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Look, Dude, I Can Cook!: Four Years of College Cooking Made Easy

Look, Dude, I Can Cook!: Four Years of College Cooking Made Easy

by Amy Madden

Editorial Reviews

Library Journal

Divided into "Freshman" through "Senior" sections, memoirist Madden's (Stolen Beauty) book is designed to be a hip and fun cookbook for the college set. Unfortunately, it misses on several marks. While the recipes supposedly increase in difficulty as they progress through the book, this doesn't seem to be the case, with easy and more challenging recipes mixed in throughout. Many of the recipes also seem to be fairly heavy in fat, and no calorie counts or nutritional information is provided; some require somewhat expensive or specialized ingredients unlikely to be on most college students' shelves (e.g., basmati rice, artichoke hearts, parchment paper). There is also heavy use of teenager slang, particularly in the introduction to each chapter, which gives it a somewhat hokey feel. On the positive side, there are a nice glossary of basic cooking terms and sample menus for various occasions (but without page numbers for the recipes). Overall, an optional purchase for most libraries.-Susan Hurst, Miami Univ. Libs., Oxford, OH

—Susan Hurst

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