Los Morenos

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After the success of Azucar Moreno, author Shelley Halima follows up with Los Morenos — the eagerly anticipated story of cousins Nikki and Rosie Moreno.

Raised together like sisters, cousins Nikki and Rosie Moreno have remained steadfastly loyal to one another through much tragedy and heartache. However, Nikki leaves Rosie in their hometown of Detroit to pursue an acting career in Los Angeles. With success and the comfort of her soul mate ...

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Los Morenos

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After the success of Azucar Moreno, author Shelley Halima follows up with Los Morenos — the eagerly anticipated story of cousins Nikki and Rosie Moreno.

Raised together like sisters, cousins Nikki and Rosie Moreno have remained steadfastly loyal to one another through much tragedy and heartache. However, Nikki leaves Rosie in their hometown of Detroit to pursue an acting career in Los Angeles. With success and the comfort of her soul mate Mario, Nikki has it all — except for Rosie.

When Rosie calls with the news that she's been selected for modeling spread, Nikki is thrilled that her cousin, and best friend, is coming to Los Angeles as well. The only question is — with newfound media attention and a fast-paced Hollywood lifestyle — will Los Angeles be big enough for the both of them? Before it is all over, one cousin will find herself hurtling toward an addiction, while the other comes face to face with her own mortality.

With the tumultuous ups and downs that come when chasing a dream, Los Morenos is about the unbreakable bonds of true friendship. Featuring endearing characters and a glamorous, exciting setting, Shelly Halima delivers another fresh, heartwarming, and funny tale of two animated cousins and their intertwined lives.

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Editorial Reviews

Los Morenos is a poignant novel about love, family, relationships, growth and maturity
—(Eraina Tinnin)
Books & Poetry Cafe
Shelley Halima creates an open dialogue of raw emotions— love, lust, and jealousy in Los Morenos. I knew this was a great read because a good writer knows how to stimulate your mind with a natural flow of words that draws a reader right into the story.
—(Nick Alexander)
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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781593090494
  • Publisher: Strebor Books
  • Publication date: 1/31/2006
  • Edition description: Original
  • Pages: 256
  • Product dimensions: 0.58 (w) x 6.00 (h) x 9.00 (d)

Meet the Author

Writer, lyricist, and poet Shelley Halima was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, and raised in Detroit, Michigan, where she currently resides. She is the author of Azucar Moreno and Los Morenos. Visit her website at www.shelleyhalima.com.

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Read an Excerpt

NIKKIJust as I start setting the table I hear Mario's key in the door. I walk around the corner to greet him. He looks dead tired, poor thing. After all these years of knowing him, it still bowls me over how gorgeous he is and how I attracted I am to him. He just cut his midnight-black curly hair a month ago, but already it looks like it's grown back. I've lost count of how many times my hands have caressed that field of curls. Or how many times I've gotten lost in his beautiful green eyes mesmerized by the golden flecks dancing within them. Mmm, don't get me started on those sexy, slightly full lips. I can't imagine even after 40 years that I'd tire of kissing them. I think the reason I haven't grown tired of his masculine beauty is that his spirit and intellect are even more beautiful. A man with a keen mind and a generous heart is automatically appealing and will do nothing but boost what he's got going on outside.And if I may walk down Crass Street for a minute, him having a nice thick nine-incher that he knows how to work, sho don't hurt any, okay? Also, I love the casual and cool way he dresses. He has on beige Dockers, white shirt rolled up at the sleeve and black loafers. His brown suede messenger bag with his laptop in it is slung over his shoulder."Hey you." He just turns the corners of his mouth down in a playful pout and opens his arms. I go to him and wrap my arms around him and feel his envelop me. "What a day," he sighs. "A rough one, huh?" "Yeah, baby. I'm glad to be home." I give him a peck on the lips. "Well, put down your bag, kick off your shoes and come eat some dinner and tell me all about it." "Sounds good to me. I can taste on your lips that you've started on the after dinner drink early." "Ah, no lectures." "It wasn't a lecture, just an observation. What are we having?" "Porterhouse steaks, stuffed potatoes, salad and rolls." "Mm-hmm. That sounds good cause I'm starving." He washes his hands in the kitchen sink while I put the food on the table. We both sit down to eat. Mario says a quick blessing and proceeds to tear into his plate. I consider myself a thoroughly modern woman who will have my own career and not depend on a man for my livelihood. And I'm a woman who will only walk beside my man and not one single step behind him. I have views that would make Glorias Steinem and Allred proud, but at the risk of putting my feminist card in jeopardy, I love taking care of my man and one of the ways I do that is by making him a delicious meal. It's reciprocal so it's all good. He pampers me, too. Breakfast is the meal that's his forte and let me tell you his scrambled eggs put mine to shame. "So babe, tell me about what's going on at work." "Yeah." "At first we were all just happy that we were able to keep our jobs. But now it's been a battle with this dude to not turn the magazine into some big gossip and bling-bling rag. One of the reasons that I was happy to get a job at Urban Report is because of the quality of the articles, you know? They covered things that affect our communities like government policies and police brutality. It had entertainment articles but that was just a small part of what the magazine was about. Lloyd is trying to flip it and make it all about who's fucking who in show business and doing photo layouts of some celebrity's crib. He's steering away from what this magazine is all about. I'm not saying there shouldn't be a gossip column or interviews with singers, athletes and actors, we can have that too. But our people need information that's going to empower us; especially the information that doesn't get coverage on the evening news." "I hear you, baby. I started noticing a change in the previous issue but when I read the latest one that you left me to read this morning it had a lot more lightweight type of articles. And they pushed your article on Bush's latest policies way in the back of the damn magazine. I had to go through thirty stories about rappers and big name jewelers and stuff like that to get to yours. I had to look on the cover a couple of times to make sure I was reading the right magazine." "That's what I'm talking about. That shit infuriates the fuck outta me. Running a big ass story about where to buy diamonds instead of how we got peeps dying in Africa so that we can floss ice. Now I know why he turned down my article on the Sierra Leone. Before Diane retired, she would've had us writing about how stupid that kind of shit is, not glorifying it. I'm not feeling working at Urban Report at all right now. The stuff we were writing about were things to educate and try and guide our people away from this nonsense of chasing trinkets and baubles and to show that our focus should be on purchasing things like stock and land – something we can leave to our kids. What the fuck are we gonna leave to the next generation – rusted rims and diamond necklaces?" I nod, smiling in agreement and admiration at the passion Mario has. "What?" he asks. He grins back at me. "Am I going off on one of my tangents again?" "Yes, but I love it. Your tangent is more than justified. I wholeheartedly agree." "See that's what I'm saying." He makes an eye-to-eye gesture between us with his hand. "We right there. There might be some hope though. I heard from a couple of people who work fielding e-mails from our readers that many are complaining already about the content of the last issue and it just hit the stands. We're having a meeting next Tuesday and me and some of the other writers are going to try again to talk some sense into Lloyd and use those e-mails from readers to back us up. If that don't work and things keep going like they are, I'll start putting out my feelers for a new job. Once I'm sure where I stand on my j-o-b, we can start looking for a house. I know that we could get one now cause you got a steady gig, but I want to be able to contribute too. We've outgrown this apartment and we need more space." "Speaking of space, we're going to have someone taking up more space for a few weeks." "Who?" "Rosie. Silk & Velvet wants her to come out here for some test shots. I'm excited for her." "Hmm." "'Hmm'? What does that mean?" "Nik, you know I love Rosie like a sister but I don't understand why she wants to be in one of those magazines. I know Silk & Velvet is one of the more upscale skin mags but it's still exploitive to women don't you think?" "It's what Rosie wants and I support her." "Again I ask you, don't you think those magazines are exploitive to women?" "I told you that my agent wanted me to pose for that very magazine." "Thank God you didn't." "Only because I couldn't work up the nerve and I knew you would've tripped." "You know it. I bet you wouldn't like it if I posed for Playgirl." "Look, I'm not saying that I 100% approve of posing for those magazines, but I'm not about to sit up in judgment of my cousin. Whatever makes her happy makes me happy." "So even if she's exploiting her body, you're happy?" The temperature of my blood has risen by a good ten degrees. He's starting to piss me off and dropping a notch or two off my buzz to boot. "Don't look at me like that, Nik. I'm just asking a question. I know that Rosie went through a lot as a kid and you're protective of her --" "Anyway," I say cutting him off. "I'm going to New York on Saturday." "To visit your parents?" "That too. But mainly it's to meet Rosie there. Her mother has cancer and she's going to see her finally. She wants me there with her. We should be back Sunday afternoon or early evening. She said she'll probably just come on out here with me." "That's too bad about her mother." "Yes it is." "I hope she makes it through." "Me too." We finish the rest of the meal in silence. Even if he hadn't ticked me off, I wouldn't really want to talk about what's going on with my parents. Not right now anyway. I just want to do anything I can to not think about that. I get up and start clearing the dishes. As I'm rinsing off a plate before putting it in the dishwasher, Mario comes up behind, turns off the water and takes the plate from my hand, lying in the sink. He puts his hands my hips and turns me around to face him. "Look at me baby." I lift my head and look at him. "I didn't mean anything by what I said. I love Rosie and I'm not trying to put her down. I just think she's capable of doing more than showing off her body. I know she's back to dancing but before the feds went after that guy Vito and shut down all of his clubs, Rosie was almost single-handedly running the one in Michigan, right?" "Yes, she was." I reach over and dry my hands on a towel. "That shows that she has a good business mind. She told me once that she had the place packed damn near every night. She respects what you say and you should use your influence to guide her in a more productive direction. It was lucky for her that all the FBI did was question her and let her go. They could've tried to pin on her some of what they got Vito and some of his other partners on. It's not just you either. Tell me if I'm wrong, but it seemed like your folks gave you more grief about acting than they did her about dancing. While they were busy nagging you, they just ignored what Rosie was doing. Right?" I don't say anything. What can I say? Mario is right. "I've known the both of you since we were all kids. Your father was always the main one getting on you two for coming in late or getting into fights and whatever, but from what I could see you got punished more when it was just you doing something. I know for a fact that even though you were the quieter one and you followed Rosie into devilment, you pulled Rosie into a lot of stunts too. And I think you did that cause you knew that if you got caught, the punishment wouldn't be as bad if she was involved. Tell me I'm wrong." He tilts his head, grinning at me. "Whatever." "Don't try to hold back that smile." I finally give in to the smile tickling my lips. "Shut up. I hate how well you know me." "I understand the fact you all were accommodating of Rosie because of her mother not being around. But that doesn't mean you have to co-sign on everything she does." "You're forgetting how upset Papi was when he found that she was bisexual. Mami was dealt with it okay, but Papi didn't take it too well. He wanted me to move back home from the apartment Rosie and I were sharing." "True. But that lasted a hot minute. After that he just turned a blind eye to it and tried to pretend that her bisexuality didn't exist." "My family is pretty good at turning a blind eye to things we find uncomfortable to deal with. I think it's a genetic trait. I hear what you're saying. But I'm still going to support her if she does get chosen for this magazine. I refuse to put her down for it. It's not like someone is making her do this, she's doing it on her own." "Is a hooker any less of a hooker if she doesn't have a pimp?" "Hey, I know you're not calling my cousin--" "No, I'm not calling her a hooker. I would never do that. I'm just saying it's not much a difference from exploiting yourself to someone making you exploit yourself. Okay, I'll keep my comments to myself as far as her posing nude and stuff. By the way, you know that I'm not trying to put her down, right? I'm only looking out." "Yeah, I know. You made a good point." "So, you're not mad at me are you?" "No, idiot." "Good, cause I really need some tonight." I giggle and punch him lightly in the stomach. "You're so nasty." As he leans in to kiss me, he whispers, "You know you like it." "I never said I didn't. Just making an observation." Mario pushes me backward against the counter. He puts his hands on my ass and pulls me closer to him, pressing his lips against mine – drawing me into a deep kiss. I slide an arm around his shoulder and the other around his waist. We take turns tracing each other's lips with our tongues and exploring the other's mouth. He presses his hips against mine. I rise up on my toes a little so that his growing erection is rubbing against my mound. We move against each other, kissing and filling the other's mouths with moans. Mario moves his mouth down to my chin and then my neck – running his tongue up and down it. He unbuttons my blouse, takes it off and drops to the floor. He then gently bites my nipples through my bra. The sensation is both great and teasing. It feels good but it's making me crazy cause I desperately want to feel his mouth directly on me. After a couple of minutes of him doing that, I can't take it any longer and I remove my bra myself. Mario grins. "I knew I was driving you crazy." He bends his head to my breast and it's almost an orgasmic relief to feel the warmth and wetness of his mouth. He twirls his tongue in firm circles around my engorged nipple, sending vibrations throughout my body. A soft groan escapes my lips. He turns his attention to my other breast – planting kisses all over it before putting his mouth on my nipple. He lightly runs his teeth over it, making me involuntarily jerk with delight. He moves his mouth back up towards my neck to my ear. He kisses it, moving his tongue in and out of it in short, and quick strokes. I reach down between us and stroke his rigid dick through his pants. He takes off his shirt while I unbuckle and unzip his pants. I push them down till they fall to his ankles. I then slide his boxers down past his hips exposing his hardness. I lean over towards the sink, turn on the faucet and dampen my hands. I rub my hands together to warm them and take him into my hands. I move my hands up and down it twirling my hands in an opposite direction, in a motion like I'm twisting a lemon – applying more pressure around the head. Mario leans his head back, his eyes tightly shut and his mouth open. The look of pleasure is caressing his face. After a few more strokes, he puts his hands on mine to stop my movements. "Whoa, baby," he whispers. He holds me for a minute as he calms down and then kisses me again, lightly sucking my bottom lip. He unbuttons my jeans and unzips them and pulls them along with my thong off. He kicks off his pants and boxers and gets down on his knees in front of me and begins kissing my belly as he strokes my thighs. He moves his mouth and kisses my sparse pubic hair. He takes his hands and spreads my lips, exposing my passion-soaked clit. He tongues it, alternating between circular and up and down motions. I tightly grip the edge of the sink as he begins to gently suck my clit. I take one of my hands and put it to the back of his head – pushing it deeper to me. He switches from sucking my clit back to attacking it with his tongue. "Oh shit baby! Don't stop! Keep your tongue right – right in that spot!" A few minutes later I'm in the epicenter of a fiery orgasm. I loudly moan through gritted teeth and grip onto Mario's hair, bucking against his face. My orgasm is short but electrifying and my knees feel like they're going to buckle. Mario kisses my thighs and moves his way up my body till we're face to face. "What did I tell you about holding back, Nik? You know you wanted to scream." "I know baby." My breathing is still erratic. "I can't help but think about the neighbors sometimes though." "I told you to forget about the neighbors. Who cares if they hear? Hell, they don't care about making noise when they're doing their thing. Don't think about that. It's just you and me making love. Just us." He kisses my neck. "I want to hear you baby. Don't hold back. Please." Mario turns me around and bends me over. I feel his hardness enter me, sliding in the wetness from my orgasm. He grabs my hips and begins pumping inside me in long, slow strokes. I move my hips in a soft circular motion and soon his movements and mine join together in sexually heated synchronicity. He quickens and deepens his strokes – pumping me harder. I cry out from the pleasure of it. I speed up the circular motion of my hips to keep in time with his movements. Somewhere outside my own cries of pleasure, I hear Mario's. I then feel the sweet sting of him slapping and rubbing my ass a few times. The momentary pain is an exquisite complement to the pleasure. Mario slips out of me, turns me around to face him. He takes one of my legs and lifts it to his waist. With his other hand he grabs my hair, wrapping it around his hand. He knows that when we're getting a bit wild I like for him to pull my hair – kind of rough but not to where it hurts. He pulls my head back slightly and I look up at him. His eyes are open and directly on me. The passion raging in them mesmerizes me. Even though our lovemaking is feeling good as hell, I know that I'm not going to come again right now. So I just concentrate on Mario. With one hand I trace my nails across his nipples. His eyes narrow and he bites his bottom lip. I lean towards his neck and firmly trace my tongue up and down the side of it. Mario makes a sound close to that of a whimper. I move back and grip the counter again. I thrust my hips toward him, moving in deep, concentrated circles. He can't maintain his eye contact any longer. His eyes shut tightly and he bites his bottom lip. The pumping of his hips increases and his breathing grows even more ragged. He then pulls me to him and moans loudly as he orgasms. He slumps against me trying to catch his breath. "Damn, baby," he says breathing raggedly. "Damn." I close my eyes and hold on to him. I run a hand through his hair, damp from perspiration. I focus all the energy that I can on him and this moment. I needed to lose myself in this. Not allowing for one minute any painful memories or anything else to intrude on it.
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  • Posted December 30, 2008

    I Also Recommend:

    good read

    This book was simply juicy and the writing drew you in.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted February 4, 2006

    En Fuego

    Ms.Halima has outdone herself with this book. She has given the characters depth and life that draw you into the book. I have read this book 3 times already and I was sad to say goodbye to the characters. It was full of intrigue, sex, family drama and self fulfillment. Great BOOK! Great accomplishment!

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