Love Is the Song We Sing: San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970

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Barnes & Noble
Released in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love, the four-CD San Francisco Nuggets set gives an unprecedented look at the music scene that changed America. Featuring legends such as Jefferson Airplane, Sly Stone, and Santana alongside local hits from the fertile garage-rock underground, it's an ideal reminder for those who were there and a proper introduction to those who wish they were.
All Music Guide - Stephen Thomas Erlewine
As the fourth Nuggets box from Rhino -- following the Children of Nuggets set, which may not count for some listeners as a true entry in the series as it documents the reverberations of Nuggets ...
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Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble
Released in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love, the four-CD San Francisco Nuggets set gives an unprecedented look at the music scene that changed America. Featuring legends such as Jefferson Airplane, Sly Stone, and Santana alongside local hits from the fertile garage-rock underground, it's an ideal reminder for those who were there and a proper introduction to those who wish they were.
All Music Guide - Stephen Thomas Erlewine
As the fourth Nuggets box from Rhino -- following the Children of Nuggets set, which may not count for some listeners as a true entry in the series as it documents the reverberations of Nuggets instead of the original big bang -- Love Is the Song We Sing: San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970 is easily the most specific and idiosyncratic yet, a set devoted to a time and a place: namely the Bay Area that sowed the seeds of the Summer of Love in 1967. Released in conjunction with that 40th anniversary although sadly missing the summer of nostalgia in 2007, reaching the stores that fall, Love Is the Song We Sing is surely a time capsule, but it may not be as much interest to those who lived through it as those who pine for the glory days of free love, hippies, and psychedelia. No less of an authority than legendary rock critic Greil Marcus noted in his Interview magazine review that many of these bands are obscure to him -- and he lived through the time, in the Bay Area, so he should know. If Marcus has a gripe, chances are the average listener looking for a heavy dose of nostalgia will also find Love Is the Song We Sing rather overwhelming in its reliance on momentary sensations and obscurities, but that's kind of the point of all the Nuggets set: to dig way deeper than the surface and find the best of its chosen subculture. Fans of Nuggets -- whether in its original double-LP Lenny Kaye incarnation or in the subsequent box sets -- know this, and that's who Love Is the Song We Sing is truly aimed at, but the odd thing is that they may not be entirely satisfied with this set either, as it deviates from the Nuggets formula in a couple of crucial ways. First, there are some genuinely huge songs by genuinely huge bands -- like Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit," Country Joe & the Fish's "I Feel Like I'm Fixing to Die Rag," Blue Cheer's "Summertime Blues," and Santana's "Evil Ways" -- a few more marquee names than normal including the Grateful Dead, Steve Miller Band, Janis Joplin, Sly & the Family Stone, and Moby Grape, and bands are occasionally repeated, but the biggest musical difference is that this is a decided shift away from the wild, wooly guitar rock of the previous Nuggets, lacking both the raw garage and hard, swirling psychedelia that has been the hallmark of the series. Instead, Love Is the Song We Sing is firmly within the camp of the hippies, documenting their rise, their peak, and softly disguising their fall by ending the set in 1970, when the Summer of Love was still echoing strongly but just beginning to fade. This set takes its time to get to 1967, as that legendary summer doesn't roll around until disc three, but the pace never seems leisurely, as the first two discs document how that summer came to be, beginning with Dino Valenti's "Let's Get Together" which provides the chorus to the Youngbloods' "Get Together," the '60s standard that closes the set, then winds its way through a lot of folk-rock before tougher, bluesier, trippier sounds work their way into the mix toward the beginning of the second disc. Just like the hippies, Love never really abandons these folkie beginnings and that communal vibe is always present even as soul, jazz, bluegrass, blues, and avant-garde bubble toward the surface. Ultimately, it's best to view this box set as a document of the era of the hippies, a piece of pop culture anthropology that might not be perfect -- it's always possible to quibble over the featured tracks by the biggest names, or notice a missing act that should have been here most notably the Sir Douglas Quintet, setting up shop in San Francisco while in exile from Austin -- but there is no comparable compilation to this, no other set that has the same scope or ambition. And few other box sets succeed so well at capturing a specific moment in time, or explaining how that moment in time happened, as those first two discs do a terrific job in pulling together the disparate strands that added up to hippie culture. If there are a bunch of little-known names here, that only helps illustrate how far-reaching the movement was -- after all, if it was a limited phenomenon, could it have spawned so many bands that were forgotten? Plus, these forgotten gems are the reason why Nuggets exist, and in its CD incarnation, there has been no better psychedelic or garage series that serves the passionate record collector who nevertheless isn't quite dedicated enough to sort through all the hard-to-find reissues of quasi-legality to find the good stuff. Fortunately, the compilers of Nuggets, here led by producer Alec Palao who also contributes excellent notes here, along with Ben Fong-Torres and Gene Sculatti, sift through these pebbles to get the gems, and then present them in logical yet loving fashion, so listening to the box is both illuminating and entertaining. It's possible to argue that this hippie-dippy music -- and make no mistake, this confirms hippie stereotypes as much as it explodes them with its far-ranging musical reach -- is the opposite of the nasty noise of the first Nuggets and perhaps there will be some unrepentant garage rockers who will sneer at this set, but it will be their loss because Love Is the Song We Sing is a remarkable historical document filled with as much great music as Nuggets, Vol. 2. And when all is said and done, it is a set that is for fans of those first three boxes, the kind of rock & roll fan who loves an exceptional guided tour through the past, instead of listeners looking for a quick dose of nostalgia.
New York Times - Jon Pareles
Excavating the Bay Area epicenter of American psychedelia, this knowledgeable compilation sets the the context of a scene that still sounds hopped-up and utopian.

Excavating the Bay Area epicenter of American psychedelia, this knowledgeable compilation sets the the context of a scene that still sounds hopped-up and utopian.
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Product Details

  • Release Date: 9/18/2007
  • Label: Rhino
  • UPC: 081227998301
  • Catalog Number: 165564
  • Sales rank: 27,594


Disc 1
  1. 1 Let's Get Together (3:00)
  2. 2 I Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Die Rag (2:43)
  3. 3 You Were on My Mind (2:36)
  4. 4 Number One - The Charlatans (4:06)
  5. 5 Can't Come Down - Warlocks (3:01)
  6. 6 Don't Talk to Strangers (2:20)
  7. 7 Anything (1:58)
  8. 8 It's No Secret (2:30)
  9. 9 Johnny Was a Good Boy (2:37)
  10. 10 Free Advice - The Great Society (2:06)
  11. 11 Mr Jones (A Ballad of a Thin Man) (2:55)
  12. 12 Stranger in a Strange Land (2:30)
  13. 13 Who Do You Love (5:56)
  14. 14 She's My Baby (3:01)
  15. 15 Coffee Cup - Wildflower (2:18)
  16. 16 Live Your Own Life - Family Tree (2:54)
  17. 17 Fat City (3:04)
  18. 18 Human Money - The Frantics (2:09)
  19. 19 Bye Bye Bye (2:46)
  20. 20 Section 43 (6:44)
  21. 21 Hello Hello - The Sopwith Camel (2:25)
Disc 2
  1. 1 Psychotic Reaction (3:07)
  2. 2 Got Love (1:44)
  3. 3 Satisfaction Guaranteed (2:18)
  4. 4 Foolish Woman (2:32)
  5. 5 My Buddy Sin - The Stained Glass (2:53)
  6. 6 Streetcar - The Otherside (2:23)
  7. 7 Suzy Creamcheese (3:14)
  8. 8 Rubiyat - The Immediate Family (2:34)
  9. 9 Rumors (2:07)
  10. 10 Sometimes I Wonder (2:17)
  11. 11 Want Ad Reader - The New Breed (2:31)
  12. 12 I'm a Good Woman - Generation (4:18)
  13. 13 No Way Out (2:22)
  14. 14 Hey I'm Lost - Butch Engle (2:30)
  15. 15 I Love You - People! (4:31)
  16. 16 America (3:23)
  17. 17 Fly to New York (6:17)
  18. 18 Thing in "E" (3:08)
  19. 19 Hearts to Cry (5:05)
Disc 3
  1. 1 Alabama Bound - The Charlatans (6:26)
  2. 2 Carl Street (2:49)
  3. 3 Somebody to Love - The Great Society (4:20)
  4. 4 Superbird (2:04)
  5. 5 Two Days 'Til Tomorrow (3:50)
  6. 6 Omaha (2:24)
  7. 7 Up & Down - Serpent Power (3:37)
  8. 8 The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion) (2:11)
  9. 9 Codine (5:20)
  10. 10 Down on Me (2:49)
  11. 11 Think Twice - Salvation (7:11)
  12. 12 White Rabbit (2:31)
  13. 13 Roll with It - Steve Miller Band (2:27)
  14. 14 Why Did You Put Me On (2:43)
  15. 15 Underdog (3:58)
  16. 16 Summertime Blues (3:46)
  17. 17 Glue (4:38)
  18. 18 Soul Sacrifice (6:41)
  19. 19 The Bells (4:00)
Disc 4
  1. 1 Evil Ways - Santana (3:58)
  2. 2 Red the Sign Post (2:59)
  3. 3 Lemonaide Kid - Kak (5:52)
  4. 4 1982-A (3:54)
  5. 5 How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away (2:38)
  6. 6 Amphetamine Gazelle - Mad River (2:55)
  7. 7 Quicksilver Girl - Steve Miller Band (2:47)
  8. 8 Revolution - Mother Earth (3:04)
  9. 9 Murder in My Heart for the Judge (2:58)
  10. 10 Light Your Windows (2:36)
  11. 11 I'm Drowning (2:10)
  12. 12 Portrait of the Artist as a Young Lady (3:51)
  13. 13 White Bird (6:11)
  14. 14 Dark Star (2:45)
  15. 15 Fool (2:55)
  16. 16 Mexico (2:13)
  17. 17 Mercedes Benz - Janis Joplin (1:48)
  18. 18 Get Together - The Youngbloods (4:36)
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Album Credits

Performance Credits
Ron Elliott Guitar, Background Vocals
David Houston Guitar, Vocals
Larry Norman Vocals
Michael Shrieve Drums, Background Vocals
Linda Tillery Vocals
Mickey Hart Percussion
Marty Balin Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Background Vocals
Jerry Garcia Guitar, Vocals
Janis Joplin Vocals
Jorma Kaukonen Guitar
Billy Preston Percussion
Boz Scaggs Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals
Grace Slick Keyboards, Vocals
Skip Spence Drums, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Background Vocals
Bob Weir Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals
Tom Scott Flute
Jerry Granelli Drums
Tom Constanten Keyboards
Robert Hunter Background Vocals
Jesse Colin Young Bass, Vocals
José Chepitó Areas Percussion
Bill Champlin Organ, Keyboards, Vocals
John Cipollina Guitar
Larry Graham Bass, Background Vocals
Lawrence Hammond Bass, Vocals
Paul Kantner Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals
David LaFlamme Violin, Vocals
Barry Melton Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals
Bob Mosley Bass, Vocals, Background Vocals
Ron Nagle Piano, Vocals, Clavinet
Gregg Rolie Organ, Vocals
Bob Segarini Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Leigh Stephens Guitar
Mike Wilhelm Guitar, Vocals
Billy Mure Guitar
Art Resnick Organ
Sid Page Violin
Tina Meltzer Vocals
Geoffrey Palmer Saxophone, Vibes
Joe Bauer Drums
Jerry Corbitt Guitar, Background Vocals
Peter Albin Bass, Background Vocals
George Alexander Bass
Signe Anderson Percussion, Background Vocals
Todd Anderson Saxophone
Sam Andrew Rhythm Guitar
Bill Barron Drums
Bruce Barthol Bass, Harmonica
Don Baskin Background Vocals
Martin Beard Bass, Background Vocals
Mike Beardslee Background Vocals
David Blossom Rhythm Guitar
Nancy Blossom Vocals
Roy Blumenfeld Drums
Rick Bockner Guitar, Background Vocals
Bill Bowen Drums
David Brown Bass
Tim Caine Saxophone, Background Vocals
Mike Carabello Percussion
Jack Casady Bass
John Chambers Drums
Roy Chaney Bass
David Cohen Organ, Guitar
Clark Coolidge Drums
Paul Curcio Guitar, Background Vocals
Terry Davis Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals
David Denny Guitar
Steve Derr Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Gregory Leroy Dewey Drums
Rick Dey Bass, Background Vocals
Steve Dowler Guitar
Spencer Dryden Drums
John Duckworth Drums
Gary Duncan Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals
Rod Ellicott Bass
Denny Ellis Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals
Kenn Ellner Harmonica
Greg Elmore Drums
Greg Errico Drums
Larry Evans Guitar
Paul Fauerso Organ
Larry Fields Guitar
Martin Fierro Saxophone
Ron Floegel Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals
Bill Flores Bass
David Freiberg Bass, Vocals
Denny Fridkin Drums
Val Fuentes Drums
Peter Fullerton Bass, Background Vocals
Tina Gancher Background Vocals
Jance Garfat Bass
Larry Gerughty Keyboards, Background Vocals
David Getz Drums
Alan Graham Guitar, Vocals
John Francis Gunning Drums
James Gurley Guitar
Terry Haggerty Guitar, Background Vocals
Randy Hammon Rhythm Guitar
Terry Hansley Bass
Dan Hicks Drums, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Mitchell Holman Bass
George Hullin Drums, Background Vocals
John Jennings Bass
Cyril Jordan Guitar
Rick Keefer Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals
Kim Kimsey Drums
Peter Kraemer Vocals
Don Kretmar Bass
Bill Kreutzmann Drums
Bob Kridle Bass
Andy Kulberg Flute
Linda LaFlamme Organ
Jim Lanigan Vocals
Joel Larson Drums
Jaime Leopold Guitar
Phil Lesh Bass, Background Vocals
Lowell Levinger Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards, Background Vocals
Al Linde Harmonica, Vocals
Christopher Lockheed Drums
Roy Loney Vocals
Tim Lynch Rhythm Guitar
Terry MacNeil Piano, Background Vocals
Marcus Malone Percussion
Tom Manning Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals
Jerry Martini Saxophone, Background Vocals
Gene Mason Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals
Norman Mayell Drums
Country Joe McDonald Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Ron "Pigpen" McKernan Organ, Harmonica
Artie McLean Bass
Ron McMaster Drums, Vocals
Jim McPherson Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Ron Meagher Bass, Background Vocals
David Meltzer Guitar, Background Vocals
John Michalski Guitar
Danny Mihm Drums
Jerry Miller Guitar, Vocals, Background Vocals
Steve Miller Guitar, Vocals
David Miner Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Background Vocals
Jeff Myer Drums
George Newcom Drums
Richard Olsen Bass, Vocals
Lydia Pense Vocals
Jim Peterman Organ, Keyboards
Dickie Peterson Bass, Vocals
Gary Philippet Bass, Background Vocals
Tom Phillips Guitar, Background Vocals
George Rains Drums
Albert Ribisi Organ, Background Vocals
Cynthia Robinson Trumpet, Background Vocals
David Robinson Guitar
Skip Rose Organ, Background Vocals
Richard Saunders Bass
Jim Sawyers Guitar
Timothy B. Schmit Bass, Vocals
Dick Scoppettone Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
John Sharkey Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Carl Shrager Washboard
William Sievers Guitar, Background Vocals
Darby Slick Guitar
Jerry Slick Drums
Sherry Snow Vocals
Fred Sokolow Guitar, Background Vocals
David Stenson Bass
Bruce Stephens Guitar
Don Stevenson Drums, Vocals
Michael Stewart Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals
Sylvester "Sly Stone" Stewart Keyboards, Vocals
Teddy Stewart Drums
Freddie Stone Guitar, Background Vocals
Al Strong Bass, Background Vocals
Joe Tate Guitar
Ted Templeman Drums, Background Vocals
Ned Torney Piano
Lonnie Turner Bass
Sal Valentino Percussion, Vocals
Ross Valory Bass, Background Vocals
Peter Van Gelder Bass
Hal Wagenet Guitar
Paul Whaley Drums
Bill Whittington Bass, Background Vocals
Terry Wilson Drums
Bobby Winkelman Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals
Gary Yoder Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Dick Yount Bass, Background Vocals
Greg Douglass Guitar, Background Vocals
Bob Zamora Guitar, Background Vocals
Dennis Carriasco Drums
Bob Gonzalez Bass
Gary "Chicken" Hirsh Drums
Bob Jones Guitar, Background Vocals
Jack King Drums, Vocals
Mark Mandell Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Mike O'Connor Bass, Background Vocals
Peter Ostwald Drums
Steve Talbot Bass
Steve Canali Guitar, Background Vocals
John Palmer Guitar
Jim Alaimo Bass, Vocals
Beverly Bivens Vocals
Jeff Blackburn Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals
Jerry Burgan Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals
Dennis DeCarr Drums
Bill Fulton Guitar, Vocals
Bill Harper Vocals
Ralph Burns Kellogg Keyboards
Don Metchick Keyboards, Background Vocals
Jim Myers Drums
Jimmy Warner Guitar
Carlos Santana Guitar, Vocals
John Petersen Drums
Jim Keylor Bass
Dehner E. Patten Guitar
Jim Brewer Organ
Robb Levin Bass
Bob Rominger Guitar, Background Vocals
Jack Hills Saxophone
David Aguilar Vocals
Bard DuPont Bass
Tom Ellis III Drums
Sean Tolby Rhythm Guitar
Michael Ferguson Piano
Gary Andrijasevich Drums
Larry Bennett Bass
Bob Cuff Guitar, Background Vocals
Jan Errico Drums, Background Vocals
Mark Loomis Guitar
John Luby Drums, Background Vocals
John Byrne Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Dave Conway Organ
Vann Slatter Drums
Butch Engle Vocals
Ned Hollis Organ, Guitar, Background Vocals
Reese Sheets Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals
Ken "Toad" Matthew Drums, Background Vocals
Tom Antone Bass, Background Vocals
Michael Brown Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Jim Hockstaff Vocals
Tim Barnes Guitar, Vocals
Richard Greene & Beryl Marriott Violin, Background Vocals
John Payne Organ
Pat Minter Bass, Vocals
Eddie James Guitar
Sly & Freddie Harmonica, Percussion, Background Vocals, Fuzz Guitar
Gary Clarke Bass
Jim Redding Drums
Ron Rotarius Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals
Powell St. John Harmonica, Background Vocals
Jon Weber Guitar
John Gregory Guitar, Vocals, Background Vocals
Tracy Lee Nelson Vocals
Peter & The King Pins Lewis Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Background Vocals
Jim Murray & the Caravan Harmonica, Vocals
Dino Valenti Guitar, Vocals
Steve Lage Bass
Bob Bailey Percussion, Vocals
Charlie Gardin Bass
Craig Maggi Drums
Rick Morrison Drums
Paul Armstrong Percussion
Craig "Butch" Atkinson Drums
Joe Dave Damrell Bass
Mike Durè Guitar, Background Vocals
Stephen Ehret Guitar, Vocals
Greg Elberg Trumpet
Teddy Flores Vocals
John Glazier Tenor Saxophone
Mike Hamm Bass
Roger Hedge Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals
Bob Hoyle Guitar, Background Vocals
Marla Hunt Organ, Background Vocals
George Hunter Autoharp, Tambourine, Vocals
Denise Kaufman Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals
Kriss Kovacs Organ, Background Vocals
Jeff Levin Guitar, Background Vocals
Frank "Real" Maggi Vocals
Louis "Cork" Marcheschi electronics
Mike Mau Drums
Craig Parker Keyboards
Bob Salazar Background Vocals
Teddy Schneider Percussion, Background Vocals
Chuck "Steaks" Schoning Keyboards, Background Vocals
Mary Ellen Simpson Guitar, Background Vocals
Harry "Happiness" Smith Bass
Wayne Talbot Piano
Bruce Turley Organ
Diane Vitalich Drums, Background Vocals
Dave Carter Bass, Background Vocals
Tim Davis Drums, Background Vocals
Technical Credits
Buffy Sainte-Marie Composer
Marty Balin Composer
Eddie Cochran Composer
Bob Dylan Composer
Flamin' Groovies Producer
Jerry Garcia Composer
Grateful Dead Producer
Janis Joplin Arranger, Composer
Grace Slick Composer
Skip Spence Composer
Bob Weir Composer
Robert Hunter Composer
Kak Producer
Bob Neuwirth Composer
Nick Gravenites Producer
Lawrence Hammond Composer
David LaFlamme Composer, Producer
Ron Nagle Composer
Gregg Rolie Composer
Bob Segarini Composer
Mike Wilhelm Arranger
Ace of Cups Producer
Lou Adler Producer
Peter Albin Photo Courtesy
David Blossom Composer
Hugh Brown Art Direction
Jerry Capehart Composer
Roy Chaney Composer
Samuel Charters Producer
Ed Cobb Composer, Producer
Fred Cohn Producer
Paul Curcio Composer
Danny Davis Producer
ED Denson Producer
Steve Derr Composer
Gary Duncan Composer
Kenn Ellner Composer
Ron Floegel Composer
David Freiberg Composer
Sylvia Fricker Composer
Glyn Johns Producer
Larry Goldberg Producer
Herbert Greene Author
David Hassinger Producer
Dan Healy Producer
Sonny Henry Composer
Dan Hicks Arranger, Composer
George Hullin Composer
Bill Inglot Remastering
Erik Jacobsen Producer
Rick Jarrard Producer
Bob Johnston Producer
Matthew Katz Producer
Rick Keefer Composer
Abe "Voco" Kesh Producer
Peter Kraemer Composer
Bill Kreutzmann Composer
Leo Kulka Producer
Linda LaFlamme Composer
Jim Lanigan Composer
Phil Lesh Composer
Roy Loney Composer
Terry MacNeil Composer
Marcus Malone Composer
Elliot Mazer Producer
Michael McClure Composer
Ellas McDaniel Composer
Country Joe McDonald Composer
Ron "Pigpen" McKernan Composer
Jim McPherson Composer
David Meltzer Composer
John Michalski Composer
Rob Moitoza Composer
Richard Olsen Arranger
Felix Pappalardi Producer
Tom Phillips Composer
Chester Powers Composer
Paul Rothchild Producer
David Rubinson Producer
Jon Sagen Producer
David Schallock Producer
Timothy B. Schmit Composer
Dick Scoppettone Composer
Bob Shad Producer
John Sharkey Composer
Darby Slick Composer
Don Stevenson Composer
Sylvester "Sly Stone" Stewart Producer
Brian Stone Producer
Michael Sunday Producer
Joe Tate Composer
Ted Templeman Composer
Bob Thiele Producer
Nick Venet Producer
Bruce Walford Producer
Eirik Wangberg Producer
Lenny Waronker Producer
Bobby Winkelman Photo Courtesy
Hal Winn Producer
Gary Yoder Composer, Photo Courtesy
Tom Donahue Producer
Tommy Oliver Producer
Peter Abrams Producer
Jack King Composer
Mark Mandell Composer
Steven Tollestrup Composer
Frank Werber Producer
Alec Palao Liner Notes, Memorabilia
Joe Hooven Producer
John Palmer Composer
Gene Sculatti Liner Notes
Jim Alaimo Composer
Carlos Santana Composer
Steve Miller Band Producer
Bob Mitchell Producer
Lou Dorren Producer
Steve Vance Art Direction
Dave Schultz Remastering
Gary R. Grelecki Composer, Producer
Dehner E. Patten Composer
Rose Marks Composer
Norman Martin Composer
Brent Dangerfield Producer
Garrie Thompson Producer
Ben Shapiro Producer
Ben Fong-Torres Liner Notes
Michael Ferguson Arranger
Bob Cuff Composer
Traditional Composer
John Byrne Composer
Dave Conway Composer
Johnny Hyde Producer
Bob Durand Composer
Jim Hockstaff Composer
Sly & Freddie Producer
Graham Allen Composer
David Brian Brown Producer
Ken Roe Producer
Randy Steirling Producer
Billy Baron Composer
Samuel F. Omar Composer
Jim Burgett Producer
Craig "Butch" Atkinson Composer
Joey Dryfka Photo Courtesy
Stephen Ehret Composer, Photo Courtesy
Bob Hoyle Composer
George Hunter Arranger
Mike "Captain Mikey" Hunter Producer
Denise Kaufman Composer
Kriss Kovacs Composer
Bill Quarry Producer, Photo Courtesy
Sloan Barri Producer
Robert Strand Producer
Tom Ellis Composer
Daniel Hersch Remastering
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  • Posted October 1, 2010

    Great Stuff!!

    Terrific package! Good price, wonderfully obscure tunes mixed with those more familiar, great factoids (had you heard of the Chord Lords?) and photos, and the sound is beyond excellent. GET THIS.

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  • Posted October 1, 2010

    Rare tracks from seminal artists

    Although the mainstream listener will not enjoy this set, those who are inclined to the musicality of the San Fransisco sound will find it a a true gem. Many, well most of the cuts lack the polish of the released studio versions the importance of this raw cuts cannot be ignored. That said I recommend it to anyone looking for different versions of the top 40 releases of this American music. I am glad I purchased it and would do so again in a heartbeat. Peace and love to you all!

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted October 1, 2010

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    I Left My Heart in San Francisco

    San Francisco in the 60's was the center of the musical universe. It wasn't a music scene, but as the Magic Mushrooms sang "It's a Happening".It was not one sound but a diverse collection of musicians. Many of the bands are well known, but the real gems of this collection are the relative unknown's such as Fifty Foot Hose, The Oxford Circle, Blackburn & Snow, and The Tiki's, but everything on this cd set is good. It comes with an informative book about the S F Scene and there are great pictures of the bands. Buy it for it is well worth the money.

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    Posted October 1, 2010



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