Lost in the Stars: The Music of Kurt Weill

Lost in the Stars: The Music of Kurt Weill


Not to be confused with Sony's 1997 soundtrack release, September Songs: The Music of Kurt Weill, which was inspired by this 1985 CD on A&M, and co-produced by visionary Hal Willner, Lost in the Stars: The Music of Kurt Weill indeed contains the "eclectic updates of See more details below


Not to be confused with Sony's 1997 soundtrack release, September Songs: The Music of Kurt Weill, which was inspired by this 1985 CD on A&M, and co-produced by visionary Hal Willner, Lost in the Stars: The Music of Kurt Weill indeed contains the "eclectic updates of Kurt Weill's distinctive German theater music" with help from Sting, Marianne Faithfull, John Zorn, Lou Reed, Carla Bley, Tom Waits, Charlie Haden, and more. This deep and complex work contains a 12-page booklet chock-full of information condensed into tiny, tiny print. Did the onset of compact discs hold this elaborate project back? If it were released on vinyl à la Jesus Christ Superstar, would it have reached a wider audience? With such diverse artists as Peanut Butter Conspiracy keyboardist Ralph Shuckett, Van Dyke Parks, and Aaron Neville, it's literally a cast of thousands. Coming on the heels of new wave as techno and trance were taking more of a hold this extensive presentation may have been a bit too heady for audiences embracing the simplicity of power pop and punk. You expect Marianne Faithfull to hit a home run, and she does on "Ballad of the Soldier's Wife," with some help from Chris Spedding, while superstar Sting is at his underground finest performing a creepy "Mack the Knife," a place his original fans wanted him to stay. Surprisingly, it is Lou Reed who, along with Ms. Faithfull, walks away with the "Oscar" here. Reed's outside appearances on soundtracks and tribute projects is hit or miss, working best when he gets to put together "My Love Is Chemical" for the film White Nights or a "Little Sister" from the Get Crazy soundtrack, disappointing when "Soul Man" for the film of the same name goes nowhere. "September Song" by Lou Reed is such a standout that its almost five minutes get extended to seven plus, as it becomes the title track to the aforementioned film this CD project inspired. Henry Threadgill's controlled cacophony on "The Great Hall" is everything Brian Eno's Portsmouth Sinfonia aspired to be. Had Eno taken that ensemble in this direction, they may have had a chance. Todd Rundgren and Gary Windo sound like Trevor Horn let loose in the studio to have some '80s fun, while Aaron Neville, Mark Bingham, and Johnny Adams are the antithesis of this track that follows them. Sounds and ideas from over a century of music cascade across the 67 minutes and 34 seconds of this CD. Both breathtaking and pretentious, there is so much to discover and contemplate that at the end of the day, Lost in the Stars gets a thumbs up. Interesting to note that in 1998, Marianne Faithfull would release a disc, The Seven Deadly Sins, featuring her performing music by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill. For that great artist, this type of material is a perfect fit.

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  1. Intro From Mahagonny Songspiel  - Steven Weisberg
  2. The Ballad of Mack the Knife
  3. The Cannon Song
  4. Ballad of the Soldier's Wife
  5. Johnny Johnson Medley
  6. The Great Hall
  7. Alabama Song  - Richard Butler
  8. Youkali Tango
  9. Der Kleine Leutnant des Lieben Gottes  - John Zorn
  10. Johnny's Speech
  11. September Song
  12. Lost in the Stars
  13. What Keeps Mankind Alive?
  14. Klops Lied (Meatball Song)  - Elliott Sharp
  15. Surabaya Johnny
  16. Hurricane Introduction  - Johnny Adams
  17. Oh, Heavenly Salvation  - Johnny Adams
  18. Call from the Grave/Ballad in Which MacHeath Begs All Men for ...  - Gary Windo
  19. Speak Low  - Charlie Haden
  20. In No Man's Land  - Van Dyke Parks

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jim Staley   Trombone,Bass Trombone
Marianne Faithfull   Vocals,Track Performer
Aaron Neville   Vocals,Track Performer
Van Dyke Parks   Conductor,Track Performer
Lou Reed   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Todd Rundgren   Track Performer
Elliott Sharp   Track Performer
Sting   Vocals,Track Performer
Tom Waits   Vocals,Track Performer
Carla Bley   Conductor,Track Performer
Lester Bowie   Trumpet
Bob Dorough   Choir, Chorus,Track Performer
Bruce Fowler   Trombone,Tenor (Vocal)
Kenny Kirkland   Piano
Marty Krystall   Flute,Bass Clarinet,English Horn,Tenor Saxophone
Tom "Bones" Malone   Trombone
Steve Masakowski   Guitar
Cecil McBee   Bass
Steve Swallow   Bass
Steve Weisberg   Track Performer
Larry Willis   Piano
Gary Windo   Track Performer
Chris Hunter   Flute
Steve Fowler   Flute,Alto Saxophone
Victor Lewis   Drums
David Roach   Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Dagmar Krause   Vocals,Track Performer
Chris Spedding   Guitar,Track Performer
Kathy Dalton   Vocals
Ellen Shipley   Vocals,Track Performer
William Schimmel   Accordion
Fowler Brothers   Track Performer
Maria Vidal   Background Vocals
Jim Keltner   Drums
Mark Bingham   Guitar,Track Performer
Tom Fowler   Bass
Guy Klucevsek   Accordion
David McKelvy   Harmonica
Johnny Adams   Vocals,Track Performer
Martin Agee   Violin
Sanford Allen   Violin
Abe Appleman   Violin
Karl Bargen   Viola
Thurman Barker   Drums
Germaine Bazzle   Background Vocals
Mike Berkowitz   Drums
Michael Blair   Percussion
Joseph Bongiorno   Bass
Bruce Bonvissuto   Trombone
Anders Bostrom   Flute
Randy Brecker   Trumpet
John Campo   Woodwind
Martha Caplin   Violin
Carter Cathcart   Keyboards
Vincent Chancey   French Horn
Allan Chase   Alto Saxophone
Robert Chausow   Violin,Concert Master
Crispin Cioe   Horn
Jon Clarke   French Horn
Greg Cohen   Bass
Laura Corcos   Violin
Jim Cuomo   Woodwind
Eddie Davis   Banjo
Charles Descarfino   Percussion
Akua Dixon   Cello
Rory Dodd   Vocals
Anton Fig   Drums
Fred Frith   Acoustic Guitar,Banjo,Electric Guitar,Voices
Susan Fletcher   Vocals
Ed Fowler   Piano
Walt Fowler   Trumpet
Sharon Freeman   Piano,Conductor,Track Performer
Bob Funk   Horn
Jack Gale   Trombone
Winterton Garvey   Violin
Paul Gemignani   Conductor
Charlie Haden   Bass,Track Performer
Albert "Tootie" Heath   Drums
Elton Heron   Bass
Nancy Hess   Vocals
James Hynes   Trumpet
Jean Ingraham   Violin
George James   Background Vocals
Edward "Kidd" Jordan   Contrabass Clarinet
Randy Kerber   Synthesizer
Katie Kirkpatrick   Harp
Armen Ksadjikian   Cello
Scott Kuney   Mandolin
Jeff Layton   Acoustic Guitar
Ann Leathers   Violin
John Leffler   Background Vocals
Richard Locker   Cello
Branford Marsalis   Soprano Saxophone
Paul McCandless   Oboe
Hugh McCracken   Acoustic Guitar
Sid McGinnis   Acoustic Guitar
Lloyd McNeill   Piccolo
Mike Miller   Banjo,Guitar
Ted Mook   Cello
Tony Morales   Drums
John Moses   Woodwind
Dominic Muldowney   Synthesizer,Track Performer
Diedre Murray   Cello
Buell Neidlinger   Bass
Jason Osborn   Piano
Joe Passaro   Percussion
Paul Peabody   Violin
Carol Pool   Violin
Bobby Previte   Percussion,Drums,Timpani
Faith Prince   Vocals
Matthew Raimondi   Violin
Marilyn Reynolds   Violin
Stan Ridgway   Vocals,Track Performer
Alvin Rogers   Violin
Fernando Saunders   Bass
Ralph Schuckett   Vocals,Track Performer
Scott   Woodwind
Ron Sell   French Horn
Debbie Shapiro   Vocals
Luli Shioi   Electric Bass,Harpsichord,Vocals,Whistle (Instrument)
Ralph Shuckett   Synthesizer,Keyboards
Ira Siegel   Electric Guitar
John Steinmetz   Bassoon
John Stubblefield   Tenor Saxophone
Marti Sweet   Violin
Fred Tackett   Banjo,Guitar,Mandolin
Mitsue Takayama   Viola
Henry Threadgill   Conductor,Track Performer
Eric Troyer   Vocals
Johnny Vidacovich   Drums
Paul "Wix" Wickens   Synthesizer
Hal Willner   Vocals
Albert Wing   Tenor Saxophone
Ken Winokur   Percussion
Wilmer Wise   Trumpet
Peter Wood   Keyboards
Phil Woods   Alto Saxophone,Track Performer
John Zorn   Clarinet,Cello,Conductor,Alto Saxophone,Saw,Track Performer
Mike Zwerin   Trombone,Bass Trumpet
Carol Emanuel   Harp
Richard Butler   Vocals,Track Performer
Lanny Paykin   Cello
Ralph Gibson   Tenor Saxophone
Juan José Mosalini   Bandoneon
Andrea Parkins   Accordion,Xylophone
Luis Perez   Vocals
Dean Plank   Trombone
John Sieger   Bass
Barry Socher   Violin
Dale Stuckenbruck   Violin
Arbuckle   Tenor Saxophone
Robert LaFosse   Vocals
David Lowenstein   Vocals
Sarah Adams   Viola
Ronnie Bauch   Violin
Scott Fowler   Vocals
Jamie Cohen   Vocals
Michael Scott Gregory   Vocals
John Petersen   Synthesizer,Track Performer
Paul Yarbrough   Viola
Mike Evans   Percussion
Alva Hunt   Woodwind
Patmore Lewis   Violin
Jason Alexander   Vocals,Narrator
Dominic Derasse   Trumpet
Richard Heckman   Woodwind
Beth Robinson   Harp
Richard Hagen   French Horn
Joe Cato   Acoustic Guitar
Jeffrey Lee Broadhurst   Vocals
Mindy Cartwright   Vocals
Charlotte d'Amboise   Vocals
Pamela Drews   Keyboards
Julie Eikenberg   Background Vocals
Gregorio Follari   Cello
Angelo H. Fraboni   Vocals
Louise Hickey   Vocals
Scott Jovovich   Vocals
Pamela Khoury   Vocals
Marty Kristall   Clarinet,Oboe
Michael Kubala   Vocals
Joey McKneely   Vocals
Julio Monge   Vocals
Jack Noseworthy   Vocals
Cathy Pacek   French Horn
Mark Peru   Banjo
Stephanie Sieberth   Background Vocals
Renée Stork   Vocals
Antonio Underwood   Tuba
George Russell   Vocals
Arno Hecht   Horn
James Rivera   Vocals
Tom Robbins   Vocals
Roger Shell   Cello
Ellen Troy   Vocals
Andi Tyler   Vocals
Gregory Williams   French Horn
Gary Winod   Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Steve Ochoa   Vocals
Kelly Patterson   Vocals
Greg Schanuel   Vocals
Mary Ellen Stuart   Vocals
Miohiso Takada   Violin
Linda Talcott   Vocals
Leslie Trayer   Vocals
Scott Wise   Vocals
Elaine Wright   Vocals
Barbara Yeager   Vocals
Alice Yearsley   Vocals
Lorraine Cohen   Trumpet
Susan Kikuchi   Vocals
Mary Ann Lamb   Vocals
Donna Marie Elio   Vocals
Eric A. Hoisington   Vocals
Greta Martin   Vocals
Alexia Hess   Vocals
Barbara Hoon   Vocals
Dan Rowe   Cello
Armadillo String Quartet   Track Performer
Gary Wido   Track Performer
Greg Newton   Bassoon
Neil Leonard   Clarinet
Gregorey Garrison   Vocals
Kevin Morgan   Tuba
Phillip Teele   Bass Trombone
Raymond Tischer   Viola
Lennie Peterson   Trombone
Michael Lynch   Vocals
Paul Litterall   Horn

Technical Credits

Kurt Weill   Composer
Van Dyke Parks   Arranger
Lou Reed   Arranger
Todd Rundgren   Arranger,Engineer
Paul Young   Producer
Carla Bley   Arranger
Bruce Fowler   Arranger
Steve Weisberg   Arranger
Chris Spedding   Arranger
Mark Bingham   Arranger
Ogden Nash   Composer
Jimmy Bralower   drum programming
Greg Cohen   Arranger
Doug Epstein   Engineer
Susan Fletcher   Contributor
Sharon Freeman   Arranger
Paul Goodman   Engineer
David Greenberg   Engineer
Nancy Hess   Contributor
Peter Keepnews   Liner Notes
Tom Mark   Engineer
Ted Mook   Contributor
Dominic Muldowney   Arranger
James Nichols   Engineer
Jason Osborn   Arranger
Faith Prince   Contributor
David Rosenberg   drum programming
Jay David Saks   Producer
Debbie Shapiro   Contributor
Ralph Shuckett   Arranger
Peter Smith   Engineer
Henry Threadgill   Arranger
Don Wershba   Engineer
Hal Willner   Producer,Liner Notes,Executive Producer
John Zorn   Arranger
Jeff Berger   Contributor
Luis Perez   Contributor
Bill Rosenfield   Contributor
Barry Socher   Arranger
Robert LaFosse   Contributor
David Lowenstein   Contributor
Scott Fowler   Contributor
J.J. Stelmach   Art Direction
Jamie Cohen   Contributor
Michael Scott Gregory   Contributor
Clyde Kaplan   Engineer
John Petersen   Engineer
Nancy Lee Swift   Liner Notes
Jason Alexander   Contributor
Bob Musso   Engineer
Alen MacWeeney   Contributor,Illustrations
Jerome Robbins   Director,Choreographer
Hervé Marignac   Engineer
Joe Cuneo   Engineer
Jeffrey Lee Broadhurst   Contributor
Mindy Cartwright   Contributor
Charlotte d'Amboise   Contributor
Michael Feingold   translation
Dave Ferrel   Engineer
Sheryl Flatow   Liner Notes
Angelo H. Fraboni   Contributor
Louise Hickey   Contributor
Scott Jovovich   Contributor
Pamela Khoury   Contributor
Michael Kubala   Contributor
Joey McKneely   Contributor
Julio Monge   Contributor
Jack Noseworthy   Contributor
Eric Saltzman   translation
Renée Stork   Contributor
Jay Weigel   Arranger
George Russell   Contributor
Dick Lewsey   Engineer
James Rivera   Contributor
Tom Robbins   Contributor
Ellen Troy   Contributor
Andi Tyler   Contributor
Kelly Patterson   Contributor
Greg Schanuel   Contributor
Mary Ellen Stuart   Contributor
Linda Talcott   Contributor
Leslie Trayer   Contributor
Scott Wise   Contributor
Elaine Wright   Contributor
Barbara Yeager   Contributor
Alice Yearsley   Contributor
Jane T. Brier   Liner Notes
J.C. Convertino   Engineer
Susan Kikuchi   Contributor
Mary Ann Lamb   Contributor
Donna Marie Elio   Contributor
Eric A. Hoisington   Contributor
Maxwell Anderson   Composer
Greta Martin   Contributor
Arnold Weinstein   translation
Alexia Hess   Contributor
Barbara Hoon   Contributor
John Telfer   Executive Producer
Paul M. Young   Producer,Liner Notes
JoAnn M. Hunter   Contributor
Terry Southern   Liner Notes
Michael Lynch   Contributor
Paul M. Young   Producer

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