Love Finds You in Humble, Texas

Love Finds You in Humble, Texas

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by Anita Higman
Trudie Abernathy is a little inelegant and she’s never had much luck in love. To make matters worse, her thirtieth birthday is fast approaching and her sister, Lane, has decided to "treat" her to a makeover and a few blind dates. Trudie is about to protest, but then she meets the kind and handsome Mason Williamson. In spite of her humble manner, Mason


Trudie Abernathy is a little inelegant and she’s never had much luck in love. To make matters worse, her thirtieth birthday is fast approaching and her sister, Lane, has decided to "treat" her to a makeover and a few blind dates. Trudie is about to protest, but then she meets the kind and handsome Mason Williamson. In spite of her humble manner, Mason finds her attractive, funny and smart. But Lane inexplicably pushes Trudie away from Mason and toward the other willing suitors. The makeover has transformed Trudie from ordinary into stunning but she isn’t sure how she feels about all the attention from men. Can Trudie stay true to her humble self and find her heart’s desire in the process?

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Love Finds You Series
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Anita Higman is the author of 24 books including fiction, nonfiction, children’s books and plays. Among her published romance titles are Larkspur Dreams, The Love Song and Castles in the Air, all coauthored with Janice A. Thompson. Her mysteries include Another Stab at Life and Another Hour to Kill. Anita is a member of ACFW and the Christian Humor Writers’ Group and she has been recognized for her involvement in literacy programs. A Texan for the past 24 years, Anita has co-authored an award-winning book about her home state, A Tribute to Early Texas. She lives with her family near Houston. Anita would love for you to visit her website at

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Love Finds You in Humble, Texas 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 23 reviews.
bookgirl209 More than 1 year ago
I loved it
Fausto49 More than 1 year ago
I will recommended to everyone I know this book is really good, I just finish that say that I met Anita Higman in B&N and she is really nice and I hope she continues the romance writing
Kathleen_Fuller More than 1 year ago
I looked forward to reading this book, my first one in the new line of Love Finds You In... books from Summerside Press. Gauging from Humble, this will be a successful series. Higman writes a sweet love story with very little conflict but lots of emotion. Mason is a terrific hero and he and Trudie make a great couple. If you enjoy traditional love stories, you'll really like Humble, Texas.
MichelleSutton More than 1 year ago
ABOUT THE BOOK I absolutely adored this romantic romp in the town of Humble, Texas. The story was incredibly engaging and very well-written. It had a new twist where a few other points of view beyond the hero and heroine occurred, probably to give perspective to things that I can't mention. I was so totally into the story that the people seemed real to me. There were no unlikeable characters, even the ones that you wanted to have something against. I was impressed with how the author accomplished that. The love the sisters had for each other was heart-wrenchingly tender, and Mason is probably the coolest hero I've ever encountered in a romance novel. I enjoyed the tension, but even moreso I loved the expressed humility and love that was so pervasive throughout this story. It totally inspired me and I highly recommend it. Why? Because it'll give your heart rainbows. To find out what I mean you'll just have to read Love Finds You in Humble Texas for yourself. You won't regret it.
Janna6 More than 1 year ago
I have been wanting to read one of the new "Love Finds You In..." books since they started coming out in late Fall, this is the first one I've gotten my hands on. I really enjoyed it as a nice, contemporary romance with a couple twists. Two sisters who are really like best friends end up in love with the same man. One sister steps aside and sacrifices her own chance at love for the sake of her relationship with her sister. She had pride issues when she was younger, now she takes humbleness to an unhealthy extreme. Can God work everything out when we keep getting in the way? I guess you'll have to come visit Humble, Texas to find out!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Adam412 More than 1 year ago
In most historical romance novels I read, and I've consumed hundreds, the main characters are so beautiful or handsome they can't dodge Cupid's arrow when they meet. That's not the case with Trudie Abernathy, an ordinary gal who could teach young women of today a thing or two about real beauty that even Solomon would notice although he had 700 wives and 300 concubines. Solomon wrote about the ideal woman in Proverbs 31, and Trudie is the type of woman who would qualify in many ways. Despite a sister who gives her makeovers and tries to create an elegant woman out of her, Trudie remains herself, enjoying common things in life, working with ill children, and forgetting much of what her sis teaches that supposedly would help Trudie catch a man. Enter Mason, the blind date the sister arranges for Trudie. Mason is one of the sister's former boyfriends, and he's the one who's the perfect athletic specimen with height and the physical attributes women swarm to like ants after a bread crumb. Yet, Trudie gets though the crowd and likes who he is, too. Mason seems to return the affection-but circumstances cause Trudie to turn away from him. Will love find her? By the title readers know love finds somebody in Humble, Texas. When you meet Trudie, you'll hope she's the one. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
LovenGod More than 1 year ago
Love Finds You In Humble Texas Anita Higman 2008 Summer Side Press Christian Fiction/Chicklit 12.99 US Reviewed by Cindy Loven Sisters, what do you do with them? Your sister plans a wonderful make over including a blind date with a dream boat. Trudie wants to refuse Lane, but Lane never takes no for an answer. So Trudie falls in with Lane's plans, and meets Mason Wimberley, a wonderful man, that Trudie can feel herself falling for FAST! Of course that was until her sister Lane decided she is in love with Mason. Oh the hurt and indecision that Trudie faces. She gives up Mason, but her heart is feeling like it is breaking into a million peices. This book will have you on the edge of your seat, wondering which sister will find true love in Humble Texas? Or will both sisters? Trudie will re-discover her lost passion in art, and begin painting again. The sisters will both deal with past hurts from family deaths and issues. Just a totally captivating story. Anita has brought us another wonderful book in Love Finds You in Humble Texas. Most definitely a book to share with others. 318 pages Check out Anita on the web..<a href="">Anita Higman Website</a>
lhp More than 1 year ago
Trudie Abernathy is like many women you know: warm, funny and often imperfect. Her sister Lane is the sister you'd love to have but are glad you don't: beautiful, ambitious and determined to help Trudie improve. As Trudie's thirtieth birthday approaches, Lane insists that what she needs most in life is a new look and a new chance at love. She treats Trudie to a makeover and insists on allowing a blind date to share their dinner celebration. When Trudie hears that the date is a man that Lane has "passed" on, she is sure she will be forced to spend her birthday with someone atrocious. But, when she finds herself sitting next to Mason Wimberley, a handsome and charming businessman who seems to "get" her quirky sense of humor, Trudie is smitten. As the dinner evolves, so does a love triangle. Lane realizes her feelings for Mason as she watches him dote on her sister. Unaware of Lane's feelings, Mason makes his affection for Trudie clear and immediately begins to pursue her. But when Lane reveals to Trudie that she is in love with Mason, Trudie removes herself from the relationship out of a greater love for her sister than for herself. Still, she is devastated and struggles to get her mind around the choice she has made and to get Mason to divert his attention to Lane. This is a funny and engaging look at the lengths that people will go to in order to protect and care for the ones they love. This love triangle, shared by sisters who care tremendously for one another, gives an interesting angle that will have you boucing back and forth between characters and choosing sides. Anita Higman pens an enjoyable read that will leave you smiling from the building kinship you feel with her characters. A light, heartwarming read. More than 1 year ago
Love Finds You In Humble, Texas is the story of two sisters in love with the same man. Trudie and Lane are as different as night and day. Trudie is dedicated to her work with sick children. Lane gives Trudie a special birthday present. She attempts to give her a makeover and sets her up on several blind dates. Mason, a Lane castoff, finds himself drawn to Trudie. He is the first man Trudie has shown interest in. Soon, she finds herself falling in love. Trudie is willing to sacrifice her own happiness for her sister's. This is the first time I have read a book by Anita Higman. It will not be the last. Love Finds You In Humble, Texas is a beautiful love story. I like the way the sisters interact. Higman teaches Christian values without being preachy. Higman is a talented author; she is a master at dialogue and humor. Fans of Christian Romance will enjoy Love Finds You In Humble, Texas.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
CindyPirtle More than 1 year ago
While I am NOT a fan of Romance novels, I am a huge fan of Anita Higman. Love Finds You in Humble, Texas is a well-written story containing thoughtful and truly human characters; ones that you want or already have as friends. I actually got teary-eyed during a chapter. I think the biggest compliment I can pay concerns the ending. Some authors seem to "give up" at the end presenting a half-baked conclusion that fails to tie up all the loose ends and leaves you hungry and saying, "That's it?" Higman not only completes her literary feast with a large serving dessert, answering all questions, but seems to keep giving more and more, until after so many chocolate covered strawberries, you are pleasantly sated, satisfied and wholly fulfilled. Well done!
CathyBryant More than 1 year ago
What would happen if two sisters both fell in love with the same man? That is the question at the heart of this cute romantic story. "Love Finds You in Humble Texas" by author Anita Higman, is a delightful book about Trudie Abernathy and her sister Lane. Trudie sees her image coach sister as having her life pulled together, but sees herself as . . . well, um . . . as a dung beetle. For Trudie's thirtieth birthday, Lane sets out to give her an image makeover and a blind date with a man she herself passed over. But when Lane sees how well Mason Wimberley treats Trudie, she realizes she made a huge mistake and finds herself in love with the first man Trudie has taken an interest in. Trudie, in her humble way, backs away from her chance at love when she discovers Lane's feelings, but Mason isn't easily dissuaded. Though their romance is put on a back burner, he helps Trudie re-discover a talent she has buried for years. The take-away messages from this book for me are following your God-given talents and abilities and the joy of being humble and selfless. As an aspiring writer and student of the craft, here are a few things I really enjoyed about this book: 1. Subtexting - For non-writers, this is a technique we use in conversation all the time without even realizing it. Writers use it in their dialogue in an effort to gain authenticity. Simply put, it is the underlying meaning of conversation. Anita Higman uses it well. 2. Interesting Premise - The plot of two sisters in love with the same man automatically sets up conflict, which makes a compelling story. 3. Witty Dialogue - Enough said. 4. Sparkling Narrative - One mark of a true writer. How do you include descriptions and story detail without boring the reader to tears? Higman has mastered this. 5. Philosophical, Without Being Stuffy or Preachy - The author pulls this off by making the main character, Trudie, a deep thinker. 6. The Wedding Scene - It reminded me of a modern-day version of a Jane Austen plot--the torture of being at a wedding with the wrong person, and the right person being there with someone you care about and don't want to see hurt. What a delightful tangled web! 7. The Character Counterpoint - The juxtaposition of the characterizations of Trudie and Lane Abernathy was a brilliant move by Higman. All in all, this book is a great read, especially if you like romantic comedy. It is a gentle reminder that sometimes love does indeed find us. It may seem slow in coming, but when it happens, it happens quickly--that instantaneous spark of connection. "Love Finds You in Humble Texas" by Anita Higman is a dish of romance served with sparkle and snap.
WhatILovedAboutThisBook More than 1 year ago
First of all, I have to say that I LOVE the idea of this Summerside line. Setting romances in real towns with unique names is really up my reading alley. If you're like me, you'll end up not wanting to miss a single book.

What I loved most about this book: The heroine, Trudy, was so well-drawn. She was multi-layered and I was instantly endeared to her. I enjoyed the relationship thread between these two sisters as much as I did the romantic relationship between the hero and the heroine. And this me SWOON-WORTHY. In addition to having a unique voice, Anita did great with these characters and with the relational issues in the book. The first page was a little heavy with narrative, but the character and the plot situation and the writing style quickly moved me into the heart of the story.

I loved the heroine's internal monologue and how she grew in the story, as well as her sister. I can't say too much without giving things away but trust me, if you purchase this book (and I hope you do!) prepare to be touched.

Very entertaining read. Highly recommended.

Cheryl Wyatt
Deborah_Anderson More than 1 year ago
Lane Abernathy, a beautiful image coach, is used to having the best of everything in life--the best looks, clothes, accessories (Prada of course), and men. Her sister, Trudie Abernathy, is the opposite. Trudie, who is down-to-earth and content to shop at garage sales, could care less about high maintenance and mirrors.

On Trudie's thirtieth birthday, Lane decides to treat Trudie to a makeover, free coaching sessions, and lunch with one of Lane's old boyfriends, Mason Wimberley.

On their way to the luncheon, in a limo no less, Lane tells Trudie how wonderful Mason is and how he wants to meet her, but Trudie's not convinced. "You either lied your head off about me, or he has issues you never told me he uses one of those plastic toothpicks out of an army knife, or his hair has all migrated from his head to his ears," she says.

Trudie and Mason do hit it off at the luncheon, though, and Mason calls Trudie for another date. A date that finds them both falling fast.

Just as Trudie's about to tell Lane about her blessed bliss, Lane blasts Trudie's heart with a confession. "I'm in love with Mason," she says.

Can you imagine?

This is the first time I've read this author's work, and I'm now a fan.
pwerica More than 1 year ago
Trudie has always bowed out to her beautiful sister Lane, since after all she is the plain one. This is the story of 2 sisters in love with the same man. One plain Trudie and one beautiful Lane. How is a man to choose? With the heart of course! Follow the story of these two sisters and the man they love! You will be sure to enjoy it! More than 1 year ago
Delightful. Funny. Fluidly played like a fiddler at a square dance.

Trudie Abernathy feels inadequate next to her beautiful and successful sister who sets her up on a blind date for her thirtieth birthday. The problem is Mason is too handsome, too considerate, and too perfect for her. Or is he? When her sister decides that she is in love with Mason, Trudie backs off, sadly. Now add a poised and perfect secretary Mason has just hired, a quirky art gallery owner, and an old high school heartthrob to the mix, and everything turns out perfectly . . . eventurally.

A lighthearted glimpse into the dynamics of flawed sisters with unresolved guilt. A satisfying romance that will leave a smle on your face. More than 1 year ago
Why Spring breezes and sunshine smiles, you may ask? Because... that's what, Love Finds You in Humble, Texas, reminds me of.

Anita Higman's business card says, "Characters you can sink your heart into." That describes the characters in this book to a T. In fact, I already miss them.

What happens when two sisters fall in love with the same man? One has Mason's heart, but gives it to another. Or does she? And will he get it back? If so, what happens to the heartbroken sister? Will love find her, too? A gift Mason gives heals a heart of guilt. What gift? And who does it heal?

Trudie thinks she's from another planet. Why?

Lane helps to build up her sister's image. What am I talking about? And at what cost?

Then there's Wiley and his protein bars. Wiley, and an African American boy Cyrus, dramatically change Trudie's life. How?

A tiara holds a secret from the past. What secret?

Bloomers Boutique makes a huge sale. To whom, and for what?

Rainbows, and the song Unforgettable are symbolic, and so romantic. For whom? And why?

An unusual career causes women to flee. For whom? And just what is this career change?

Well, did I ask you enough questions to wet your appetite?

If you want to know the answers to all these questions, you have to read, Love Finds You in Humble, Texas. Trust me, you won't be sorry.

If you love spending time with amazing characters, then this book is for you. Plus, there are several valuable lessons in, Love Finds You in Humble, Texas, that you'll have to discover for yourself. My own life, is forever changed because of this amazing story by Anita Higman.

So thank you, Anita. Keep up the fabulous work. You are one amazingly gifted writer!
JoannaTX More than 1 year ago
I only gave it 3 stars because any less would say that it was absolutely horrible, which it wasn't. Still... After reading so many great reviews, I was looking forward to reading this book and had high expectations. But it just kind of fell flat. It started out well, but it got boring. Quickly. There are a few touching scenes - especially the one where the Abernathy sisters have a good talk and one where Trudie gives a speech. But mostly, it was just lacking. It didn't really seem to deviate from the norm. While some books can have little plot and be awesome, this isn't one of them. There were several annoying cliches. The characters also weren't too inspriring. It wasn't very romantic, and I was just disappointed. Sometimes it was okay, and others it was boring. The ending is kind of good, but this is certainly a book I was able to put down - even when I had nothing better to do!!