Lost Towns of Tidewater Maryland

Lost Towns of Tidewater Maryland

by Donald G. Shomette

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Donald Shomette's Lost Towns Of Tidewater Maryland is an engaging and informative history of ten representative communities of the 130 towns or ports of the tidewater area of Maryland founded in colonial days. Of those original 130 sites, less than a score continue to exist today as cities or towns of any note. The others gradually disappeared into oblivion, destroyed by the tumultuous events that shaped Maryland's history. The ten communities forming the basis of this history were individualistic in the circumstances of their creation, flickered into existence against the odds, matured, and then finally expired. More than a story of abandoned towns, buildings and wharves, Lost Towns Of Tidewater Maryland is an fascinating story of the freemen and slaves who created these communities, lived and worked in them, defended them, and died with them. Lost Towns Of Tidewater Maryland is a unique, superbly written and presented contribution to New England history in general and Maryland's tidewater development in particular.

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