Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers

by Aaron Frisch

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Children's Literature - Barbara L. Talcroft
For the youngest fans, or anyone who craves basketball action photos, the "NBA Champions" revised series offers a lively gallery along with basic facts for basketball beginners. Starting with information about the team's hometown, a double spread shows a cool shot of the impressive Griffith Observatory with downtown L.A. in the background and a head-on view of the huge Staples Center, where the Lakers play; a bit of Lakers history is illustrated with a black-and-white photo of the team when they still played in Minneapolis. Kids learn that the Lakers began playing there in 1947, moving to Los Angeles in 1960. Each volume offers a list of team facts, mostly about NBA championships—the Lakers have won sixteen times in the two cities. Other pages feature easy-to-read text on panels dividing two dramatic color shots or with a wide close-up focusing on star players like legendary guard Jerry West, the enormous Shaquille O'Neal (1996—2004), and super-tall Wilt Chamberlain, nicknamed "The Stilt" (1968—1973). Point-scoring center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and charismatic guard Magic Johnson get pictures of their own as top players of the past. A newer star, guard Kobe Bryant (NBA Best Player in 2008), is shown in his gold and purple Lakers uniform jumping to make a basket. From the poster-yellow endpapers to a final page with an index and a glossary of terms like sharpshooting, big man, and fast-break, young basketball fanatics can enjoy this action-filled introduction to the Lakers, the book's sharp design, and the excellent sports photography. Reviewer: Barbara L. Talcroft

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