Love Hurts

Love Hurts

by Christy Poff
A Fallen Angel Reviews Recommended Read! Madison Allcott marries a man who loves her. When she realizes her true feelings for him, he dies under mysterious circumstances leaving her in control of a vast financial empire some would kill for. Then she meets a man who flames the fires of her soul.Galen Beaumont has searched for a woman to share his eternity with since


A Fallen Angel Reviews Recommended Read! Madison Allcott marries a man who loves her. When she realizes her true feelings for him, he dies under mysterious circumstances leaving her in control of a vast financial empire some would kill for. Then she meets a man who flames the fires of her soul.Galen Beaumont has searched for a woman to share his eternity with since his first wife's death years before. He finds Madison, by chance, and they embark on a journey through the darker side of life while falling madly in love with each other. Will one man's eyes of darkness keep them apart while trying to steal her fortune? Will they learn love hurts in more ways than one? Genre: Erotic Paranormal / Romance Rating: Erotic Romance - Explicit (Contains adult content, language, and graphic sex) Read the incredible Paranormal Erotic Romance EYES OF DARKNESS series from Christy Poff! DANTE'S FLAME [EYES OF DARKNESS BOOK 1] SPARK OF THE WOLF [EYES OF DARKNESS BOOK 2] LOVE HURTS [EYES OF DARKNESS BOOK 3] RED FIRE [EYES OF DARKNESS BOOK 4] WHITE ICE [EYES OF DARKNESS BOOK 5] NIGHT WISH [EYES OF DARKNESS BOOK 6]

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Paris, France, 1409

Galen Beaumont hurried home to the huge manor house his family owned on the outskirts of Paris. The day before his wedding to Simone Jourdain, he had finished some last minute errands before the grand ball his mother insisted on hosting.

The time drew near for him to dress for the occasion and his manservant waited patiently for him to finish his bath so he could help him. Galen hated affairs like this and truly did not look forward to the wedding and reception the next day, though he could not wait to marry Simone, a phenomenal beauty.

"Monsieur Galen, your father wants to speak with you as soon as possible."

"Merci, Henri."

Galen knew what the elder Beaumont wanted to discuss and he smiled. At nineteen years of age, he would become the owner of a financial empire including a shipping company, banking, manufacturing and other industries--all because of his upcoming nuptials. The perfect thing about it all was the company ran itself, his father being extremely successful. Another aspect to his fortune pleased him more--his father planned to remain active in the family business, allowing Galen and Simone to get settled into their new lives. Galen knew how his father schemed and allowed the man his fun.

At nineteen, Galen Beaumont had long been sought after in society circles. The gala balls during the season had many a Parisian mother pushing their daughters on him in hopes of their girls becoming Madame Beaumont. He'd met Simone the summer before, became instantly smitten with her. This pleased both families due to the financial windfall the marriage would bring, only Galen and Simone found one hugedifference with this alliance aside from others of the day. They truly loved each other.

* * * *

After their marriage, they traveled the world making deals and acquisitions while Galen's father ran the companies from his office at home. The empire became huge, all those involved extremely happy and well off.

Galen loved Simone, their marriage and life together perfect, except for one thing. For years, they tried to have a family. He wanted an heir to inherit the family fortune. Every time Simone became pregnant, she would miscarry. The physical problem eluded the physicians and angered her. She wanted children--his children.

"Galen," she would apologize, "God does not wish me to have children."

Galen calmed her and quietly looked into legally taking on a ward. He found a young man named Etienne Marsden and after checking his background--he didn't want any dead relatives appearing suddenly--he took Etienne on and began his education.

Over twenty years, Galen and Etienne built the family fortune considerably while becoming, in their own ways, the corporate raiders of their time. No matter what they involved themselves in, it turned a profit. The thrill of the chase excited him but paled when it came to his wife.

Simone became pregnant in 1429 at an age considered extremely old to be having her first baby. Galen worried but she calmed him and took to her bed for the duration. The pregnancy progressed normally and with it, the hopes of having their family--finally.

"You are even more radiant than the day we met, m'lady," he told her near the end of her term.

"My husband always knows the right thing to say."

"I've always spoken my heart to you."

"I know. You've never lied to me."

"I haven't," he assured her.

"I would have known, dearest Galen."

By sunset, Simone had died. With weeks to go, she went into premature labor and both she and their baby--the son she'd wanted to give him--had been lost to him.

Their passing sent Galen into an emotional tailspin. He refused to let anyone attend her in order to prepare her for the funeral. When he finally passed out from sheer exhaustion, her maids took care of her, his manservant seeing to his Lord.

Galen went through the motions as a priest read the services. His wife and son joined other members of the Beaumont family in the crypt located behind the altar of the family's private chapel. Galen remained long after her entombment, unable to pull himself away.

Etienne finally coaxed him into leaving the crypt and helped him to his room. He looked at the bed they had shared for twenty years and swore he would never set foot in the room again. His manservant set him up in the apartment across the hall and Galen remained true to his word. This happened in July but within a month's time, Galen's life went from bad to worse.

While Etienne kept the businesses running and successful, Galen fell deeper into depression. He'd taken to the bottle and became reclusive, though his ward kept his benefactor's situation quiet.

A few weeks after Simone's death, Galen left the manor with a bottle in hand. He stumbled into the gardens, falling onto one of the stone benches. He drank more, his head spinning.

Meet the Author

Christy Poff lives in southeastern Pennsylvania with her husband and two kids - her teenage daughter and her son who serves in the Air Force. Stationed in Minot, North Dakota – he is thankfully only a cell phone call away. Previously, she wrote news articles for local newspapers and regional firefighting publications. With her articles, she added photography to her pieces. Writing for several years, she has a deep respect for the Civil War and has done extensive research into the times. This love and research have resulted in several Civil war novels including CHASE FOR AN ANGEL which was born from this love and released in March, 2006. Others will follow. She loves old cities with and history like Charleston and New Orleans, the wide-open spaces of Wyoming and the Dakotas plus seeing the rest of the U.S. and western Canada. A volunteer firefighter for over twenty-five years, she’s been able to use her experience in several published works for others and even in some of her own work. People wonder what she writes to – Brooks and Dunn, Gary Allan, Linkin Park, Nickelback, Harry Connick or whoever strikes her mood at the time. She loves to watch Iron Chef on the Food Network, CSI:Miami and reruns of Nash Bridges, Miami Vice, Night Court and JAG.

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