Love Finds You in Revenge, Ohio

Love Finds You in Revenge, Ohio

4.7 9
by Lisa Harris
The only thing worse than being a spinster is being a twice-jilted spinster. At twenty-five, Catherine Morgan is hardly an old maid but she’s given up on marriage and instead manages the family’s general store in the small town of Revenge, Ohio. Bound by a promise to care for her three sisters until they marry, she’ll do anything it takes to keep


The only thing worse than being a spinster is being a twice-jilted spinster. At twenty-five, Catherine Morgan is hardly an old maid but she’s given up on marriage and instead manages the family’s general store in the small town of Revenge, Ohio. Bound by a promise to care for her three sisters until they marry, she’ll do anything it takes to keep them safe. However, the town’s sheriff has evidence that may stand in the way of her sister’s happiness and her own. Revenge can be stronger than love. Will a vow for vengeance arrest Catherine’s third chance for love?

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Love Finds You Series
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About the Author Lisa Harris writes award-winning Christian fiction and nonfiction from her home in Mozambique, Africa, where she and her family serve as missionaries. She has published more than a dozen books across multiple genres including romance, suspense, and mystery. Read more at

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Love Finds You in Revenge, Ohio 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
DeliaLatham More than 1 year ago
She's been jilted twice, and Catherine Morgan has no intention of letting it happen again. Every man in her life has failed her - including her father, whose abandonment left her responsible for her three younger sisters and her mother. She's vowed off of love and marriage and devoted herself to running the family's general store and keeping her sisters safe and happy until they find good husbands to take over the job. Things are handled. Everything's going smoothly. Then Sheriff Corbin Hunter shows up in the small town of Revenge, Ohio and turns Catherine's world on end. He left her once, and now she must decide whether she can trust him again - this time, with her sister's heart. Corbin's evidence points to Audrey's fiancé as the head of an infamous criminal gang. In her efforts to prove otherwise and save her sister from heartbreak, Catherine finds her own heart responding once again to the man who jilted her seven years ago. As if Corbin's reappearance isn't upheaval enough, news of their father's death arrives to further upset the Morgan sisters. Though Catherine has no love left for Isaiah Morgan, who couldn't be bothered to be a husband and father, she must deal with her sisters' grief and her own lingering resentment. Corbin Hunter wants the man who killed his father, and he'll let nothing and no one-certainly not the girl who broke his heart seven years ago-stand in his way. His desire for revenge could cost him the love of his life. Love Finds You in Revenge Ohio is packed with the essentials of good reading: fun, faith, mystery, romance, bad bad guys and a heroic hero. Well written, with lots of plot twists to keep those pages turning, details authentic to the time period, likeable (and some not-so-likeable) characters, and the kind of ending that makes for loyal readers. Good stuff!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A great book on love, loss and forgiveness. It's one of the best books in the love finds you series. You should read it!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Deborah_K More than 1 year ago
The Love Finds You In... series has been putting out some awesome titles in both contemporary and historical genres. This is one of the historical novels and I really enjoyed reading it. I really liked Catherine's character for standing up and trying to protect her family. It wasn't fair that she had to be in charge of her sisters at such a young age but she did everything in stride. I did feel her sisters were a bit spoiled because of Catherine's desire to protect them but it was with good intentions. Her relationship with Corbin is played out very well. I was pleased that there was a history between the two of them and not because of some random chance meeting. The book, while having a historical setting, isn't really a historical novel. There isn't much reference to historical events that take place outside the town or that involve outside politics and world events. Instead the reader is immersed in the lifestyle of the nostalgic west and frontier when life was harder and the lifestyle was simpler. There is talk about the early use of the telephone in the town and it was enjoyable to read about how Catherine's sister would listen in to conversations as the town operator. I really enjoyed the mystery that ran through the story. It was done very well and kept me on my toes. I didn't expect the culprit to be who it was and was pleasantly surprised. It's a really fun read that's light and combines the romance, historical setting and mystery perfectly. The story is written extremely well. It's not very preachy, the characters are multidimensional and the storyline just flows very well. This book is great for a fall evening as you get all comfy with a warm blanket and hot cup of cocoa. Overall I really enjoyed reading this book. I have been impressed with all the titles from the Love Finds You.. series and this book makes a great edition to the pack. I'll be looking forward to reading more from Lisa Harris in the future.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Having been jilted twice after her father Isaiah abandoned her mom, her three younger sisters depend on twenty-seven year old Catherine Morgan who vows no more men in her life. Instead she pledges to run the family general store in Revenge, Ohio as a spinster on the shelf and contradictory find decent husbands for her siblings; that if there is such a thing as a decent male. In 1884 Sheriff Corbin Hunter arrives in town seeking a bank robbing gang; he is one of the men who dumped Catherine, breaking her heart seven years ago. His evidence points to her sister Audrey's fiancé as the brains behind the criminal gang who killed his father. Although she wants nothing to do with the one that broke her heart the most, Catherine decides to help him with his inquiry praying her sibling does not end up heartbroken like her. Corbin accepts her help though he vows to not allow the woman who broke his heart seven years ago do so again. LOVE FINDS YOU IN REVENGE OHIO is a wonderful warm historical Americana romance starring two strong lead characters and a solid support cast. The story line is action-packed and contains several neat twists with each spin hooking readers further. Fans will root for sacrificing Catherine, whose anger with her father and to a degree her mother makes her selfishly responsible for her sisters whether they want her to do so or not; this also leads her to assume her beloved Corbin should not be saddled with her charges. Corbin is a terrific counterpoint as his love for the woman who hurt him remains strong but is it as powerful as his need to find his father's killer. This is a great inspirational late nineteenth century romantic suspense. Harriet Klausner
JackeeJG More than 1 year ago
Love Finds You in Revenge Ohio by Lisa Harris is a wonderful story. In the late 1800's Catherine Morgan has always tried to do the right thing in her life and watching over her sisters is only one of them. She thinks she has her life all figured out until former fiancé Corbin Hunter returns to town - as Sheriff. She's confused and not sure how to deal with the turmoil this causes her when life then throws her the biggest curve ever. In seeing events unfold through Catherine's eyes we continue to admire her inner strength as she tries to protect the ones she loves. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it!
KeliGwyn More than 1 year ago
The year is 1884, and Catherine Morgan spends her days running the family's general store while doing her best not to dwell on the fact that she's a twice-jilted spinster. Ever since her father left to seek his fortune in the gold fields of Alaska ten years before and her mother's death three years later, Catharine has denied herself any hope of marrying after losing the one man she truly loved. Instead, she's determined to see her three younger sisters happily married. A new sheriff arrives to investigate a string of bank robberies, none other than Corbin Hunter, the man who left Catherine with a broken engagement--and a broken heart. She refuses to allow him to rekindle old feelings, which suits him just fine. Corbin has one goal: to find the man who killed his father and avenge his death. Can Catherine, who's angry with her father for abandoning his family, and Corbin, a man bent on revenge, renew their faith in the Lord and one another and find a love they thought was lost? Love Finds You in Revenge, Ohio by Lisa Harris has a nice blend of conflict, likable characters, plot twists, faith and a surprise ending. My heart went out to Catherine in her struggle to be the responsible oldest sister despite her regrets at having let go of her dreams. I felt for Corbin, who's consumed by his need to bring his father's murderer to justice while protecting the stubborn woman who broke his heart all those years ago. I recommend Harris's book for those who enjoy an inspirational historical with a side of suspense.
QueenofBlingEC More than 1 year ago
Dishes were ignored, floors weren't vacuumed and the family fended for themselves because I could not put this book down! Love Finds You in Revenge, Ohio is one of the best Christian historical fiction books I have read in a very long time. I will confess: historical novels are not at the top of my list of favorite types of books to read. However, the history of the late 1800's, and the description of Revenge, Ohio (which actually does exist) are interwoven throughout the book so masterfully that I never realized I was being taught a history lesson. The suspense kept me up until all hours of the night and every time I thought I had determined "whodunit," another surprise was mixed into the plot. And then there was the heroine and hero. Have you ever wanted to reach through the pages of a book and shake two people until they come to their senses? These two were more stubborn than the mules used to plow the fields. Above all, Catherine's faith and that of her family was truly a blessing to behold. You definitely want to add this book to your "must read" list for this summer!
DLiesner More than 1 year ago
Love finds you in Revenge, Ohio - Lisa Harris A deathbed promise to her mother leads Catherine Morgan to remain a "spinster" and sacrifice much of her life in the care of her sisters. Like the song Rosemary Clooney (and the Andrew's Sisters) made famous, Lord help the mister who comes between (Catherine) and her sisters ... or her promise to see them safely married. So when Sheriff Corbin Hunter - the man walked out on her seven years prior - returns to their town search for his father's killer, complications and tensions abound. His understandable bitterness makes him human, and his ultimate resolution and revealed character make him realistically desirable. Corbin's suspicions about her 'baby' sister's fiancé seem driven by his desire for vengeance, and feisty but fragile-hearted Catherine frequently takes things into her own hands to the endangerment of all. Like Catherine, don't be too sure you have figured out who the villain is, as Ms. Harris keeps the mystery hidden until the last minute. Excellent research produced lot of interesting details in the lives of her family and 'supporting cast' that kept the pages turning - in addition to the romantic tension between Catherine and Corbin. I enjoy heroines who are strong-willed, bright and independent, yet shows a great capacity for love and commitment. Catherine Morgan captivates the imagination and the heart as her longings are also revealed throughout the story. This was my first read of a Lisa Harris novel - but it won't be the last. Highly recommended.