Lost in Your Own Hometown

Lost in Your Own Hometown

by Bucktown Kickback

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  1. Valley  -  Bucktown Kickback
  2. Turn Left off the Exit  -  Bucktown Kickback
  3. Blackswamp Stomp (One More Dance)  -  Bucktown Kickback
  4. Slow Train  -  Bucktown Kickback
  5. This Space Between Us  -  Bucktown Kickback
  6. When Green Turns to Brown  -  Bucktown Kickback
  7. Seven Number Blues  -  Bucktown Kickback
  8. Mr. Hinton  -  Bucktown Kickback
  9. Mama's Boy at Heart  -  Bucktown Kickback
  10. All the Finest Girls  -  Bucktown Kickback
  11. What You've Got I Need  -  Bucktown Kickback
  12. Slow Train II  -  Bucktown Kickback
  13. That's Life  -  Bucktown Kickback
  14. Ashootingstar  -  Bucktown Kickback

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Bucktown Kickback   Primary Artist
Gary Puckett   Acoustic Guitar,Banjo,Bouzouki,Mandolin,Slide Guitar,Guitar (Nylon String)
Barry Hensley   Pedal Steel Guitar,Electric Guitar
Adam Schlenker   Acoustic Guitar,Guitar (Resonator)
Alex Anest   Electric Guitar,Lap Steel Guitar
Jess Faller   Accordion
Matt Adams   Saxophone
Adam Brooks Dudding   Acoustic Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals,Pump Organ
David Blankestyn   Percussion,Drums,Vocals
James Donovan   Electric Bass,Vocals,Upright Bass
Natalie Adams   French Horn
Adam Brooks Dudding   Acoustic Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals,Pump Organ

Technical Credits

Doug Edwards   Mastering
Adam Schlenker   Engineer
Bucktown Kickback   Audio Production
Adam Brooks Dudding   Composer

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