Love, Janis

Love, Janis

by Janis Joplin

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Sbme Special Mkts.


  1. Light Is Faster Than Sound
  2. Bye Bye Baby
  3. Farewell Song
  4. Get It While You Can
  5. I Need a Man to Love
  6. Half Moon
  7. One Good Man
  8. Combination of the Two
  9. Kozmic Blues
  10. What Good Can Drinkin' Do
  11. "I Bring the News"
  12. Down on Me
  13. "I'm Somebody Important"
  14. Women Is Losers
  15. "Our First Record Is Finally Out"
  16. Piece of My Heart
  17. "I'm Sorry, Sorry"
  18. "A Happening"; Catch Me Daddy
  19. Summertime
  20. "He's a Beatle, Mother"; Turtle Blues
  21. Ball and Chain
  22. "I May Just Be a Star Someday"
  23. A Woman Left Lonely
  24. "Twenty-Five"
  25. Try (Just a Little Bit Harder)
  26. "Did I Tell You About My Reviews?"
  27. Little Girl Blue
  28. "Twenty-Seven"
  29. Me and Bobby Mcgee
  30. Mercedes Benz

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