The Lord of Uraniborg: A Biography of Tycho Brahe

The Lord of Uraniborg: A Biography of Tycho Brahe

by Victor E. Thoren

A biography of Tycho Brahe.See more details below


A biography of Tycho Brahe.

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Preface; 1. A noble humanist; 2. The new star; 3. Becoming a professional; 4. The first years on Hven: 1576–1579; 5. Urania's castle; 6. The flowering of Uraniborg; 7. First renovations: the solar theory; 8. The tychonic system of the world; 9. High tide: 1586–1591; 10. The theory of the motion of the moon; 11. The last years at Uraniborg; 12. Exile; 13. A home away from home?; Epilogue; Appendices; Author index; Subject index.

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