Lost Paradise

Lost Paradise

by Gerard Regnier, Jean Clair

ISBN-10: 2891921941

ISBN-13: 9782891921947

Pub. Date: 08/01/1995

Publisher: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts/Musee des Beaux-Arts de Montreal

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Montreal Museum of Fine Arts/Musee des Beaux-Arts de Montreal
Publication date:
Edition description:
New Edition
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9.97(w) x 12.51(h) x 1.62(d)

Table of Contents

Lost Paradise17
IThe Waning of Culture23
At the Threshold of Symbolism: Van Gogh's "Sower" and Gauguin's "Vision after the Sermon"104
Music for the Eye: Wagner and Symbolist Painting116
IIThe Self beyond Recovery125
From Anguish to Ecstasy: Symbolism and the Study of Hysteria224
Closed Eyes, Symbolism and the New Shapes of Suffering235
"Of Oneself", "To Oneself": Symbolism, Individualism and Communication242
IIIThe Homeland Regained251
Belgium at the Turn of the Century: Nationalism without Borders264
Divisionist Painting in Italy: Modern Chromatics and New Symbols274
Eugene Jansson and the Swedish Symbolist School283
The Finnish View of Symbolist Painting: From Antinous Myth to Kalevala Mysticism285
The Image of Death and the Myth of the Resurrection: Romantic Sources of Polish Symbolism293
IVThe Cycles of Life303
Microbes and Maladies: Bacteriology and Health at the Fin de Siecle385
VNew Territories395
"Cette Enchanteresse Matiere": Symbolism and the Decorative Arts406
The Dream of Beauty, or Truth Is Beauty, Beauty Truth: Photography and Symbolism, 1890-1914428
Illustrated Symbolist Books450
VITowards Regeneration457
List of Works Exhibited507
List of Figures529
Bibliography, 1984-1994533

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