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Lorimal's Chalice

Lorimal's Chalice

5.0 2
by Jane Fletcher

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Fortitude Press, Incorporated
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6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.00(d)

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Lorimal's Chalice 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Under the guise of a ¿quest¿, one woman is banished from her homeland as a shameful example of a warrior by her people. During her travels, she meets another woman who happens to be a sorcerer -feared by all her townsfolk. Why the fear? What about this sorcerer is there to fear? The two women are thrown together when one is injured saving the town from an unbelievable evil. Exactly what was this evil? What danger did is pose? While tending the ¿warrior¿ as she heals from her injury, the sorcerer accidently discovers the cause of the warrior¿s ineptness. What is the source? Why did no one know this before? As they begin to experience feelings for each other, they set off on a journey to enable the warrior to complete her quest. Exactly what is the quest and why is it so important to the warrior when her people care so little for her? Fate/destiny, as can be said, is mostly determined upon birth. Can it be changed? How large a part will it play on the lives of the two women? Will someone from the warrior¿s past be helpful or dangerous? Journey along a road filled with intrigue, danger, life, love and honor as the writer weaves a fantastic tale. Often times you run across a book that is hard to put down to do the every day things in life. Such a book is Lorimal¿s Chalice.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Tevi is the oldest daughter of Red, who in turn is the daughter of the Queen of Storenseg. In this matrilineal society, the women are the warriors and the men are small, weak, and serve in roles as housekeepers, babysitters, and servants. Tevi does not belong. She is awkward¿not good with a sword or any type of weapon¿and the leaders of Storenseg do not believe she possesses any useful leadership skills. Her younger sister, Laff, is far better suited for power and ruling. Unfortunately, Tevi makes the mistake of revealing feelings for a woman, and in this profoundly heterosexist society, that is cause for death or exile. Like the ugly duckling, Tevi is a disgrace in the eyes of all her people. ####### Rather than sentence her own granddaughter to death, the Queen sends Tevi on an impossible mission to recover a chalice stolen under odd circumstances. In anguish, the 19-year-old woman embarks upon a journey to other lands. In classic Quest form, Tevi goes out in the world and this is when the fun starts. While learning new skills and finding talents she didn¿t know she had, she encounters wayfarers, sorcerers, enchanted castles, witches, wild animals, dwarves, and magic¿and Jemeryl, who is a young Sorceress who not only saves Tevi from a terrible fate, but also proves critical in the search for the stolen chalice. As it turns out, Tevi¿s quest has much further reaching ramifications than anyone back in Storenseg ever imagined. ####### A mesmerizing read, LORIMAL¿S CHALICE is a tour-de-force packed with adventure, ordeals, complex twists and turns, and the internal introspection of appealing characters. The author writes effortlessly, handling the size and scope of the book with ease. Not since the fantasy works of Elizabeth Moon and Lynn Flewelling have I been so thoroughly engrossed in a tale. This is knockout fiction, tantalizingly told, and beautifully packaged. I highly recommend it. ~Lori L. Lake, Reviewer for Midwest Book Review, www.TheGayRead.com, and The Independent Gay Writer.