Lost Works

Lost Works

by Daniel Roberts

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Lost Works tells the story a man who once lived and is still alive, seeking to share his poetry, art, stories, creativity, thought, and science with the world.

With a strong grounding in physics, Daniel Roberts presents his philosophies for life and living, touching a wide range of topics, from art to virtue to God and religion. Lost Works offers a


Lost Works tells the story a man who once lived and is still alive, seeking to share his poetry, art, stories, creativity, thought, and science with the world.

With a strong grounding in physics, Daniel Roberts presents his philosophies for life and living, touching a wide range of topics, from art to virtue to God and religion. Lost Works offers a free-form, flowing, prose exploration of many of humanity's most essential questions.v

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Lost Works


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Copyright © 2010 Daniel Roberts
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4502-6115-9

Chapter One

Of light and shadow and the Order of Love and Knowledge

A masterpiece cannot be created without light and shadow. Light is the focal point of self knowledge around which we paint our lives upon the canvas of life. Our good intentions paint a brilliancy of color that make the colors of this world be a dim reflection of our perception of such hues and tone. From our intentions we paint our actions upon the canvas of life we express our love, trust, faithful, loyal, bravery, talents, our good will, what we desire to experience, and how we may help, heal, inspire or entertain through expressing our abilities around the focal point of our self knowledge. The shadow exists as a remembrance of the mistakes we have made that is cast from the color that we have painted through our intentions but formed from our inability to cope with certain situations that had merited our virtue while expressing our desires or ego moved by our will. These shadows are seen from self reflection as the focal point of our self knowledge gives us depth on the life as we move into the light as we grow and deepen our perception. We sometimes do not see the shadow of our mistakes because we fail to understand our self enough to care enough to recognize what we did wrong but will gladly hold others to their mistakes. We are more focused on other peoples mistakes which, have us feel we are impervious to making mistakes despite having made them in our life because we lack the depth perception on our life from the light of our self knowledge being to dim to define the colors that have cast but meager shadows upon our canvas. The focal point of light displays shadows within this canvas of our life as they are brought out by our self knowledge as the shadows exist as being an afterthought of what we should and could have done so we may extend the light of self knowledge to create a more colorful life with less shadow as we paint our intentions in the light of knowledge but with a heart to know. Meaning, through the depth of self knowledge the light that exist as a focal point we paint more of our passions around as we seek to achieve in life by understanding our self and the nature of self and humanity. Even though the should haves and could haves don't exist only the do's and don'ts we always have regrets of a time we wished we could have done differently. Our lack of knowledge of being in the situations that merit our virtue gets in the way of doing what is right from our lack of experience or from our desires hindering our judgment to do what is right. Hindsight is always twenty-twenty but from our lack of experience do we make mistakes but is recognized as being such from the self knowledge we have gained from our open conscious which, defines life with a stronger clarity and sharpness as we gain discernment, as we know the proper way to behave in the situations that evoke emotion which is a life long growing process. It is as if clarity increases as the focal point of self knowledge gives us depth on life in the light of how to treat each other but also gives us a depth on life to bring clarity into necessity and what isn't a necessity as if we sort the shaft from the wheat to refine our behavior around how to gain through our abilities but without contention. Nature's way having us gain but avoid suffering through our behavior rises through the Mind as our self knowledge has our abilities be refined so that actions will pose no contention despite competing with self to gain so that suffering will no longer be in Mind but be avoided through a conscious effort. Life becomes more colorful.

By letting God into our life it does not mean he takes control of our life but he steers our life through us from our willingness to live better by understanding the nature of his will and how that is one with survival which is through virtue which leads to an Order of Love and Knowledge to bring forth peace through words and action and stability through virtue to have us rely upon acting without contention and not surviving through hate or violence but rather through virtue. Nature naturally made us virtuous to not only survive but to live. Virtue was Nature's way to have us live as we avoid suffering to keep the body alive as we evolved. Virtue established from our senses despite being from a body and Mind connection. In heaven we are naturally virtuous from having a body and being aware of the body like in life but in heaven they would have an enlightened conscious to have virtue move unimpeded as it comes from the mind. Our very self is virtuous and from there do we feel dishonored or disrespected because the values that virtues posses reflects worth because value is worth which would therefore show Self worth through virtue to have virtue be an eternal value of self worth that is equal for all human beings from all human beings being naturally virtuous. Virtue is the nature of our center from where we find the love of virtue from training to reinforce and build self worth but also from a deepening of the conscious as we find the value of our virtue so that we may obtain what we love but in a manner where we secure self. And it is knowledge that is part of a dependant system that has the eternality of all meanings that exist static be in there individuality so meaning can be re-gathered through the conscious to say meaning is an eternal static constant, for water has always been wet and fluid before I was born to have me in my temporality bring recognition to an eternal meaning so that in my ignorance I may say I have gained knowledge so that the conscious which is actualized from being a potential of creation may connect with knowledge in a dependant system to have the conscious be a part of the knowledge gained from a dependant system to say there is a gathering of knowledge from eternal meanings. It is only connecting the feelings of virtue to functions so that we may reinforce virtuous behavior to deepen consciousness and being conscientious around given tasks so that value can be present and be shown so that familiarity will train virtuous behavior from feeling the good received from virtue which touches on their self worth(virtuous self) to be positively reinforced from uniting self worth to given tasks(functions) so that values(principles) will be obtained to keep self worth motivated and the conscious secure which in turn effects the ego from attachment to reinforce both a love of virtue as they learn to gain, give, and avoid suffering from a conscious effort but also has our attachment of worth effect our ego as we obtain a specialness of self, a confidence which is healthy but not when one's excessive pride makes him miscalculate his own actions or others or compete in an egotistical manner from obtaining dependancy on looks and a certain behavior that has one gain and obtain self worth as one competes. So every time we feel upset or our ego is hurt it is from our innate and eternal virtuous self being put at risk through humans competing, gaining to have us feel a violation of virtue was present, or we didn't try hard enough which means we could have been more responsible, honest, etc., and is actualized through the conscious but with an awareness of the body so that we may know what we feel, to feel what we know, as we connect the heart an mind so that principles can be established from bringing Order around securing the conscious through the feeling of virtue moved by love to build self worth to keep the virtuous self secure and centered as one gains. This way we find value in life from the connection we make through our emotional self so that attachments can be made to benefit the psyche like within a relationship, to form principles around sustaining self worth between them through love motivating the value of their virtuous self to treat that person right(value), so by treating them as a reflection of self, one feel's self worth, as we show appreciation for what we value. The ego then becomes effected through attachment to influence self esteem so that in a relationship behavior will be adopted around stabilizing self esteem for both people so that there virtuous self may branch towards obtaining principles(rules/values) around what they desire about each other and to keep that alive. Even though the seven deadly sins are Vices, untrustworthiness, irresponsibility, unfaithfulness, etc., occurs when one's vice is lust, vanity, sloth, etc., which makes the complementary opposite of virtue be Vice but experienced through desires to gain to violate other's virtues to obtain gratification for self or expressed out of ignorance from needing to find the value of virtue so that one will grow to be more honest, trustworthy, etc., as they get older. Ignorance from the growing process, addictions, and attachments, have us be Vice oriented from how we obtain feelings of self worth from our behavior and stabilizing the conscious as we gain and avoid suffering. Vice is more recognizably known for being body oriented as our desires move our will but is also psychological due to how behavior supports the ego and feelings of self worth around valuing what we desire so that as we may approach being unfaithful or disrespectful it is to gain satisfaction for the body or secure position to feel respected but ultimately such desires is to supplement their psychological well being as they build around stabilizing what they can gain. Both vice and virtue are supported by how it secures the ego as we learn to gain and avoid suffering to keep the virtuous self stable so that we may still feel dishonored or disrespected despite disrespecting others. It may be hypocritical but is part of the growing process.

The Order of Love and Knowledge has virtue be the center as we stay open to knowledge from our love. This is Order rising itself through Chaos, a system with uncertainty. As the creation of life met the adversity and unpredictability that Chaos brings within the physical plane to evolve the body and it's behavior around sustaining the bodies homeostasis and nurture symmetry in an asymmetrical plane as pressure nurtured joints and the elongation of the digits to have us cope with the force from changing the inertial course as we moved and applied pressure to nurture symmetry from adversity. Two eyes, two ears, nostrils, formed symmetrically as sensitivity forced change to have adversity effect how we formed symmetrically but how it is done genetically is a mystery to me. And as intellectual capacities grew, we grew into the recognition of the mechanics and motion of the nature of life to explain the dimension of our environment as we included time with distance to plan and think dimensionally. Patterns and symmetries formed in a dependant system of asymmetry caused by the Order of growth being from an energy dependant system that is forced into a volumetric dependancy from volume being generated for mass as it poses an inequality relative to the vacuum to generate a force of gravity to ensure statics so that symmetry will rise through the Order of dependancy and growth but will face the adversity of force that creates asymmetry. As we grew intellectually, our ability to communicate increased to have security and insecurity created from competing amongst a fertile Planet that created Dinosaur and fish to the evolving mammals, as we were preyed upon and delt with poisonous plants and insects to instill feelings of being territorial to gain security amongst our environment due to the fight or flight response existing so that through being territorial we kept ourselves stable and even gained security through our ego to compete and obtain security as we competed for dominance which creates feelings of security through harm or hate as we measured life out of fear to gain security or dominance more strongly which had harm and hate rise upward as our conscious deepened as we evolved through the adversity that Chaos brings from being part of the dependancy of knowledge so that as we understood the nature of our environment we lived with meaning but in the light of peace. We went from being a peaceful species into being a territorial species that became smarter in how they took and competed amongst each other to create feelings of hate and harm from taking from each other physically and emotionally. It is as if consciousness evolved as it was pulled from within the evolution of life from the stimulosus put upon the organism/species causing primary movement from the evolving faculties of the organism be stimulated by the senses to have us move based on thermal energy and toward food sources to then have us fight or flee based on experiencing pain and loss repeatedly over hundreds of thousands of years to give us the faculty of fighting or fleeing as we relied highly upon sight and sound from being sense oriented and not dimensional thinkers. We evolved from the cellular mass being stimulated to move without thinking to have the senses like the eyes, ears, and nose stimulate the limbic system to move our animal self to have consciousness be not as deep from the brain not being as evolved to allow stronger self awareness despite being self aware through the will of the form but would be influenced highly upon the senses. At this point we know the nature of our food source and it's behavior to have us judge but did not rise to the point of being planners despite starting to judge distance, behavior, and time to have us start planning. The formation of the senses brought dimension to our environment so that as we evolved, we evolved to understand the nature of our environment in greater depth and understand each other. Listening skills and speaking gave way to evolve communication as our hearing and speech faculty within the brain strengthened which had us evolve our intellectual capacity and be dimensional thinkers through listening and speaking which had us understand the nature of our environment with greater depth and started planning as we evolved which gave way to a more peaceful way through having more control which was balanced by mans desires and lack of control as the brain and consciousness gave us more control through planning a peaceful/secure way. We started planning early on as we gained a depth of understanding on the nature of our environment and even from the behavior of food sources that stimulated our senses through sight and scent to have us start planning through understanding the nature of food sources. The genetic code seemed to have been created from a metabolic dependancy to decrease decay rate from the kinetics of catalysis creating a metabolic rate that kept the code alive(moving forward in time)? How amino acids varied themselves relative to the sugar helix is unknown to me but since Order arranges itself through dependancy the code would have been dependant upon itself and formed logical sequences through the dependancy. Cellular respiration became more efficient relative to the density of oxygen extracted from the atmosphere from the development of the lungs nurturing a four chambered heart as the lungs evolved to better handle the atmospheric condition early in evolutionary history when we were within the water. Does this mean we at first extracted oxygen from the water to then obtain a respiratory system that extracted oxygen from the air? To know that we evolved from the water and oxygen is necessary for metabolism is to know that we extracted oxygen from a water source before we evolved lungs and a four chambered heart while within the water.


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