The Longman Anthology of World Literature: 20th Century / Edition 1

The Longman Anthology of World Literature: 20th Century / Edition 1

by David Damrosch, April Alliston, Marshall Brown, Sabry Hafez

ISBN-10: 0321055365

ISBN-13: 9780321055361

Pub. Date: 02/01/2004

Publisher: Longman

The Longman Anthology of World Literature, Volume F offers a fresh presentation of the varieties of world literature from the 20th Century.

The editors of the anthology have sought to find economical ways to place texts within their cultural contexts, and have selected and grouped our materials in ways intended to foster connections and conversations across

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The Longman Anthology of World Literature, Volume F offers a fresh presentation of the varieties of world literature from the 20th Century.

The editors of the anthology have sought to find economical ways to place texts within their cultural contexts, and have selected and grouped our materials in ways intended to foster connections and conversations across the anthology, between eras as well as regions. The anthology includes epic, lyric poetry, drama, and prose narrative, with many works in their entirety. Classic major authors are presented together with more recently recovered voices as the editors seek to suggest something of the full literary dialogue of each region and period. Engaging introductions, scholarly annotations, regional maps, pronunciation guides, and illustrations provide a supportive editorial setting.

For anyone interested in world literature.

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Table of Contents

Volume F: 20th Century.

Cross-Currents: The Art of the Manifesto.

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti (Italy).

Futurist Manifesto (1909).

Tristan Tzara (Rumania).

Dada—Unpretentious Proclamation (1919).

André Breton.

The Surrealist Manifesto.

Mina Loy.

Feminist Manifesto (1914).

Yokomitsu Riichi.

Sensation and New Sensation (1925).

Oswald de Andrade (Brazil).

Cannibalist Manifesto (1928), tr. Leslie Bary.

André Breton, Leon Trotsky, Diego Rivera.

Manifesto: Towards a Free Revolutionary Art (1938) tr. Dwight MacDonald.

Hu Shi (China).

Some Modest Proposals for the Reform of Literature.

Joseph Conrad (Poland/UK) .

Preface to the Nigger of the Narcissus.

Heart of Darkness (1899).AHEADS = Resonances.

Joseph Conrad, From Congo Diary.

Sir Henry Morton Stanley, From Address to the Manchester Chamber of Commerce.

Premchand (South Asia).

My Big Brother.

Lu Xun (China).

Preface to A Call to Arms.

A Madman's Diary (1918).

A Small Incident.

James Joyce (Ireland).



The Dead.

Virginia Woolf.

Mrs. Dalloway on Bond Street.

The Lady in the Looking Glass: A Reflection.

Akutagawa Ryunosuke (Japan).


In a Grove.

A Note Forwarded to a Certain Old Friend.

Resonance:Kurosawa Akira, From Something Like an Autobiography.

Perspectives: Modernist Memory.

Marcel Proust (France).

From Remembrance of Things Past.

T.S. Eliot (USA/England).

The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock

The Waste Land

Constantine Cavafy (Egypt/Greece).

Days of 1908, tr. Edmund Keeley and Philip Sherrard.


Federico García Lorca (Spain).

Sleepless City.

Carlos Drummond de Andrade

In the Middle of the Road.

Emile Habiby (Palestine).

From The Secret Life of Saeed, the Ill-Fated Pessoptimist, tr. Jayyusi & LeGassick.

Octovaio Paz (Mexico).

A Wind Called Bob Rauschenberg, tr. Eliot Weinberger.

Central Park tr. Eliot Weinberger.

Franz Kafka (Austria/Czech).

The Metamorphosis (1915), tr. Stanley Corngold.


The Trees, tr. J.A. Underwood.

The Next Village, tr. Willa Muir & Edwin Muir.

The Cares of a Family Man, tr. Willa Muir & Edwin Muir.

Give it Up!, tr. Tania Stern & James Stern.

On Parables , tr. Willa Muir & Edwin Muir.

Anna Akhmatova (Russia).

The Muse, tr. Judith Hemschemeyer.

Requiem, tr. Judith Hemschemeyer.

I Heard a Voice... , tr. Daniel Weissbort.

I am not with those... , tr. Judith Hemschemeyer.

Boris Pasternak, tr. Richard McKane.


Why is this century worse, tr. Richard McKane.

Perspectives: Modernism and Revolution in Russia.

Vladimir Mayakovski.

Listen!, tr. Dorian Rottenberg.

Fed Up, tr. Dorian Rottenberg.

Ode to the Revolution, tr. Dorian Rottenberg.

On Trash, tr. Herbert Marshall.

Boris Pasternak.

O Had I Known... , tr. Lydia Pasternak Slater.

On Early Trains, tr. George Reavey.

Hamlet, tr. Lydia Pasternak Slater.

Andrei Bely.

From The Magic of Words, tr. T.G. West.

Marina Tzvetaeva.

The Poet, tr. Elaine Feinstein.

Readers of Newspapers.

Osip Mandelstam.

To A.A.A. (Akhmatova), tr. Bernard Meares.

We live, not feeling ..., tr. Albert C. Todd.

By denying me the seas, tr. Bernard Meares.

William Butler Yeats (Ireland).

The Lake Isle of Innisfree,D>.

Who Goes with Fergus?

No Second Troy.

The Wild Swans at Coole.

Easter 1916.

Resonance: Proclamation of the Irish Republic.

The Second Coming.

Sailing to Byzantium.


Under Ben Bulben.

Rainer Maria Rilke (Austro-Hungarian Empire/Germany).

The Panther, tr. Walter Arndt.

Duino Elegies, tr. Stephen Spender.

The First Elegy ("Who, if I cried, would hear me among the angelic").

The Second Elegy ("Every Angel is terrible. Still, though, alas!").

The Fourth Elegy ("O trees of life, when will your winter come?").

Sonnets to Orpheus.

Perspectives: Poetry About Poetry.

Ezra Pound (US/Europe).

A Pact.

Daniel David Moses (US).

The Line.

Eugenio Montale (Italy).

Rhymes, tr. William Arrowsmith.


Fernando Pessoa (Portugal).

Autopsychography, tr. Edwin Honig.

This, tr. Edwin Honig.

Today I read nearly two pages, tr. Edwin Honig.

The ancients used to invoke, tr. Jonathan Griffin.

Pablo Neruda (Chile).

Tonight I can write... , tr. W.S. Merwin.

Ars Poetica, tr. Nathaniel Tarm.

Wallace Stevens (USA).

Anecdote of the Jar.

Of Modern Poetry.

Of Mere Being.

Bei Dao (China).

He Opens Wide a Third Eye, tr. McDougall & Maiping.

Old Snow, tr. McDougall & Maiping.

Nazim Hikmet (Turkey).

Regarding Art, tr. Blasing & Konuk.

Bertol Brecht (Germany).

Mother Courage And Her Children, tr. Ralph Manheim or tr. John Willett.

Primo Levi (Italy).

The Two Flags, tr. Raymond Rosenthal.

From Survival in Auschwitz, tr. Stuart Woolf.

Perspectives: Echoes of War.

Rupert Brooke.

The Great Lover.


The Soldier.

Wilfred Owen.

Anthem for Doomed Youth.

Strange Meeting.


Dulce et Decorum Est.

Mishima Yukio (Japan).

Patriotism, tr. Geoffrey Sargent.

From The Temple of Dawn, tr. E. Dale Saunders & Celin Cegawa Seigle.

Paul Celan.

Death Fugue.

Yosano Akiko (Japan).

I Beg You, Brother: Do Not Die, tr. Jay Rubin.

Zbigniew Herbert (Poland).

Report from the Besieged City, tr. John Carpenter & Bogdana Carpenter.

Alejo Carpentier (Cuba).

Like the Night.

Nazim Hikmet (USA).

Giaconda and Si-Ya-U.

Ingeborg Bachmann.

Youth in an Austrian Town, tr. Michael Bullock.

Yehuda Amichai (Israel).

Seven Laments for the War-Dead, tr. Chana Bloch & Stephen Mitchell.

Little Ruth, tr. Barbara & Benjamin Harshav.

Samuel Beckett (Ireland/France).


Perspectives: Cosmopolitan Exiles.

Cesar Vallejo (Peru/France)

Agape, tr. Richard Schaaf & Kathleen Ross.

Our Daily Bread, tr. Richard Schaaf & Kathleen Ross.

Good Sense, tr. Clayton Eshleman & Jose Rubia Barcia.

Black stone on a white stone, tr. Clayton Eshleman & Jose Rubia Barcia.

Vladimir Nabokov (Russia/USA).

An Evening of Russian Poetry.

Czeslow Milosz (Poland/USA).

Child of Europe.




V.S. Naipaul (Trinidad/UK).

From Prologue to an Autobiography.

Adonis (Ali Ahmad Sa'id) (Syria).

A Mirror to Khalida, tr. Samuel Hazo.

Jorge Luis Borges (Argentina).

The Garden of Forking Paths, tr. Andrew Hurley.

The Library of Babel, tr. Andrew Hurley.

Borges and I, tr. Andrew Hurley.

The Web, tr. Alexander Coleman or Alastair Reed.

Cult of the Phoenix, tr. Andrew Hurley.

Resonance:Gabriel Garcia Marquez, I Sell My Dreams.

Nagib Mahfouz (Egypt).

Zaabalawi, tr. Denys Johnson-Davies.

Hanzal and the Policeman, tr. Kararah, rev. Kirkhaus.

The Harafish, tr. Catherine Cobham.

The Thief Who Stole the Melody.

Arabian Nights and Days.

Perspectives: The 1001 Nights in the Twentieth Century.

Güneli Gün (Turkey).

From On the Road to Baghdad.

John Barth (USA).


Italo Calvino (Italy).

From Invisible Cities.

Assia Djebar (Algeria).

From A Sister to Sheherazade.

Léopold Sédar Senghor (Senegal).

Letter to a Poet, tr. Melvin Dixon.

Nocturne (She Flies She Flies), tr. John Reed & Clive Wake.

Black Woman, tr. Norman Shapiro.

To New York, tr. Melvin Dixon.

Correspondence, tr. Melvin Dixon.

Aimé Césaire.

From Notebook of a Return to a Native Land, tr. Eshleman & Smith.

Resonance: George Elliott Clarke, Watercolour for Negro Expatriates in France.

Gerald Vizenor (Chippewa/Anglo-American)

Ice Tricksters.


Perspectives: Indigenous Cultures in the Twentieth Century.

Oodgeroo of the Tribe Noonuccal (Kathy Walker).

We Are Going.

Archie Weller (Aboriginal Australian).

Going Home.

Keri Hulme (British/Maori).

From The Bone People.

Paula Gunn Allen (Laguna Pueblo/Sioux) (1 1/2pp).

Pocahontas to Her English Husband, John Rolfe.

Taking a Visitor to See the Ruins.

Leslie Marmon Silko (Laguna Pueblo/Hispanic/Anglo-American).

From The Storyteller.N. Scott Momaday (Kiowa/Scot/French/Cherokee).

From The Way to Rainy Mountain.

Louise Erdrich (Chippewa/French/German).

Dear John Wayne.

Al-Kuni (Tuareg).

The Golden Bird of Misfortune.

Zhang Ailing (Eileen Chang).

Stale Mates.

Mahasweta Devi, tr. Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak.


Perspectives: Gendered Spaces.

Clarice Lispector (Brazil).


Fatima Mernissi (Morocco).

From Dreams of Trespass.

Ama Ata Aidoo (Ghana).

No Sweetness Here.

Hanan Al-Shaykh (Lebanon).

A Season of Madness.

Juan Goytisolo (Spain).

From Makbara.

Gabriel García Márquez (Colombia).

Artificial Roses.

Mariama Bâ (Senegal), tr. Modupé Bodé-Thomas.

So Long a Letter (1979).

Chinua Achebe (Nigeria).

Things Fall Apart (1958).

From The African Writer and the English Language.


Jeremy Cronin, To learn how to speak....

Bartho Smit, I Take Back My Country.

Ngugi wa Thiong'o, From The Language of African Literature.

Mbwil Am. Ngal, From <I Giambatista Viko; or, The Rape of African Discourse,D>.

Wole Soyinka (Nigeria).

Death and the King's Horseman.

Perspectives: Post-Colonial Conditions.

Derek Walcott (St. Lucia/USA).

A Far Cry from Africa.


Fadwa Tuqan (Palestine), tr. Byrne, Jayyusi, and Nye.

In the Aging City.

In the Flux.

Face Lost in the Wilderness.

Mahmoud Darwish (Palestine).

A Poem Which Is Not Green, from My Country.

Diary of a Palestinian Wound.

Sirhan drinks his coffee in the cafeteria.

Birds die in Galilee.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz (Pakistan), tr. Naomi Lazard.

Black Out.

No Sign of Blood.

Solitary Confinement.

Reza Baraheni (Iran/Canada).

The Unrecognized.

Answers to an Interrogation.

Farough Faroghzad (Iran).

A Poem for You.

Nadine Gordimer (South Africa).

The Defeated.

Salman Rushdie.

Chekov and Zulu.

Perspectives: At Century's Edge: Literature, Technology, and Media.

Mario Vargas Llosa.

From The Storyteller, tr. Helen Lane.

Christa Wolf (Germany), tr. Heike Schwarzbauer and Rick Takvorian (3pp).

From Accident/A Day's News (1987).

Abdelrahman Munif.

From Cities of Salt, tr. Peter Theroux.

Murakami Haruki (Japan).

TV People , tr. Alfred Birnbaum.

William Gibson.

Burning Chrome.

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