Lost Girl

Lost Girl

by Nabiel Kanan

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On vacation with her family, teenage Beth is drawn to a "wild girl," a young woman who scorns societal norms and appears to be happily homeless. As Beth befriends the older girl, she is increasingly drawn to the rebellious lifestyle, which seems a true expression of individuality and mystery. However, when Beth suspects that her friend is holding a young girl (the lost girl of the title) hostage, she attempts to pull herself away from the older girl's hypnotic grip. When Beth returns home, the routine of getting ready to return to school disappoints her, and she feels the influence of the older girl so strongly that she must act upon it. The drawings are black and white and accurately reflect the understated, seductive quality of the story. British graphic artist Kanan (Exit, Caliber, 1996) is a storyteller and stylist to watch. For larger public libraries.--Stephen Weiner, Maynard P.L., MA Copyright 1999 Cahners Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
The British author of the graphic novel Exit follows up with another narrative relying on his simple-line style, which perfectly suits the lanky English girls who are at the center of this deceptively realist tale. On vacation with her parents at a seaside caravan park, 15-year-old Beth, innocent-looking and wide-eyed, studies the more sophisticated girls who strut before the lustful boys. Annoyed by her intense and critical mother, and her younger sister, Beth wanders off and witnesses a vixenish girl seduce a stranger in an alleyway, and then steal his car while he's naked and spent. Later at the beach with the pot-smoking daughter of her parents' friends, the skimpily clad Beth again spots the mystery seductress, and follows her into the woods. After ditching the smart-talking friend, Beth and the stranger eventually meet: Beth smokes her first dope and accompanies the young sexpot on a wild horse ride—a moment of unprecedented freedom for the overprotected Beth. Just when you think that the Beth and the stranger look too much alike—that Kanan seems to lack a flexible style—you realize that the visual similarities are the point: Was the other girl a dream? A vision of Beth herself in the future? The recurring background search for a local missing girl further enhances a surprisingly complex mystery—a narrative often advanced by Kanan's smart and wordless cinematic frames.

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Graphic Novel
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