’s happening with his eyesight?) and Tom, and some of the others in the cast. Stars: four – a sexy, erotic adventure and if I’d read book one I’m sure I’d have made this a five star read. ARC supplied via Netgalley
Anonymous More than 1 year ago