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Lots to Do In Line: Walt Disney World

Lots to Do In Line: Walt Disney World

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by Meredith Lyn Pierce
A ten-minute wait can transform happy kids into cranky whiners. And adults aren’t much different. No wonder then that folks say waiting in line for rides is the single biggest drawback to a Disney World vacation. Author Pierce transforms wait time into fun time by using Disney’s own visuals to create a profusion of games for each ride line. Your eyes and


A ten-minute wait can transform happy kids into cranky whiners. And adults aren’t much different. No wonder then that folks say waiting in line for rides is the single biggest drawback to a Disney World vacation. Author Pierce transforms wait time into fun time by using Disney’s own visuals to create a profusion of games for each ride line. Your eyes and her book are the only tools you need to play.

Editorial Reviews

Meet the Magic.com, April 15, 2013 - Natalie Henley
The book is long and slender, made specifically so you can tuck the book in your back pocket when not in use! … Not only will the entertainment offer you fun, but it will also help you notice and appreciate some of the extra details found in the queues!
Chip and Company, March 31, 2013 - Heather L
As much as my family and I love Walt Disney World, there is one part that we could easily do without—waiting in those long lines for a ride! That’s why I am so excited about [this] new book. It is filled with ways to help turn waiting in line into part of the magic.
Disneygeek.com, The Geek's Library, April 16, 2013 - Jason Dziegielewski
A side benefit of the activities in this book is if you are all participating in a group activity, you will be interacting with each other and having fun as a group, versus what you see too often nowadays with each member of the family/group focused on their own phone or other electronic device.
Susan’s Disney Family.com, March 27, 2013 - Susan Simon
Quizzes and scavenger/treasure hunts keep your mind moving in case the line you're in isn’t. ….Not that standing in line is fun but with “Lots to Do in Line” in my possession, it made it a lot easier!
Walt Disney World Hints (wdwHints.com, April 10, 2013 - Amy Bilsky
I was incredibly impressed with “Lots To Do In Line: Walt Disney World” and think it will be a great addition to any trip to Walt Disney World. Adults and children will enjoy the games and will see things that even the biggest Disney fan may not have noticed.
Heidi's Head, 5/13/13 - Heidi Strawser
Last year, I had the opportunity to review a neat little book called Lots To Do In Line – Disneyland. From my review, I think you can tell that I was pretty impressed. My only complaint about the book wasn’t really a complaint at all – rather, it was a request for a follow-up book based on Walt Disney World. I was so pleased to hear that Meredith Lyn Pierce heard my request (and I’m sure the request of many, many others) and followed up with a Walt Disney World version of this great resource.
Heidi Says
I don’t think that I’ve ever complained about a book published by The Intrepid Traveler, and I’ve been blessed to review many of their books!
Here are some of the things that I really like about this book:
• It’s about Walt Disney World! I asked for it, and I got it!
• Its handy size. This book (and it’s predecessor) are 4?x9? – the perfect size for throwing in a backpack or purse and carrying into the parks.
• The subject. Sure, lots of books have been written about Walt Disney World, but have you ever seen one about the LINES?
• The versatility. I mean, at first glance you might think that this book is just for kids. Not so! This book is for everyone, and will make great fun for your entire family!
My middle child tends to be very competitive (she’s done lots of research on birth order, and as it turns out, that’s a trait of middle children). Anyway, I plan to turn this book over to her and let her take charge of our line activities on our next Disney trip.
The book offers several different ways to “play”:
1. You can divide your family/group into teams. Your teams can be scored per line, or per day/park – whichever you choose.
2. You can compete individually. Using this method would work best for groups in which each player has their own copy of the book.
3. You can play “just for fun” and skip the competition. This would probably be best for our family, considering the kids are such varied ages and competition may not be exactly “fair”.
The book is divided by park, and then further divided by “land”. There are questions for each attraction.
There are “pop quizzes” scattered throughout. These are great fun and often focus on the sign for the attraction. Take a close look at the sign before entering the queue, then see what you remember about it as you proceed.
The questions for each attraction are given in order – so as you pass various things in the queue, the questions go along with you.
Don’t put your book away when you’re in an interactive queue! Just because Disney provides extra fun in some queues, doesn’t mean that there isn’t even more fun to encounter and mystery to solve!
Special designation is given for attractions with FastPass lines. Sure, you might miss some of the fun, but you can still enjoy some line fun as well.
Over the years, I have read many suggestions to take hand-held video games to keep your kids busy while waiting in long lines and I’ve often thought “what a sad commentary of our times”. First of all, Disney does make the lines fun. But, if you add this book to your packing list, you’ll have even more fun and you can enjoy it together AS A FAMILY! After all, isn’t that what Disney is all about?
A Disney Mom’s Thoughts, 8/16/14 - Beth Green
This book will help keep all kids, of any age, entertained while waiting in lines…My husband even said it would be fun to use on a "no kids allowed" trip!

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The Intrepid Traveler
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1st edition
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4.00(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.70(d)

Meet the Author

Meredith Lyn Pierce lives in Lacey, Washington, near Olympia, with her husband and daughter. Meredith grew up in Orange County, California, Disneyland’s vast backyard. She was introduced to Disney magic at a very young age and enjoyed regular visits to the park as a child, teenager, and adult. In due time, she graduated from The College of Communications at California State University Fullerton and spent the next 15 years working to improve the lives of children and adults with developmental disabilities and mental illness.

The inspiration for Lots To Do In Line came to her during her first trip to Disneyland with her own daughter, then age seven. Looking at the park in the role of Mommy made her notice things she had failed to register before. The lines were a wonderland of things to see and do, and they were going unnoticed and underappreciated. One year later, Lots To Do In Line: Disneyland was born. Encouraged by rave reviews from fans and the frequently expressed hope that a Lots To Do In Line: Walt Disney World was in the works, Meredith headed to WDW just in time to catch the opening of the Magic Kingdom’s new Fantasyland. Lots To Do In Line: Walt Disney World is the result.

ISBN and title of author's previous book: Lots To Do In Line: Disneyland, 978-1887140973

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Lots to Do in Line: Walt Disney World 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book rocks. It kept my family happy when the lines were long. I think my favorite thing in it is the haunted mansion murder mystery. I would have walked right past that one.