Looking at Labels: The Inside Story

Looking at Labels: The Inside Story

by John Burstein

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Children's Literature - Beverly Melasi
Slim Goodbody's goal in life is to help young people become healthy and active. Today, one in three kids in the United States is overweight. Without changing their eating and exercise habits, many will become overweight adults. They risk many possible health problems, like high blood pressure or diabetes. Ever since Carlos Benito was a kid, he loved coming up with new business ideas. His goal is to save enough money to purchase a new dirt bike, so he needs a job after school and on weekends. While talking about nutrition in school, Carlos tells everyone about his mom's awesome burritos. Then the idea hits him that he is going to figure out a way to sell his mom's burritos at the grocery store and call them "Benito's Burritos!" So he meets with the grocery store manager who tells him that it is a great idea but that he will need a Nutrition Facts label. It shows the serving size to help people compare different kinds of food. He explains that serving sizes are always measured in familiar units like cups or pieces. He points out that once the serving size is determined, then the calories and nutrients for each serving could be listed. So together with a food scientist that the store manager recommended, Carlos and his mom begin the task of determining the Nutrition Facts label for her burritos. They learn about the percent daily value of nutrients in the burritos. Most people pay attention to the percent daily value on the Nutrition Facts label. That way they can choose foods that are high in nutrients so they can stay healthy. The food scientist explains saturated fats, and trans fats which can raise cholesterol levels in the blood, and cause heart trouble. As the scientist runs moretests on the burritos, she discovers that because of the beans, it is high in fiber which helps with digestion. The vegetables, like the red peppers in the salsa, have a lot of vitamin A to keep the eyes and skin healthy. The cheese is high in calcium, a mineral that helps build strong bones and muscles. They are told they would need to follow the legal rules for food packaging, which includes a list of the ingredients in their burritos for the package. Carlos thinks that is silly, but his mom explains that a lot of people have food allergies or need to stay away from certain fats and the ingredients label would tell them all that. They also learned about food safety laws and how the sell-by date is marked on any package or dairy product in the grocery store and should also be followed once the food is at home. When all the tests are complete, the food scientist tells Carlos and his mother that they would need to get their Nutrition Facts label approved by the Food and Drug Administration, which they do. Well, I certainly got a good lesson in reading labels. This book is very interesting and I learned a lot about the Nutrition Facts label. I pay a lot more attention to reading them when I go to the grocery store and pay close attention to the sell-by dates, in the store and at home. I would recommend this book to any parent who is trying to teach their children about nutrition facts to make wiser food choices. Reviewer: Beverly Melasi

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Slim Goodbody's Lighten Up! Series
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