Looking for Angels in New York

Looking for Angels in New York

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by Osherow

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Though a strain of sorrow pervades this debut collection, Osherow, a skilled and wise poet, diligently and often brilliantly transforms the grief into objective observation, offering philosophical insight and optimism. She speaks of milestones, epiphanies that occur when traveling or living in an unfamiliar culture, the frailty and fortitude that exist simultaneously in all people. Direct and lucid verse about God and dreams renders the abstract accessible, her execution bringing music and beauty to difficult phenomena. About dawn, Osherow writes: ``Or perhaps He really recreates the world /As the legend says, heaven, earth, /The sun, the moon, the fish, the animals, / A city crowded with the namers of names, / Who will awaken shortly, unaware / Of any miracle, while we, who have / Very nearly seen, go back to work / Or to our beds, hoping we can try again.'' The stillness and sadness Osherow evokes through description of a specific place, a painting, a bitter winter night, a Russian poet she has read about, are at once intensely personal and universal, far-reaching and lasting. (Dec.)

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University of Georgia Press
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Contemporary Poetry Ser.

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Looking for Angels in New York 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Sukelebeji More than 1 year ago
Looking for Angels in New York by Jacqueline Osherow is an inspiring book of poetry. Her poetry draws you in as you witness first-hand the dreams of a girl, the testimony of a saint, and the curiosity of a mortal being living in such a vast world. Her adjectives compel you to use your own senses to recreate the scenes found in this book. She also has found a fascinating way to use words that one may call “short and sweet” but are packed with emotion and meaning. This power is enhanced further as she uses a somewhat closed form of prose. However, she also expands to use the Shakespearean Sonnet form from time to time. What is especially compelling about her poetry is how she has found a way to immerse herself deeply between the lines by sharing insight to her Jewish heritage and personal experiences. She has also included references to art, poetry, and people that inspired some of her works of poetry. This book has really inspired my desire to become a writer because through this book I can see how much can be said in so little and I can feel how her writing truly comes from deep down inside herself. It seems that she can so easily take her own personal life and reach out to readers at an intimate level, as if she knows the questions, the trials or joys they have felt or are currently feeling in their life. Her elegant and insightful writing is truly worthy of re-reading time and time again.