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Love Him or Leave Him: A Small Town, Big Dreams Novel

Love Him or Leave Him: A Small Town, Big Dreams Novel

4.0 12
by Sara Daniel

Love Him or Leave Him by Sara Daniel

Sometimes dreams are where you least expect them

Connor O'Malley and Becca Sanders were once high school sweethearts, ripped apart by rumors in the small town of Kortville, Illinois. Connor left to join the military, and Becca stayed, waiting for her younger brother to graduate so she could live her dreams of


Love Him or Leave Him by Sara Daniel

Sometimes dreams are where you least expect them

Connor O'Malley and Becca Sanders were once high school sweethearts, ripped apart by rumors in the small town of Kortville, Illinois. Connor left to join the military, and Becca stayed, waiting for her younger brother to graduate so she could live her dreams of traveling the world. But now that Connor's back as the town sheriff, Becca finds herself struggling to resist the too-handsome man who once broke her heart.

Connor loves Kortville—its quaintness keeps at bay the painful memories of Afghanistan he's sure make him unworthy of any woman, particularly the beautiful brunette he's always secretly dreamed of a future with. But when a scandal rocks the town, suddenly Connor and Becca must trust in each other if they want to weather this storm…and come out on the other side of it together.

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Small Town, Big Dreams
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Sara Daniel writes what she loves to read--irresistible romance, from sweet to erotic and everything in between. On the personal side, Sara is a frazzled chauffeur, chef, personal assistant and slave to her children. She's crazy about NASCAR and country music. She has her own happily-ever-after romance with her hero husband. She is the author of nearly a dozen romance novels, novellas and short stories.

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Love Him or Leave Him : A Small Town, Big Dreams Novel 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
MsRomanticReads More than 1 year ago
This story gets my vote for one of the sweetest romances I've read so far this year. At first I wasn't going to read it because of my insane schedule, but the blurb wouldn't leave me alone, so I opened it some time late last night and finished it this morning. I couldn't put it down, and I am so glad I caved. One of my favorite tropes is that of an old flame returning and reigniting the sparks from times past. Even though the main characters never quite made it to the lovers stage, I felt that their unresolved sexual tension just kept going up a notch every time they were together. Becca and Connor were wonderful characters, and their mature and open communication made this an engaging story from start to finish. I love it when the characters don't beat around the bush unnecessarily. They were caring, compassionate, extremely likeable and above all else, genuine. Their emotional growth was believable and well paced. Their obstacle from the past returned in the present leaving them with the choice to either repeat past mistakes or prove they had matured. There are quite a few scenes where Becca stood up for Connor that were very touching. The rest of the townsfolk were an eclectic mix, and despite their penchant for gossiping or the occasional snide remark, they proved they could and would come together for the sake of one of their own. The love scenes were fade to black, but even so, the ignited passion seamlessly carried over into the normal flow of the story the morning after. The ending gave both Becca and Connor what they wanted. It was perfect for them and brought them full circle. Love Him or Leave Him made me smile through my tears and long for a cup of cocoa. A must read. Favorite Lines: "You made a turtle cocoa. You remembered." That made me smile because of its significance. ~*~ "You're an idiot. You've always been worthy of my love." "Aren't those two statements at odds?" ~*~ Disclaimer: I received an ARC from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
After finishing this book I want to pack up my home and move to a small town and meet me some young hot sheriff man to fall in love with. This book starts out with how Becca Sanders has spent the last two years of her life ignoring Connor O’Malley, since he returned to small hometown Kortville. Apparently back in high school they were a thing and of course something happened and they broke up with broken hearts and years later something has brought them back into each other’s lives and of course feelings start to come up again and some more drama comes up and either they try to suppress those feelings and somehow still get thrown together. The book is truly comical watching the way Becca and Connor try to ignore each other and then at times trying to get along. Becca’s life is kind of crappy in the sense that her dream since she was a little girl was to leave the small town and travel the world. She got an amazing scholarship for college, but had to turn it down because her mother got sick and ended up passing away. When Becca turned 18 her father decided he was down with the small town and Becca could learn to raise and take care of her younger brother Toby by herself and signed over guardianship to her and left. WOW? Really? What the hell kind of parent does that? I don’t care if you want to live in a small town or not, it isn’t like children can’t live in different cities. So poor Becca is stuck in a small town she hates and can’t wait to get out of and this is finally the year. Toby turns 18 this year and will be graduating and Becca is going to start living her life traveling the world.  On the flip side of this Connor has been the local sheriff for the last two years. However, before that he served in the military and on the Chicago police department. I love that his wake up call every morning at 5 am comes from a crazy old lady to complain about her neighbor being up too early.  Through different events Connor and Becca seem to constantly be stuck working together on something or another. Which give them a lot of time to learn to have to be around each other and actually talk. Since Connor and Becca were the "it" couple in high school we find out a little more about their breakup and why they can't really stand each other so many years later. Eventually, of course, they begin to realize that spending all this time together they still have unresolved feelings for one another.  As if that wasn't enough drama for a small town to have....where everyone knows every one's business. There have been a series of pranks happening around the town. Furthermore, the old sheriff who retired 2 years ago has come back to town with his wife in hopes of getting his job back as sheriff because he's bored of retirement. So now on top of pranks destroying his town, having run ins with Becca, trying to mentor a troubled Toby, Connor has to worry about his job. This book has a lot of twists and turns that keeps the reader interested. Not only did she make me want to up and move to a small town and become part of that community, she gave me a better understanding of what community truly means when bad things can happen to good people. This was the first book by Sara that I read and I'm excited to get my hands on more of her books to get lost in the "fantasy" she creates. I highly recommend this book as a must read...so make sure to order your copy!!
HarlequinJunkie_ More than 1 year ago
In Love Him or Leave Him by Sara Daniel, Becca Sanders and Connor O’Malley used to be high school sweethearts. But when Connor’s so-called best friend started rumors about Becca, Connor did nothing to stop them and turned his back on her. Now Becca is a cashier at the supermarket while she is finishing her degree online and is trying to get her brother to finish high school and send him off to college. A promise that she made her mother on her deathbed and one that she will see through until she can make it happen. Connor never forgot Becca, not while he was in Afghanistan or when he was a cop afterwards. Now he has been the town’s sheriff for the past two years, and Becca has gone out of her way to avoid him the entire time. A standstill that changes when she charges up to his house to get on his case for telling her brother that it was okay to stay in town if he didn’t want to leave for college. As his mentor Becca believes that he should’ve encouraged him to further his education not to tell him it was okay to stay there like she had to and remained a cashier since her mother’s death. Convincing Becca to give him another chance will not be easy, and his recurring nightmares of the war are not conducive to him trying to begin a relationship. And with Becca planning to leave town as soon as her brother graduates time is running out. But things are not ever easy and in a town that has always seemed peaceful, what starts like pranks soon escalate to vandalism and everything points to Becca’s brother being part of the problem. With the ex-sheriff walking back into town and wanting his job back, Connor cannot slack in his job even a tiny bit. He may end up having to decide what is more important Becca or his job, a decision that could bring Becca back to him or loose her forever. Connor will not be the only one having to make tough choices. Becca will also have to see how much more important her traveling dreams are than having the love of her life back and being there for her brother. Both Connor and Becca will have to look deep inside themselves and find what will truly make them happy in the end before they throw it away and lose it forever. For a fun, sweet and very entertaining contemporary romance, don’t miss Love Him or Leave Him by Sara Daniel.
AMR0406 More than 1 year ago
These Entangled Bliss books have been fun to read. They are light, flirty, fun, and sweet. Is the word "sweet" overused in reviews? Yeah, I think it is. But this one IS sweet because there is a hot cocoa contest in it and doughnuts. I was a little worried about reading another Bliss book thinking it would be too similar to the others I have read (which were very good) but I was pleasantly reminded that each author is different and each book is different. I really liked Love Him or Leave Him by Sara Daniel! In this story, we follow Connor and Becca. They were high school sweethearts but some rumors and teenage uncertainty got in their way.  Now, twelve years later, they are living in the same small town trying to run from their past and figure out their future. Connor is the town's Sherif (check out my interview with him here) and Becca is trying hard to get her younger brother, Toby, graduated from high school so she can go explore the world.  As you can imagine, things don't always go as we plan. Sara does a great job of playing out Connor and Becca's romance in the story and weaving in a few plot lines to make for a very interesting read. I had a tough time putting it down because there never seemed to be a place that I felt I could stop and come back to it, so I read it pretty quickly. She adds a touch of suspense to the story with a crime spree going on in the cozy little town of Kortville. This was my first book by Sara and will not be my last.  Her writing is smooth, her plot is well developed and her characters are ones you can root for with just enough amount of flaws but have big hearts. Love Him or Leave Him is the second book in the series, but you can read it as a standalone.  It does make me want to go back and read about Matt and Veronica (Construction Beauty Queen) who are very much a part of the story in Love Him or Leave Him. If you are looking for a light, fun, clean, contemporary romance that will have you wishing you lived in a small town, I highly recommend you read Love Him or Leave Him!
MelodyMay More than 1 year ago
Today I finished Love Him or Leave Him by Sara Daniel. Let just say that this story is a sweet small town story. With most small town stories any scandal is a huge scandal. Plus, everyone is in everyones business.  Everyone knows that Becca Sanders wants to get out of dodge once her brother graduates from high school. However, her brother doesn't want to go the route Becca wants him to go. So, we have two siblings going head to head on what's a right choice. Then you throw in the hot police chief, Conner O'Malley, who happens to mentor to Becca's brother. Let's not forget that these two use to be high school sweet hearts until something stupid happen and cause these two to breakup.  I'm not a huge fan of reunited lover stories. The reason why is usually the past lovers broke up, because of something dumb, and Becca and Conner is no exception. Basically, Conner choose his bro's story over his girlfriend. However, in the story Conner and Becca learn to trust each other. By learning to trust one another, they are able to figure out what's going on.  Overall, Love Him or Leave Him is a sweet story set in a small town. It's a story about reuniting lovers. So, if you are looking for a sweet romantic read which emphasis on the sweet, you might want to give Love Him or Leave Him a try.  Copy provided by the publisher
Eve379 More than 1 year ago
I read the first book in this series "Construction Beauty Queen" and really liked it so when I was offered an ARC copy of Love Him Or Leave Him I jumped at the chance. Becca had plans to leave her hometown, go to school and see the world. Things changed when she's suddenly raising her younger brother Toby. She's chomping at the bit waiting for Toby to graduate high school, go off to college whether he wants to or not, so she can finally leave the town and her ex Connor behind. Connor's been home from Afghanistan for 2 years. He and Becca have an unspoken rule of avoiding each other do to anger and past hurts from their high school breakup. Conner has no desire to see the world. He likes being sheriff of his town and doesn't plan on leaving it and doesn't see why Becca would ever want to go. When crazy things seem to be happening all over town with only Becca in common, they're thrown together while Connor tries to prove Becca's the victim, not the suspect. I really liked it. I also liked that we caught up with Matt and Veronica. If Sara writes another book in the series I'll definitely get it. She writes about some really quirky characters and is really funny. It's the perfect combination at the end of a stressful day at work!
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
Love Him or Leave Him (A Small Town, Big Dreams Novel) (Entangled Bliss)Sara Daniel. ARC supplied by publisher. Romance, I love it :) and eagerly started on this book. Connor is a lovely man, finally back in the small town he grew up in after some horrific experiences in Afghanistan with the military, and then with the city police. He loves the way it's so secure and has pledged to make it his duty to keep it that way, and wants nothing more than to stay in the town the rest of his life. His schoolgirl sweetheart is there still. They split acrimoniously, and for the two years he's been back have been very carefully avoiding each other. Becca dreamed of travelling but had to sacrifice her dreams to look after a younger brother. Now he's almost eighteen she can't wait to leave and start her travels. Even though the attraction between the two is still shimmering there thoughts on the future are worlds apart – literally. On the face of it I thought it was a perfect set up for romance but... the small town part was just too small for me. The characters irritated me. I grew up – and still live – in a small village, so I'm aware of how gossipy and awkward things can get but this seemed a step too far. The police tracking a lost dog as an emergency? The vandalism possibly resulting in an attempted manslaughter charge? When son no 1's car was broken into a couple of years back it took two days for police to arrive, and their response? “if you hear anything about who the culprit is contact us” I thought that was their job, certainly they'd never take anything as minor as the events that happen here so seriously. Even though its UK versus US and the policing style is different, and that’s its fact v fiction its still just too far for me. I need to feel that events could be real and this just didn't work. There were some good moments, I liked the way the people pulled together to help Becca set up her fitness centre, and the gossiping was something universal to all small villages I guess, and can be very funny as an onlooker. I felt for Becca in her quest to get her brother to go onto further education, and felt for him too. He was basically a good lad, but wanted something different out of life than Becca and resented her – as kids do resent parents. I remember the struggle to get my own kids to take education seriously – probably my parents had the same problem. Something else universal to all generations :) Overall I enjoyed the book, but as a one off read only. Its very light, has some humour and very little sex for those who don't like that. As an old fashioned romance it works well, for those who want more sensual, realistic scenes like me its not one for the keeper files, but then we all (thankfully ) like different things which is why I give reasons for what I didn't like. That may be the opposite for someone else and make this a perfect read for them. At £2.36 for 184 pages its good value of this sort of novel appeals. Stars: three from me.
RomanticReadsandSuch More than 1 year ago
Love Him or Leave Him is a wonderfully fun, sweet story about second chances and finding home. Full review available at BookTrib or RomanticReadsandSuch on Wordpress.
Mebuffy More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book plenty, but beware that this book starts off kind of sad.  The history of the characters and between them is enough to make a girl cry a little.  However, I enjoyed the town and its people, especially as they related to our couple.  Connor is so sweet, and Becca is so dedicated and the people around them can’t help but be supportive.   You can tell there was a story before this one, but not in such a way that you feel like you’re missing anything, so this makes a fine standalone read.  It’s well-written with good mystery, even if it’s a little predictable, good personal conflicts and character depth, and great chemistry even with closed door love scenes (which is disappointing, but I maybe I’m just a smut addict).  The ending was very sweet and just gives you a warm fuzzy feeling of love, family, and community.
KittyKelly28 More than 1 year ago
As posted on The Smutty Kitty reviewed by KittyKelly 3 out of 5 Licks I haven't read the first book in this series but I don't feel like I missed out on anything reading this one by itself. There wasn't a lot of conflict in the book. Kortville is a very small town so while I can understand that the scandal that occurred was probably pretty big for them it just kind of made me bored. The attraction between Connor and Becca is apparent but they fight it pretty hard. The PTSD that Connor is suffering from did break my heart. I am too patriotic for my own good sometimes and reading about military peeps (past or current) always hits me hard. This was a light, sweet read that would be great to read on a nice quiet afternoon.
Lagalloway More than 1 year ago
4 Big-City-Lights Stars! I have always wondered what it would be like to grow up in a small town, wishing that I had and I still want to raise a family in a small town. Sara Daniel’s Love Him or Leave Him just solidified that dream for me. I truly enjoyed this heartwarming tale of Becca and Connor in small town Kortville, IL. Becca is feisty, strong, sticks by those she loves, and carried more on her shoulders than any young person ever should. After her dreams of leaving Kortville for college and to explore the world were shattered, she couldn’t wait to get out of town a decade later when she saw the chance. Especially after Connor O’Malley came back into the picture. She would never forgive him for believing the rumor mill of the small town, not trusting her, not sticking up for her, and letting her reputation sink in high school. There was a reason why he was her ex-boyfriend and no amount of time had healed her heart from his betrayal. Yet, Connor still showed up with a need for help that no one else but Becca saw. And Becca’s good nature couldn’t be so cold towards him. Connor has suffered immensely from self-pity and guilt from not being able to protect those close to him and he doesn’t think he could ever be able to give Becca everything she deserves. Yet, he just can’t help himself. He wants Becca to be his. As things in the usually quiet town of Kortville start to escalate in acts of extreme vandalism, the town seems to be against Becca once again and it’s up to Connor to pick a side, once again. I didn’t know how to handle Becca’s situation. I’m not sure I would have handled things the way she did (and her way was much better) and that’s what I was most drawn to with her. She was strong and knew herself well enough that she could stand up for what she believed to be right. Connor also found a soft spot with me in his need to do everything right by Becca, even if it was too late.  Sara’s writing had a way of making the reading effortless and incredibly enjoyable, letting the time slip away ¿ (I received an ARC for my review and this is my honest-to-goodness, straight from the heart review)